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10 TOP PLACES TO SEE in GANTE in a day

La Joya de Flandes is a very coquettish monumental city, although somewhat eclipsed by the “perfect” Brujas, but it has some houses, some plazas and an atmosphere that gives it tremendous competence. Gante me enchanted and today I invite you to discover this Belgian joyita in this article that groups them best things to see in Ghent in one day. I have no doubt that this city will love you as much as mine.

One day is enough time to visit the city. All the places you have to visit in Ghent can be visited by pie and are very close to each other.

Without doubt, I recommend you to do this night in the city. Ghent de noche has a rollo muy molón. The city takes a completely different pulse to how you feel during the day.


Recommended accommodation in Ghent

10 top places to see in Ghent on a day (and you will be enchanted)

1. Tour through the center of Ghent with a free tour

The best way to start with good pie in Ghent is taking a free tour of the city center. The tour is in Spanish and lasts a couple of hours. In that time you can visit the most beautiful places in Ghent and get to know the history behind it of each of them.

As the first contact with the city is perfect. Also, it’s free! You only pay the volunteer to finish the tour.

what to see in one day

2. Visit the Cathedral of San Bavón

It’s about the oldest church in Flanders. In the crypt of the church you can see the Romanesque central nave of the XII siglo on top of which the church is built.

Entrance to the church is free and among several of his works there is a replica of the famous “Adoration of the mystical cord” by the brothers Van Eyck. This work is known for being one of the most influential works in history and also, probably, the most stolen work in the world.

what to see in one day

3. Go up to Torre Belfort

Much of the Ghent Cathedral is located municipal bell tower, la Torre Belfort. Here is found the bell that warns the city before any event, ya sea bueno como malo. This bell tower was declared Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

I see that from the top there are unas muy chulas views across the city, but I didn’t encourage myself to climb ya that iba with me madre and we weren’t very happy for the work of climbing stairs. Aunque luego me enteré that also if you can go up in the elevator. Very important data for those who sean a little vaguetes like yo. 🙂

At the top of the bell tower is the golden dragon. The dragon is the symbol of Ghent, although this dragon is originally dressed in Bruges.

what to see in one day

4. Get a thousand photos on Plaza Korenmarkt

This plaza is one of my favorites in Ghent so lively that it is both day and night. It’s right behind the Iglesia de San Nicolás.

Formerly it was the Plaza del Maiz. There are some of the most beautiful buildings in the city. I have no doubt that you will pass by her several times, it is the heart of Ghent.

what to see in one day

5. Spend a thousand times on the Puente San Miguel and enjoy the best view of Ghent

Ghent is full of canales and bridges, but if there is a place from where la vista to ghent quits el hipo ese es el Puente San Miguel. Take your best smile, walk and prepare your photo camera to take thousands of photos and selfies from here.


what to see in one day

I recommend that you cross the Puente San Miguel towards the Church of San Miguel. But date the tour and watch from here the view that you have the three most famous towers to see in Ghent: the Church of San Nicolás, the Campanario and the Cathedral of San Bavón. I love this view! Both day and night.

what to see in one day

6. Walk through Graslei and Korenlei

Debajo del Puente de San Miguel meet the old commercial muelles of the city. Signs Flandes had the right of emporio on the cereal. This meant that all the cereal that passed through its channels had to be sold for a while on the Korenmarkt.

On both sides there is a gem of buildings. Among these buildings is the Grano warehousewhich has the most ancient tiered roof facade in the world (from the year 1,200), and it is found in Graslei 11. There are also the guild houses of the mariners (salaried and self-employed) or the old Correos Office.

This area is always very lively at any time of day. tiene several terraces and from here you can take a boat ride along the canals of Ghent. I recommend that you enjoy the view from both sides. Personally, I might like the view from Korenlei, but both views are top notch.

7. Visit Castillo de los Condes de Flandes

I wanted to climb the bell tower, so the Castillo de los Condes de Flandes (Gravensteen) couldn’t resist me this time. it’s about him the only medieval castle that can be seen today on foot in the region. In addition, keep the fortification system practically intact.

what to see in one day

The castillo began to build in the XII century low petition from Felipe de Alsacia. Since then, it has had several uses: from the residence of los Condes, passing through the casa de la moneda and to a textile factory.

