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5% DISCOUNT Iati Seguros: opinions and advice ❤️

Traveling with good travel insurance is vital.What doesn’t happen never happens in a moment.You never know when your parents are going to have to be hospitalized urgently, if your son is going to have an urgent operation for appendicitis while he is away or if you yourself are going to have an accident.God forbid, but in these situations, traveling with insurance gives you much more peace of mind.We always travel with Iati Seguros, the best travel insurance.They have been traveling with them for many years and they have always responded very professionally.If we recommend it to our friends, we also recommend it to you.Today I want to offer you a 5% discount at Iati Segurosand I am going to tell you all the advantages, opinions and doubts about which insurance to take out within their policies.

Iati Seguros 5% discount

If you’ve come this far, if you already know the product and your only goal is to benefit from the Iati insurance at a discount, congratulations!You already know that our mission is to provide you with the best information to organize your trips on your own and we are happy to help you in any way we can.You should never waste any coupon so without beating around the bush I’ll get right to the point and offer you this 5% Iatidiscount for being a reader of the blog.

The discount is automatically applied to everyone insurance by entering from the link.In this way you will compare the entire range of Iati insurance with the discountthat we offer you.

If you are one of those who likes to analyze everything in detail, I invite you to continue reading this article to the end.I’m going to talk to you about the new Iati policies.I warn you now that some of them are going to like you a lot because they fit very well with the times.In addition, we will give you our opinion on which policy to choose at all times and much more.

Travel with insurance, let nothing interrupt your vacation!

Why it is important to travel with travel insurance

I won’t get tired of repeating it.Now more than ever it is very important to travel with travel insurance.Regardless of where you travel.And I’m not exaggerating anything.I see in my friends that there is a tendency (or rather there was, now with the current situation things are changing) to only take out travel insurance if you go to Conchinchina, the United States, Asia or South America.There is a false belief that the European Health Card covers everything.And I am sorry to tell you that this is not the case.

First not all European countries are supported by the European Health Cardas is the case of Albania, Andorra, Monaco, Bosnia or Montenegro.Then, in some European countries there is a copaywithout the right to reimbursement when you return to Spain.For example, this can happen to you if you travel to France, Belgium, Ireland, Croatia, Luxembourg or Sweden.

Add to all this that it is very likely that you will have to advance moneyin case of have to go to the doctor.Money that you will then have to claim through the ministry’s website.Anyway, these things make me more and more lazy (I think I’m getting older).It seems to me that the outlay of traveling with private travel insurance is quite small considering the total budget of a trip.And, best of all, the number of benefits it has is enormous.

iati seguros descuento
Don’t miss out on the 5% Iati discount.

5% discount on travel insurance with Covid coverage

Currently, to travel in times of the coronavirus it is very importantto hire good travel insurance that has the best Covid coverage.Plus the history of PCR, antigen tests and all that paraphernalia that we are getting used to lately.

With Iati Segurosall your insurances have the best COVID coverage.When I say the best I assure you that I am not exaggerating anything.To find out all the in-depth details, I recommend you read this article on travel insurance with Covid Coverage.

In my mission of wanting to make things easier for you, I’m going to give you a summary of all the things that covers.


All Iati insurances have Covid coverage and discount and include:

descuento Iati seguros covid
Traveling in times of the coronavirus is possible with caution, common sense, and good insurance.

Travel insurance with cancellation

One of the latest innovations that Iati Seguros has introduced that seems most interesting to you is the new Premium cancellation travel insurance.And it is that the issue of insurance with cancellation, as well as Covid coverage, is currently what worries us all the most.

When contracting health care insurance during the trip (below I will tell you all the options ) you also have the opportunity to include the cancellation service that covers cancellation due to positive COVID, quarantine due to close contact, or cancellation due to the consequences of the vaccine.The bad thing is that only covers you if you you contract up to 7 days after booking the flights.

I don’t know about you, but once I book the flights, I’m so excited that many times I forget to book the travel insurance right after.And voilà, then the surprises arrive 🙁 .For this reason, I love this new type of Premium Cancellation insurance, which is complementary to Iatiinsurance.That is, it does not have travel health care as such.It is only valid for contracting an extra cancellation service.

