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Dicen de Santander that is one of them most beautiful cities in Spain. If you’ve never visited it, you’ll think it’s an exaggeration. However, if you know, or have the suerte to live here, you know that this statement is totally correct. Santander has a lot to offer. It’s bad, everyone who visits her falls in love with her. If you are thinking of coming to visit us, follow this compilation with them best plans to see and do in Santander sometime in life.

You will enjoy the city like an authentic santanderino. Are you ready to go off the list?

40 things to see and do in Santander that have a lot to do with.

Here I tell you about the worst planes that I have in Santander. combine authentic experiences with other more typical planes. And the most important thing: written with much love for a santanderina of all life. Let’s start!

1. Take a selfie with the statues of the Raqueros What about the Marítimo Club? These chavalucos have become an icon of Santander.

Statue of the Raqueros in Santander

2. See the boats that hay en Puertochico and to think that you would love to have one.

3. Give a wonderful walk through el Sardinero. Says that “there is no equal in the whole world”.

4. The walk is precious, yes, but it has a few kilometers. I propose you to unmarry a mouse in them Piquio Gardens.

5. See the building Gran Casino del Sardinerois one of the most beautiful buildings in Santander.

6. Upload a photo on Instagram with the Moor Island background screen. Tienes assured thousands of “me gusta”.

7. One of my Santander’s favorite areas on the Magdalena Peninsula. You’re going to fall flipped because of how beautiful it is. If you are a little wanderer, you can take the tourist train that we call “magdaleno”, to go up to the Palace of the Magdalena. This palace was the former summer residence of King Alfonso XIII. The best thing is to take a walk along the entire peninsula and see its impressive cliffs.

what to see and what to do in santander
Palace of the Magdalena

8. Search it rock in the shape of a camello that is in Playa del Camello.

9. Walk by the path of Matalenas It’s a plan not very popular with tourists and the views from here are brutal. The path starts from behind the Hotel Chiqui to Playa de Mataleñas.

10. You can continue this way up to the Cabo Mayor Lighthouse. If you have a cup of coffee and a couple of ribs in the bar that is right next to the faro. You have won it.

11. If you live in summer, the best plan you have what to do in Santander is to enjoy some of its wonderful beaches: los Bikinis or el Sardinero are the most famous. But don’t forget about Mataleñas, Playa de la Maruca or Playa de la Virgen del Mar. Oh! There are so many and they are all so beautiful 🙂 .

what to see and what to do in santander
View of Playa de Matalenas

12. If you go to the beach there is nothing more authentic for a Cantabrian who play some paddles.

13. We return to the city center. I recommend you to start know the history of Santander by the hand of a free tour. In this way you will visit the most beautiful places to see in Santander as you will know its history. Also, it’s free! You only pay the volunteer to finish the tour.

14. One of the things that you can teach on the free tour, and that belongs to the sad history of Santander, and that the city was totally destroyed by a fire in the year 1941. Today you can take the tour of the fire in the city.

15. If you like to visit the markets in the localities, I recommend you to approach them. Mercado de la Esperanza. Here you will feel the pulse of the city.

16. Eat a good meal and a ration of cheese in the Bodega “Fuente Dé”is one of them restaurants with more solera in Santander.

17. I recommend you to make a pinchos route by Santander. Among the essential bars is the “Lita House“, “El Papanao”, or “El Rampalay”, among others.

18. A “fuera de ruta” plan that I love is climbing it funicular del Rio de la Pila and enjoy the views from the top, it’s free!

19. La Dune de Zaera it was built on the occasion of the Sailing World Cup which was held in Santander for the last few years. Today is one of the most relaxing places in the city.

what to do in Santander
La Duna de Zaera with a view of the most beautiful bay in the world

20. The Cathedral of Santander, is the most important religious monument in the city. To be honest, we know that the most beautiful cathedral in the world is not the most beautiful cathedral in the world. my I like the Church of Christ more. It is the most ancient church in the city.

