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15 incredible places TO SEE in PONTEVEDRA ❤️

Welcome to Pontevedra!It is a city that goes somewhat unnoticed and that we love.Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful Galician capitals.A city with history, full of squares with a Galician essence and with a lot of atmosphere.Join me today on this route with all the places to see in Pontevedra .I assure you that this city is very surprising.

Pontevedra is the capital of the province of the same name and it is a town that shines with its own light.It has Roman origins and in its time it was called “Pontus Veteris” (Old Bridge) hence one of the icons of the city is its old bridge.Pontevedra is much more than a passing city, quiet and hospitable.A lot of pilgrims cross it every day doing the Portuguese Camino de Santiagowith final destination Santiago.In addition to the city’s charm, the surroundings are priceless.

Pontevedra is a city to enjoy in a day or a weekend.A city full of curious facts that today I intend to tell you in detail.These are all the places you have to see in Pontevedra in one day.Are you coming with me to visit it?

15 essential things to see in Pontevedra

1.Plaza de la Peregrina

We begin with one of the nerve centers of the capital.And it is that this square is one of the most visited in Pontevedra by pilgrims and tourists.In this square is the Iglesia de la Peregrina, but beyond the church there is an element that competes with it in prominence.Nothing more and nothing less than a sculpture of a parrot.

The Ravachol Parrotwas the parrot of the apothecary that was in this square (where the Banco Santander office is now) and it must have to be quite a character.Apparently he said things without a filter and began to insult right and left.Look at the popularity that the parrot acquired today, even a statue.And that more than 100 years have passed since his death.Nowadays, during Galician carnivals, it is dressed up and the burial of the Ravachol Parrothas become one of the most famous festivals in Pontevedra.

Plaza de la Peregrina, just opposite is the Ravachol Parrot.

Free tour through the center of Pontevedra

Free tours through the historic center of Pontevedra depart every day from Plaza de la Peregrina.I recommend joining one of them because it is the best way to start getting to know the city.In this way you will visit the most beautiful corners while knowing their most curious data.And besides, it’s free!You only pay the will at the end of the tour.

2.Sanctuary of the Virgen de la Peregrina

Right in this square is the most important church in Pontevedra and also the most curious.And it is that the Chapel of the Pilgrim has the plant in the shape of a scallop shell, a symbol of the Compostela pilgrimage.The church was built in 1778and is dedicated to the Pilgrim Virgin, patron saint of the province and in charge of guiding pilgrims.

Facade of the Pilgrim, one of the places to see in Pontevedra.

3.It was built during the 13th and 14thcenturies and is in the late Gothic style.Inside, the rose window on the main façade stands out, as well as the medieval tombs.Attached to the church is an old convent of friars.

By the way, just in front of the square of this church are the famous latronas of the city.

que ver en pontevedra iglesia de san francisco
Church of San Francisco in Pontevedra.

4.Herrería Square

This square is one of the most emblematic of Pontevedraand one of the busiest.It is next to several plazas.Next to the Plaza de la Peregrina, the Plaza de Ourense and the Plaza da Estrela just in front of the Church of San Francisco.The arcades that are in it, its fountain, as well as the mix of different constructions draw the attention of this square.As a curiosity, mention that in these arches, trade with blacksmithsused to take place.Hence the name.

que ver en pontevedra plaza de herreria
Plaza de Herrería

5.Plaza de la Leña

Plaza de la Leña is one of the most beautiful squares to see in Pontevedraand, for me, it is my favourite.It is called that because in the past the firewood market was located here.Nowadays it is a square with a lot of atmosphere and surrounded by a lot of bars.In addition, I love all the alleys that start from it.Presiding over the square is the typical Galician cross that indicates the crossroads.You will see them in practically every square in the city.

que ver en pontevedra plaza de la leña
La Plaza de la Leña, the most beautiful square to see in Pontevedra.

6.Puente del Burgo

The Puente del Burgo is the most famous bridge in Pontevedraresponsible for the founding of the city and from which it takes its name.Although the bridge of Roman origin was actually replacedin the 19th century by the one we see today.This bridge has a special value for pilgrims.Crossing it means leaving Pontevedra behind to continue on their way to Santiago.

que ver en pontevedra puente
Puente del Burgo.

7.Municipal Market

If you like markets, you cannot miss the Municipal Market of Pontevedra, very close to the Burgo Bridge.On the ground floor you will find the freshest fish and shellfish in the area and on the upper floor the fruits and vegetables from the Galician orchards.Casa de Valle Inclán and Plaza de las Cinco Calles

There is a famous character closely linked to the city of Pontevedra and whom you will easily see represented by the city.I’m talking about Ramón del Valle-Inclán, one of the most important playwrights and poets of the Generation of ’98.Although he was born in Villanueva de Arosa, he lived for several years in the city of Pontevedra.His house is located in the Plaza de las Cinco Calles.As its name indicates, five main streets of Pontevedra converge in this square.So you will perfectly find the house from which you walk through the old quarter.