You can currently visit la torre del homaje, las murallas, la former residence de la nobility and la room de torture. What I liked the most, in addition to the historic load of the castle, was the view from the top. Low my opinion, It’s a visit to Ghent that is well worth it.

what to see in one day

8. Discover the curious Plaza Sint Veerleplein

Just beside the entrance to the castle is a plaza with very small charm, but very curious. The plaza lights up the lights of the lighthouses emitting a flashing light every time a baby is born. Doesn’t it seem curious to you?

what to see in one day

9. From plaza to plaza and shooting why it touches me: now is the turn of Vrijdagmarket

Another of the most beautiful plazas to see in Ghent es Vrijdagmarket. All the viernes are celebrated here at the market, too bad you visit it on Saturday and you lose it. The tradition of the market of los viernes viene de lejos, but formerly this plaza had other uses. For example, here the executions took place in the guillotine. Mucho change, is it true?

By the way, in the center of this plaza you can find Statue of Jacobo van Artevelde, leader of the Gantesian uprising. You know that? His hand points directly to England.

what to see in one day

10. What about a walk through the canals of Ghent?

Who said that Brujas is the city of the canals? oh, what a in Ghent there are also channels just as pimps as los de Brujas.

I visited Ghent in November and the temperature that was not precisely to get on a boat, but I don’t have the slightest doubt that I have the view of Ghent from the water must be wonderful.

Las lanchas salen from el muelle Graslei y Korenlei. For about 8 euros, you can book a 50-minute walk on the barge.

what to see in one day

More things to see in Ghent

  • El Museo de Bellas Artes de Ghent: It is one of the oldest museums in Belgium.
  • El STAM: it’s the city museum where the day to day of life in Ghent from the medieval period to the present day can be found.
  • The SMAK: it is the contemporary art museum in Ghent.
  • La Casa de Alijn: is one of the best museums to see in Ghent with niños.
  • Churches a tutiplen: the number of churches in the center of Ghent is quite extensive. In addition to all the ones I mention in this post, you can’t miss it Church of San Miguel Hello Church of San Nicolas. When I was studying, in the interior of this last church there was a book market.
  • Across the street of the Graffiti. La encounters en Werregarenstraat and, as its name indicates, is a street full of graffiti. If you like urban art, it can be a good option, but compared to urban art in Bruselas, for example, it is quite flojillo.

what to see on the 19th

Where sleep in Ghent?

Before I recommend you, if it’s possible, there’s a night in Ghent. I recommend you the hotel where you stay, Hotel Ibis in the center of Ghent. That’s right, if you go on the weekend I recommend you book in advance because the habitaciones vuelan.

The hotel has modern rooms, the price of the night is 79 euros (I can’t find anything cheaper) and it’s right next to the Ghent Cathedral. More centric impossible.

what to see in one day

Where eat and drink cerveza rica in Ghent?

A thing that surprised me a lot from Ghent is that It’s the vegetarian capital of Europe. The youths have “vegan youths” and you will see plenty of green and healthy options throughout the city.

I’m not vegan, I like more meat than a dizzy one, but I wanted to tell you because I thought it was very curious.

These are other bar options that I recommend:

  • La antigua meat shop. This building has been converted into a kind of “San Miguel Market“. Here you will find jamón de Ganda directly attached to the technology and a good space to mince something in pure gourmet style.
  • If you are a fan of Belgian chocolate, I recommend buying sweets at the Yuzu store. It’s a little out of the way, it’s located on Calle Walpoortstraat 11, but it’s worth it.
  • Dulle Griet it’s probably the most curious brewery in the world. If you ask for a 1.2-liter beer, you will get a shoe, literally, as “fiance” so that you don’t take the vase home. Zapato that goes up to a kind of basket al techo. I look at the price of this beer for more than a liter for less than 10 euros. Like a spring joke, but your pocket is just like you don’t have so much grace.

How to get to Ghent?

The best way to get to Ghent is between Brussels and other Belgian cities, such as Bruges or Antwerp. You can find a view here official website for trains in Belgium.

From luego, the red railroad of the country is a marvel, for convenience and price it is not worth moving by bus.

Another option, if by chance you don’t want to go for freeis visit Ghent as an organized tour from Brussels.

the included If you have little time in Belgium, I recommend you combine the visit to Ghent with the precious Bruges. You can book the organized tour Ghent+Brujas in one day directly here.

what to see in one day

I leave you here a map with all the places to see in Ghent in one day so that you can ubicate mejor and go shooting hecho.

And this has been all. If you have any doubts but you know you can leave a comment at the end of the post.

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More information about what to see in Ghent on the official website of Ghent tourism.

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