I’ll tell you how it works.You book the travel insurance that suits you.If you do it within 7 days after purchasing the flight, I recommend you always include the cancellation option directly in that insurance, since it will be much cheaper than the premium cancellation.If more than 7 days have passed since you booked the flights but, given the current times, you want extra security against what may happen, I recommend you book the Iati Cancellation Travel Insurance Premium.In addition, this insurance has much more coverage than the normal cancellation service.

In this way you travel on one side covered with the best travel insurance and the best Covid coverage.And, best of all, you can hire it at any time.Of course, it has a lack of 7 days after hiring it.That is, it does not cover you until 7 days after hiring.As you can see, when it comes to travel insurance, just like with flights or hotels, the sooner you book it, the better.

We are going to analyze some of the most important points of insurance coverage of Iati premium cancellation trips with a discountalthough it has many more.


Travel insurance coverage Iati with Premium Cancellation

Of course, more relaxed than with this additional insurance you are not going to travel.It is important to highlight that this insurance is optional or complementary to the rest of the insurance offered by Iati.Extra coverage in case a problem arises and 7 days have already passed since you bought the flight and you have at least 7 days left to start the trip.

descuento iati seguros anulacion
Don’t miss out on view the new Iati with premium cancellation discount adapted to current situations.

The best of Iati Seguros

Okay, we have already talked about the points that currently give us the most headaches.Now I am going to tell you the best of Iati Segurosand the strong points that I like the most.

  • It is a Spanish company.And I am clear that I prefer to support a company made in Spain.In addition, Iati Seguros has great experience behind it.Nothing more and nothing less than 130 years of dedication in the sector endorse him.It started out as a family business that has been passed down from generation to generation (and four generations now).
  • If you have a problem and you have to call the insurance they attend you directly in Spanish.It is appreciated that if you are far away and have a problem, the person you are going to call speaks your same language.If you are facing an emergency or danger, believe me that with nerves this is much appreciated.In addition, you can also contact them by whatsapp so they can call you.
  • You don’t have to advance money.For me, this is one of the strengths of Iati Seguros compared to other insurers.You will not have to pay a penny in advance for any expense you have to make for a health emergency.In addition, there are no excesses.
  • The price of the insurance compared to travel assistance coverage is the best on the market.Without a doubt, it is the one that offers more for less.I recommend you read this article on the comparison of the best travel insurance.
  • It has a great choice of insurance policies depending on the type of trip you are going to make or your needs depending on the destiny.In addition, you can hire it, even if you are not a resident in Spain, nor is Spain the origin or destination of your trip.


Iati insurance, which insurance to choose?

We are going to analyze the four most important Iati insurance policies with a 5% discount.In this way I want to explain to you which is the one that can best adapt to your trip.Then you decide.In any case, if you have any questions, you can leave me a comment at the end of the article and I will try to help you as much as possible.Also, you have a help system from the Iati Seguros home page that can help you solve your doubts.

iati escapadas para viajes por españa
This summer travel quietly through Spain with Iati Getaways.

Iati Getaways

This is basic insurance designed mainly for getaways in Spain, trips by car, motorcycle or caravan or if you travel with a pet (includes coverage in case you have to take it to the vet).It covers you up to 50,000 euros for medical assistance and also includes adventure sports.The price of this insurance is about 0.7 euros per day in Spain.Less than a coffee!For this money, don’t you think it’s worth traveling more calmly?Also, if you have any type of job instability or other type of problem, it is interesting to combine it with the Iati Cancellation for whatever may happen.

It is also a recommended option for car trips around Europe.If you decide to choose this option for trips around Europe, the price is from 2 euros per day.Although in the case of Europe I would better recommend the following insurance.

Standard Iati

In this case it is a basic insurance designed more for Getaways and trips around Europe.It is the one I usually choose when I travel to European destinations and I want extra peace of mind and better coverage than the European Health Card.In this case, the Iati Standard insurance has much better medical coverage(up to 300,000 euros)and the price is less than 2.50 euros per day.I think for that money it is well worth it.This insurance does not include adventure sports, but you do have the option of hiring it if you go on a cruise.For adventure trips I recommend the following insurance.

viajes por europa
We are looking forward to returning to Europe, and you?