Not only is it the only place dedicated to the Galician writer in Pontevedra, you will also find a Valle Inclán sculpture in Plaza Méndez Núñez.

que ver en pontevedra casa de valle inclan
Valle Inclán house in the center of Pontevedra.

9.Basilica of Santa María de Mayor

There is no cathedral in Pontevedra, since the bishopric corresponds to Santiago de Compostela, but we can consider the Basilica of Santa María or also called Basilica de los Pescadoresas the most important religious building in Pontevedra.It was named a basilica by Pope John XXIII and has also been declared a Site of Cultural Interest.The church is mainly Gothic in style, although its façade is Renaissance.

que ver en pontevedra basilica la mayor
Main façade of the Basilica.

Do you like fun facts as much as me?Well, be careful with this church and with Pontevedra in general, which is full of original things to discover.One of the ones that surprised me the most is that there is a belief that Columbus was from the province of Pontevedra.And it is that on the façade of this church there are supposedly the busts of Christopher Columbus and Hernán Cortés.If this seems little to you, on one of the altars there is an inscription that the altar was built by the Columbus family.Could Columbus be of Galician origin?And look at us thinking he was from Genoa.🙂

10.Ruins of the Convent of Santo Domingo

Another icon to see in Pontevedra are the ruins that remain of this old convent from 1282.It was going to have completely collapsed, but fortunately they left standing some medieval remains that we can see today in the center of the city.This former convent is part of the buildings that make up the Museum of Pontevedra, being the oldest of them all.

que ver en pontevedra convento santo domingo
Ruins of the Convent of Santo Domingo .

11.Iglesia de San Bartolomé

This former Jesuit church is Baroque in style with Italian influences and was built in the 17th century.Right next door is the old Jesuit Collegeknown as the Sarmiento Building, which is also part of the Pontevedra Museum.Pedreira Square

From square to square and I shoot because it’s my turn.In this square there is mainly a spectacular Baroque mansion.It is the Pazo Mugarteguiand has large arcades, shields on the façade and a sundial.It was built in the 18th century for Count Fefiñáns.It is currently the headquarters of the Rías Baixas Wine Denomination of Origin Regulatory Council.

que ver en pontevedra pazo mugartegui
Pazo de Mugartegui in Plaza de la Pedreira.

13.Squares in Pontevedra

As you may have noticed, the center of Pontevedra is full of squares, each one more beautiful.Another of the most famous is the Plaza del Teucro with abundant arcades or the Plaza de la Verdurawhich, as its name suggests, was where the vegetable market took place.As a curiosity to comment that in some of the squares of Pontevedra the schoolyard takes place.If you go during school time, you won’t be surprised to see children playing at recess directly in one of its squares.

que ver en pontevedra plazas
Pontevedra squares, each one more beautiful.

14.Museum of Pontevedra

In the six buildings that make up the Museum of Pontevedrathe history of Galicia is grouped from prehistory to modern life with art collections, exhibition halls , Roman goldsmithing and much more.In total, this museum is made up of the Castro Monteagudo House, the García Flórez Palace, the Fernández López Building, the Ruins of the Convent of Santo Domingo, the Sarmiento Buildingand the Sixth Building.The buildings are scattered throughout the city center.If you like to discover the local culture in depth and know what you can find in each of the buildings, I recommend you visit the official website of the Pontevedra Museum.

que ver en pontevedra edificio fernández lópez
Fernández Building López, part of the Pontevedra Museum.

15.Sculpture Islands Park

We continue with cultural plans and on the outskirts of Pontevedra, on the island of A Xunqueira, at the mouth of the Lérez, is this island that is now a open-air museum.And it is that it has several sculptures completely integrated into the environment.A different and modern option to see in Pontevedra.

Recommended hotel in Pontevedra

Whenever we go to Pontevedra we try to stay at the Hotel Rías Bajas, right in the center, very near Plaza de la Peregrinaand also has a parking option.In addition, some rooms have views of the estuary in the distance.

If you want to pamper yourself in Pontevedra and sleep in an old 16th century palace that has been renovated but still retains its stately essence, I propose to sleep in the Parador de Pontevedra.And we are big fans of a restaurant in Pontevedra where you can eat wonderfully.It is Fidel O’Pulpeiro House .A true classic of the capital where you can eat the best octopus a fair in the area.In addition to the price, it is very good and offers traditional Galician food.The place is very small and is in high demand.I recommend you book in advance.

