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25 things TO SEE and DO in IBIZA ❤️ once in a lifetime

What do you expect from Ibiza?Party, back and forth on the beach and little else?Nerd.You are very wrong.I am warning you that in Ibiza you are going to get a pleasant surprise.In addition to the famous party, the best sunsets of your life await you, hippie markets where you can buy cute clothes in the purest Ibizan style and a lot of coves with amazing crystal clear waters.And this is just the appetizer.Are you coming with me to discover the best things to do and see in Ibiza?

What surprised me the most about the island is that you can perfectly enjoy it regardless of your age or the company you go with.Whether it’s your churri, with family, with children or with friends.In addition, Ibiza is for all travel styles, whether you want to party all day long or simply enjoy the quietest Ibiza, coves, beers, sunsets, chill out music.

Think so everyone who goes to Ibiza repeats, it must be for a reason.If not, tell Pocholo and a bunch of other celebrities who don’t miss a single summer on the island.Next, I am going to propose a guide with the best plans to do in Ibizaand you will understand why you will fall in love with this island completely.

The best things to do and see in Ibiza

25 things to see and do in Ibiza sometime in your life

1.- We started this journey through Ibizain the city and you can’t miss strolling through the historic center of Eivissa, the Dalt Vila.In addition to having a thousand slopes and being extremely attractive, the upper part of the city of Ibizais a UNESCO World Heritage Site.A flirtatious and elegant city where you cannot miss its cathedral or the views from the Ibiza Castle.It is an essential.

que ver en Ibiza ciudad
Panoramic view of the city of Ibiza.

2. – One afternoon you have to reserve it to see the incredible sunset from Cala Benirrás, the beach of the drums.I assure you that it will be one of the best sunsets of your life.At least for me it was one of the most special.If you can go on a Sunday better, that’s when there are more drums, but if you flee from the crowds then I suggest you go any other day of the week.In summer, every day there are drums that accompany this epic sunset.

3.- An Ibicenco dresscannot be missing from your suitcase!White and long to rock it later in the Instagram photos.I leave it there.

que hacer y que ver en ibiza cala conte
View from Cala Comte in Ibiza.

4.- If you forget, don’t worry, you can buy it at the Punta Arabí hippy marketon Wednesday from 10 in the morning until 7 in the afternoon.It is one of the best markets in Ibiza.

5.- Another super famous hippy market is the Mercadillo de las Dalias.The market has been there since 1954, it is a relic on the island.As you will realize, going to markets is an essential thing to do in Ibiza.


Hours of the famous Las Dalias Market:

que ver en Ibiza mercadillos
Wonders you will find in the markets of Ibiza.

6.- Renta car to tour the island, it is the best way to enjoy the island as it deserves.It will allow you to explore all its beaches on your own.

7.- Or if you wish you can rent a motorbiketo enjoy the eighties vibe and tour the island feeling your hair in the wind and the breeze on your faceThat’s called freedom and the rest is nonsense.

8.- Have a beer with chill out music at Café del Mar, in San Antonio.The prices are a bit expensive, as in the rest of the island, but it is one of the best places in Ibiza to watch the sunset.

9.- Speaking of armed robberies.Get used to the idea that you are in Ibiza and assume that the prices are sometimes somewhat exorbitant.Is Ibiza as expensive as they say ?Well, it depends.I came to pay 20 euros for two crowns on a terrace in the Port of Ibiza.My kidney hurts just thinking about it, but if you know how to move a little, they won’t always nail you that much.

que ver en Ibiza atardecer desde benirras
Sunset from Benirrás Beach.

10.- Another of the best places to watch the sunset in Ibiza is from the Ses Salines Natural Park or Punta Galera.Ibiza sunsets are incredible.If you think I’m exaggerating, I have no doubt that on your first sunset in Ibiza you will end up remembering me.If you want to know more, I have lovingly written this article for you about the best sunsets in Ibiza.


11.- Reserve at least one day to catch a boat to Formentera to spend the best day of the summer there.Without a doubt it is the best island of the Balearic Islands, what a water!The color of the water is like that of Tulum, but saving you the 8 hour flight.


More information about Formentera

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