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▷ 10 things you have to do in PARIS ! ✅

Among its monuments, its typical barrios, its cafes and its rincones, there are many great things to do in Paris.

I’m not talking about tourist things, like seeing the Mona Lisa (and disappointed) or climbing the Eiffel Tower.

In this publication I want to share with you the list of my 10 best experiences to live in Paris.

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1. Have a picnic

In Paris, you can have a picnic in practically every park. There are many beautiful places, but I recommend them most:

  • el Champs de Mars at night (in front of the illuminated Eiffel Tower)
  • if it touches you on a sunny day, in the Buttes Chaumont park or in the Bois de Boulogne
  • in the Luxembourg Garden
  • or in any place in front of the Seine, you can relax from walking along the streets of Paris.

Obviously, your picnic must include pan baguette, vino y queso. And when you buy your baguette, you can transport it under your arm to feel like a true Parisian.

For later you can bring éclairs and/or macarons. If the macarons are from Ladurée, better!

picnic in el buttes chaumont paris park

2. Eat a crepe on the street

I recommend you nutella. Fíjate that they are generous (that in the les pongan only a few measly drops) and order several servilletas because you are afraid they will stain you (aunque sea un poquito).

3. Take a picture in Montmartre

I will not issue artistic judgments. What I say to you, is that the experience is fun! Here I leave you a photo of my caricature: yo soy la de la izquierda. I don’t look like anything, really?

montmartre paris caricature

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4. Buy a book from the buquinistas

The buquinistas are the ones who sell old books in these green kiosks on the edge of the Seine, near the Île de la Cité. I recommend you to look for El Principito.

bukinis seine paris

5. Go to a cabaret show

What better place to see a cabaret show than in the Moulin Rouge or in the Lido de Paris?

Click here to book entry to Lido de Paris

Click here to book the entrance to the Moulin Rouge + a night tour of Paris

6. Eat snails

Oh, snails. Say whaaaaat? Yes! snails It’s a typical dish in Paris and you’re having new experiences, why not? If you want my opinion: they look delicious!

escargots typical paris food

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7. Listen to an accordion concert in the metro

If you move in the metro, this is an experience that you will live without looking for it.

8. Buy something at Galerías Lafayette

If you go in season of offers, support! I don’t recommend it if you terrorize the multitudes.

Galleries Lafayette Paris

9. Look at the sun just below the Arco del Triunfo

In order to have this experience, you need to be in Paris at exact times. It only happens a couple of times a year (beginning of May and August). The sun hides itself right next to the Champs Elysées, so that, from the Champs Elysées, the sun can be seen right under the arch. You can also see the sunrise below the Arco from Porte Maillot, in February and November.

sunset arch del triumph paris

10. Mira los fuegos artificiales el 14 Juillet

If you are in Paris on the 14th of July (Francia’s national fiesta day) you have to go to the Champs de Mars to see the artificial fires!

fuegos artificiales eiffel tower paris

And these have been my 10 favorite things to do in Paris!

What things would you like to do? What things would you like to add? I wait for you in the comments!

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