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5 best ways to communicate without speaking the local language

Updated November 23, 2021 by Thiago Khoury

update: March 15, 2017

In times of connectivity, this post has become a thing of the past: with a cell phone chip with unlimited internet, we can go to Google and get by in any language, anywhere.

use a pad. Walk around with it in your pocket with the phrases you will surely use during your trip. Among several, “please drop me off at…” is essential. The special ones are: “I am diabetic”, “I am vegetarian” and “I am allergic to…”.

gesture. Don’t be ashamed, you were not the first and you will hardly be the last to mime that day. Residents of big tourist cities are experts in “Image & Action”, it’s impossible to beat them!

Learn and use education words. When you can’t say what you want to eat or where you want to go, there’s nothing better than using good manners. Anyone becomes helpful when a mime uses a “good morning sir” in the local language accompanied by a smile before waving his arms.

Brazilian pretends to be a fool that he’s a beauty…

Dictionary/translator in hand. A pocket dictionary is age old! You don’t need to know the complete grammatical structure of a German sentence if you want to get to the nearest hospital. Just open the dictionary, point out the word “krankenhaus” and make that traditional lost face.

Speak English. English is the second or third most spoken language in the world, but it is the only universal language. Even in Finland, where signs and notices hardly appear in another language, it is impossible not to find someone who speaks English.

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