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4 best itineraries, prices and tips

Boat trips in Paraty are one of the unmissable programs in the historic city of Rio de Aneiro.

In addition to discovering almost deserted islands, those who enjoy contact with nature also find boat trips a way to have fun. Not to mention that the routes are beautiful, and the most beautiful beaches in Paraty are located on these islands. That is, they are accessible only on boat trips.

We have prepared a guide with the best boat itineraries for you to make the most of your tours in Paraty. Know which islands to go to, how it works the tour, how to hireas are the services of each script and some tips and photos to help you choose.

Boat trip in Paraty, RJ: itineraries, prices, how to hire, tips

  1. how to hire
  2. prices
  3. itineraries
  4. Boat or schooner?
  5. Tips
boat trips in paraty
Discover the best boat itineraries in Paraty and which attractions are visited

Boat trips in Paraty: how to hire

Tourism agencies offer a great menu of boat trips in Paraty, the historic city on the southern coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Some itineraries follow the same pattern and vary in price according to the agency. There are also special or very specific itineraries, which appeal to a demanding public focused on discovering the Bay of Paraty more in depth, calmly, enjoying all that nature has to offer.

there is a lot tour offer by boat in Paraty, however the itineraries do not vary much from one agency to another. You can visit the same places by taking a schooner, speedboat or trawler, which is a smaller but very comfortable boat.

Let’s do here the most common and most sought after itineraries. All can be booked the day before, directly in Paraty. But they can also be booked in advance. Our partner Easy Travel Shop offers here several boat trips in Paraty, with parliament in up to 10x.

boat trips in paraty rj
Channel from which many of the tours depart

How much does the boat trip in Paraty cost

The most popular itineraries cost around BRL 80 (Jan/2020)whether on boats or schooners, but there are less traditional options, with varying prices.

The schooner tours leave from the pier. It’s needed buy the tickets at the agencies or receptions of inns and hotels and boarding through an access with turnstiles and security guards.

The schooners usually leave from 11 am and the tours last from 5 to 6 hours.

It’s possible pay with cardbut the pier fee must be in cash (R$ 3 in Jan/2020).

The trawlers depart from the channel, a water inlet that cuts through the historic center. Tickets are also sold by agencies, hostels and inns, but also by boatmen, who are on the banks of the river offering their services.

Many accept cards on the boat and also offer private full-day tours.

itineraries of tours boat stops in Paraty

1. Praia Vermelha + Lagoa Azul + Ilha Comprida + Praia da Lula

This is the most traditional tour in Paraty. Almost all agencies – and even boatmen – follow this itinerary in a tour that lasts about 5 hours, with 40-minute stops at each beach for diving.

Praia Vermelha is one of the most visited and one of the most beautiful. It is green and all surrounded by native forest that gives it that lost paradise air. Praia da Lula is calm, without many waves and with an exuberant nature around.

Ilha Comprida is like an aquarium, full of fish. Just like the Blue Lagoon. In these points, by the way, there is no beach. The dive is in the high seas and you can swim with the fish that are around the boat. If you can, take a snorkel.

It is worth remembering that this is the most beautiful tour in my opinion, but there are no kiosks or restaurants at the stops. You will count on the service of the vessel.

Book your tour of the islands of Paraty here.

boat trips in Paraty
Lula beach

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two. Algodão Island + Cotia Island + Saco da Velha + Conceição Beach

Tours to this region are also very popular. The proposal is the same: 5 hours of tour, with stops of about 40 minutes for diving.

On the island of Cotia there are kiosks and you can even camp there. On the Ilha do Algodão, the largest in the Bay of Paraty, the great attraction is the Hiltinho Restaurant, famous for its dishes with fish and other seafood.

With a good strip of sand, Praia da Conceição has a calm sea with colors that vary between green and blue. The composition of the landscape is due to the stones and the native vegetation.

Finally, Saco da Velha has several surprises in store for visitors. In addition to having only one house, the stretch also has a beautiful viewpoint and a cave accessible by water.

paraty boat trips
The schooners leave the pier of Paraty

3. Jurumirim Beach + Mantimento Island + Araújo Island + Malvão Island

The itinerary includes Praia do Jurumirim, which has a house belonging to the family of Amyr Klink, of whom we are a big fan.

The Isle of Food, which has several animals and some fish on the edge, in addition to a very peculiar construction: a castle belonging to an Italian businessman. At Ilha do Araújo it is possible to go down and eat some snacks at the kiosk by the beach.

This is where the famous Shrimp Festival takes place every June. The festival is traditional in the caiçara community and offers delicious dishes and local art of the highest quality. On the island of Malvão, diving is in the crystal clear waters.

We did this script with a super cool boat, the CaipBoat.

The difference, the name itself says: is the caipirinha. During the entire tour, which more or less follows the same guidelines as the schooner tours, the caipirinha is on the house. That’s right! There is free caipirinha for at least 5 hours.

Unlike the schooners, the CaipBoat – and other boats for this route – are moored on the banks of the canal and you can hire the tour right there or at partner hostels, such as Chill Inn and Vibe. The atmosphere on board is very happy and relaxed. This tour is even highly requested by foreigners.

You can bring snacks or buy them at the bus stop, which has kiosks.

boat paraty
Malvão Island
paraty boat tour
Jurumirim Beach

4. Mamanguá bag

The trip to Saco do Mamanguá is made by both schooners and trawlers. However, this route takes longer, due to the distance. It is possible to book tours to the largest Brazilian fjord at agencies or in advance at this link.

Saco do Mamanguá is close to Paraty Mirim, a neighborhood of Paraty that is on the banks of the BR-101, towards Trindade. There is a bus line that goes to the neighborhood from the Paraty bus station (inquire there).

Mamanguá bag
Saco do Mamanguá is the only Brazilian fjord

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Boat ride x schooner ride

They exist differences between tours according to the vessel. The schooner is bigger, therefore more spacious, and has a hot shower and a boat to take to the beach. In addition, they have a bar and on-board service.

The other options may or may not have a boat and bar, and do not have a shower.

The schooners have greater capacity, but this does not interfere with the dives. The boats and trawlers have a capacity of around 18 people, excluding the crew.

On exclusive private tours, you have more freedom and less chance of getting frustrated, as you will share the space with your group. And you can bring your snacks and drinks.

[su_note note_color=”#edede0″ text_color=”#0c0b0b”]Look how to get destination in our post Paraty: tips on what to see and do there.

And if you need rent a car, it is worth comparing the prices of several rental companies there through this link from Rentcars. It is very easy to use, to book, it is possible to pay in installments and make the payment only on withdrawal.[/su_note]

Tips for taking boat trips in Paraty

  1. Use sunscreen even on cloudy days. The sweltering heat burns as hot as the sun.
  2. Some vessels accept credit cards. Confirm this information in advance.
  3. As the islands are far away, take some change if you want to consume at the kiosks on the beachfront.
  4. During the tour, the boats pass close to other islands, beaches and caiçara communities. It is very interesting to see all these wonders of the Bay of Paraty.
  5. The schooners have float spaghetti for everyone. Use them on dives.
  6. All vessels have life jackets. Do not hesitate to use them if necessary.
  7. Be careful not to jump off the boat carrying personal items such as wallets, cell phones or sunglasses.
  8. Bring a sarong or towel to dry off between stops.
  9. Be careful when jumping in the water, and obey the vessel’s rules, always dictated by the monitors.
  10. Do not leave garbage on the beaches or throw anything into the sea.

These are some of the boat trips in Paraty that we have already done and recommend. I hope you like the tips, and even more the tours.

by Nange Sá

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