Donde comer en pontevedra casa fidel
Casa Fidel, one of the best restaurants to eat in Pontevedra.

If you like Elegant cafeswith tradition, I recommend you make a stop at Café Moderno, located in the modernist building in Plaza San José.Galician politicians, writers and intellectuals from the early 20th century used to meet in the cafeteria on the ground floor.In fact, the first Statute of Autonomy of Galicia was written here.If you like to have a coffee in traditional cafes with history, you cannot leave Pontevedra without going through here.In addition to the cafeteria, exhibitions are currently held in the building and it is the headquarters of one of the most important cultural and social centers in the city.

What to see around Pontevedra

I told you at the beginning that Pontevedra is a city that can be easily explored in a day.Once you have seen the city, I recommend you lose yourself in the best places to see near Pontevedrabecause they are truly worth it.Here I propose my favorite places in the surroundings of Pontevedrathat I have no doubt that you will love.


I was late in mention the one that is considered the prettiest town in Galicia.And best of all, you have it just 8 kilometers from the center of Pontevedra.Combarro is not wasted.It is a magical town where the hórreos are the protagonists.Promise me you’re not going to leave Pontevedra without seeing it.For more information, I invite you to read this article about the best places to see in Combarro.

que ver cerca de pontevedra combarro
Combarro, the town of granaries.

Pazo de Lourizán

On the outskirts of Pontevedra, just 4 kilometers from the old town, there is a farm with a large stately building.At first this place was used as a farm, then extensive modifications were made to turn it into a kind of modernist palace.It is currently the headquarters of the Forestry Research Center.A building that can perfectly serve as a movie set.

Ribeira Sacra

I have yet to visit this place that I’ve been told wonders about.They consider it the Galician fjords because of the spectacular scenery that gives us viewpoints and canyons on the banks of the Sil River and the Miño River.Although it is two hours from Pontevedra by car, it can be done as an excursion from Pontevedra.

Ons Island

From Pontevedra you have Ons Island a stone’s throw away , one of the prettiest islands in the Atlantic Islands Natural Park.To visit them I recommend you drive to Bueu, Sanxenxo or Portonovo and from there take the boat to paradise.For more information, I recommend you read this detailed guide on how to visit Ons Island.

que ver cerca de pontevedra isla de ons
Cliffs on Ons Island.

O Grove and Isla de la Toja

This area is one of my favorites in the Rías Baixas as it combines spectacular beaches, heart-stopping sunsets, exquisite cuisine and relaxation is guaranteed .To find out more about what this place can offer you beyond the Playa de la Lanzada and the famous resorts of Isla de la Toja, I suggest you read this article about what to see in O Grove and what to see on Isla de la Toja.Here you will find all the information you need to organize a perfect getaway.

que ver cerca de Pontevedra isla de la toja
Chapel of the Shells on La Toja Island.


Cambados is a tremendously interesting town that can boast of being the cradle of Galician white wine.And it is that visiting a winery and doing a wine tasting is an essential plan in Cambados.In addition, not everything is wine in this town, the town center has a lot of history.I recommend you read our article about everything you have to see in Cambados.

que ver cerca de pontevedra cambados
Ruins of Santa Mariña do Dozo in Cambados.

Islas Cíes

We continue to offer you plans around Pontevedraand here is one of the most famous.If you don’t know the Cíes Islands yet, I don’t know what you are waiting for.And it is that these Galician islands with a true Eden where you are going to spend a day of disconnection between the most virgin nature of Galicia.I assure you that once you go you will be left with the desire to want to return.And this is just an appetizer.To organize your visit, I recommend reading this guide to visiting the Cíes Islands.You have to keep in mind that to visit these islands from Pontevedra you have to go to Cangas or Vigo.


30 kilometers south of Pontevedra we find Vigo, a city that goes a little more unnoticed than others but whose old town is very cute.In addition, Vigo eats wonderfully and its tapas is another level.If by chance you go to this area in autumn or winter, you already know that seeing its Christmas lights is more than enough reason to stop in Vigo.This Christmas initiative has won several awards and competes to be the New York of Spanish Christmas.

And this has been our particular guide on what to see in Pontevedra and surroundings.I hope it has been useful to you.To finish, I’ll leave you with a map with all the places I’m talking about in the post so you can find your way around wonderfully.

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How much time is needed to visit Pontevedra?

In my opinion, one day is enough to visit the most important places in the center of Pontevedra.If you have more time, I suggest you visit other places around Pontevedra such as Combarro, O Grove, Ons Island or take a route through the Rías Baixas.


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