Iati Backpacker

Because of our way of traveling (we don’t usually do adventure sports nor are we backpackers) it is not the insurance we usually take out.But for trips both in Europe and outside of Europe, if you want economic insurance designed for lovers of active tourism with very good coverage, this insurance is a step much further than the Iati Standard insurance.It covers up to 500,000 euros for medical assistanceand includes rescue and search, trekking to the Everest base camp or diving up to 40 meters deep.As you can see, it is specially designed for hikers, skiers, divers, and adventurers.

The price is usually from 3.20 euros per day in Europe to 5.5 euros if you travel outside of Europe.This insurance is perfect for backpackers and adventurers, but in my opinion, for certain countries with expensive healthcare such as the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Japan or Australia, it falls a bit short.I for health issues and more in these times I have it clear.I don’t play it.If you are going to travel outside of Europe, I would book this insurance with my eyes closed.You have coverage of up to 1,000,000 euros(double that of Iati backpacker insurance) and the price is only 30% more.From 7.5 euros a day for international trips you have the best coverage with more complementary coverage.In this case, it also includes the extension for cruise trips.

If you are one of those who do not mind paying more, but contract the best option on the market, this is your insurance.In addition, in this insurance the Iati discount is noticeable considerably.If we are going to make a trip of three or four weeks with the discount that I offer you , you will save more than 11 euros per person .Not bad at all, don’t you think?

seguro de viaje iati con descuento
Iati Estrella, the insurance option we chose on our honeymoon.

To summarize all the options that I have mentioned and taking into account that all Iati insurances have Covid coveragethese are my tips for contracting travel insurance:

  • If you travel through Spainand want to have extra security both for roadtrips around the peninsula and if you travel to the islands: Iati Escapadas.Even for its cheap price, I wouldn’t rule out adding the Iati Cancellation, especially if you have to take planes.
  • If you travel through Europe but want extra coverage beyond the European Health Card: Standard Iati.
  • If you travel outside Europe and want cheap insurance with very good coverage and specially designed for adventure sports: Iati backpacker.
  • If you want the best insurance on the market, with the best coverage including the best covid coverage whether you travel through Europe as if you were traveling around the rest of the world: Iati Estrella.
  • If you are in an unstable situation and you don’t know if you are going to be able to travel (you are going to change jobs, you are waiting for a doctor or it simply gives you more peace of mind given the current situation) without a doubt I recommend contracting the premium cancellation insurance , which is additionalend to travel insurance.For example, if you want to travel to Mexico, you’ve seen a flight on sale, but you’re waiting for someone to call you from work and you don’t know if you’re finally going to be able to travel, I recommend booking the Iati Estrella plus cancellation insurance.

We have been collaborating with Iati Seguros for many years and, although fortunately we have only had to use the insurance once, I would not recommend it if I do not know firsthand that they are going to treat you great.

For Finally, I leave you some frequently asked questions that you usually ask me.With this I hope I have resolved all the doubts, but if you have any more remember that I wait for you in the comments of this article.I hope you enjoy your trip a lot!

seguro para viajar a mexico
Don’t miss out on the Iati discount.Without a doubt, I would hire the Iati Estrella travel insurance that has the best coverage.And in the face of unexpected events that may arise in a pregnancy, I would take out the premium cancellation insurance that includes cancellation due to pregnancy problems.

What insurance do you recommend for travel? on a cruise?

The European health card does not cover you if you are traveling through Europe on a cruise.You will need to take out additional insurance that includes assistance on the boat.In this case, I recommend the Iati Seguros Estrella or the Iati Standard.You will have to indicate when making the reservation that it is a cruise trip.

What insurance do you recommend for an international trip?

Yes You are going to travel to a country where the standard of living is high and health is expensive. I recommend you take out insurance with the greatest possible coverage.This way you are covered in the best possible way against any unforeseen event, no matter how expensive it may be.Without a doubt, I recommend the Iati Estrella, which has health care of up to 1,000,000 euros.In any case, regardless of whether the country has a high standard of living or not, it is the insurance that I always recommend and the one that I always choose for international trips.Cautious traveler is worth two.Don’t forget about our discount!


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