21. For pretty the streets of the city center. My favorites are there Calle Hernán Cortesthere Calle Arrabal, la Calle del Medio and, by the way, he Paseo Pereda.

22. He Botín Center if you have converted to it most showy building to see in Santander. I recommend that you go up the outdoor stairs for free to enjoy the sea views.

what to see and what to do in santander
The famous Botín Center of Santander

23. At the Botín Center it eclipses other buildings in the area, I also recommend contemplating the imposing building of Banco Santander that there is on the Paseo Pereda.

24. Don’t forget to get close to Palacete del Embarcadero and the Grúa de Piedra. Here is the lighthouse with the best views across Santander.

what to see and what to do in santander
The lighthouse with the best views of Santander

25. From this pier I recommend you coger in summer las lanchas “them queens” to El Puntal. It is one of the most paradisiacal beaches in all of Cantabria.

26. Walking or cogindo una bici tienes que pasear por el seaside from top to bottom and from top to bottom.

27. During the paseo enjoy every second of it Santander bay. ¡It is one of the most beautiful bays in the world! I assure you that I am not exaggerating anything.

28. If by chance you come to Santander in a día de viento sur i recommend you to see the dawn or the sunset from the bay. The tones that play during these days are incredible.

29. One of the best planes that happens in Santander with children visit him Maritime Museum. On Sundays, admission is free from 2 pm.

30. Other museums to see in Santander son el Prehistory Museumhe Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

31. And if you don’t have children and what you want is the best place to start the night santanderina is the Plaza de Canadio. In summer it’s great. Y for close bars I recommend you Malaspina or he Roulade.

32. In order for you to integrate yourself as an authentic santanderino, you can decide typical words from here. in Santander the costs are “pindias”and not if llevan playeras bell “spays”.


33. Tomatoes churros in the Aliva chocolate shop (valid both for the afternoon and for breakfast if the fiesta night gets complicated).

34. In Santander we are muy del medium tortilla chips. I recommend you the pincho de blue queso tortilla with caramelized onions from Quebec. They are also very good for the tortilla chips in La Tertulia (in Valdenoja), in Pizza Jardín (near Mataleñas) or in Casimira.

35. Long life Regma XL ice cream! It’s probably the biggest ice cream you’ll ever see in your life. It’s a shame the glue that forms in these ice cream shops in summer. There are several throughout the city.

36. Go for a drink Rabas al mediodía is one of the best planes to be done in Santander. Las rabas en Santander no son calamares. Ninth. They are butts. point. Some of my favorite bars to sip on are La Radio, Casa Ajero or El Tívoli.

what to see and what to do in santander
Do you fancy some tails?

37. One of my Favorite cafes in downtown Santander is Cafeteria de Pombo. It looks like it came out of a film.

38. Important in Santander does not ask for a coffee with milk. That’s an average.

39. If you come to Santander en Navidad, do not forget to give a Christmas walk through Plaza del Ayuntamiento and surroundings. I skate in winter in there Hielo track that there is in Plaza Porticada.

40. And finally, if you come to Santander the last week of julio you are in a frenzy. ¡Son las fiestas de Santiago! There are casetas with holiday pinchos throughout the city, concerts in Magdalena and artificial fires on the night of the 24th and 27th of July. Hope you enjoy it!

what to see and what to do in santander
View of the Sardinero from La Senda de Mataleñas


Are you looking for good, nice and cheap accommodation in Santander?

We already know that Santander is precious. But the surroundings are also wonderful. These are the best excursions from Santander.

Recommended excursions from Santander:

You have already downloaded this authentic guide from the best of Santander. Would you add something else? what to see and what to do in Santander? Leave a comment, we will be delighted to read it!

what to see and what to do in santander
Cabo Mayor Lighthouse, in Matalenas

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More information about molone planes that you can do in Santander on the website of Santander tourism.

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