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5 Polynesian Islands That Inspired Disney’s Moana Animation

At Polynesian islands are desired by tourists everywhere. And no wonder, this set of islands located in the South Pacific Ocean has some of the most beautiful beach scenes in the world.

And this was also the place that served as inspiration for “Moana: A Sea of ​​Adventure”animation of disney nominated for two Oscars. In search of inspiration, the film’s directors traveled the South Pacific to faithfully portray the scenarios and customs of the Polynesian people.

Moana’s Scenery (Photo: Video Playback)

Below you will find a list of five of these amazing islands suggested by Dreamlines for you to dream about your next trip.



5 Polynesian islands that inspired Moana: Moorea (Photo: Disclosure/Dreamlines)

A few kilometers from its famous neighbor Tahiti, Moorea has an eye-popping turquoise sea. This is where the largest coral reef ecosystem on the planet is located, which attracts divers from all corners.

For those who do not dive, it is possible to go snorkelling or embark on one of the tours with glass bottom boats, from where it is also possible to see the marine life.


5 Polynesian Islands That Inspired Moana: Fiji (Photo via Shutterstock)

Photo via Shutterstock

It is no wonder that in the local language there are 15 words to define “paradise”. With a sea like that in Fiji, it couldn’t be different. This former British colony is made up of more than 300 small islands, many famous for farms that produce the purest pearls in the world.


5 Polynesian islands that inspired Moana: Samoa (Photo: Disclosure/Dreamlines)

This is still a virtually untouched paradise, an ideal destination for those who really want to experience Polynesian culture. Of the 13 islands of volcanic origin, only four are inhabited. One of the curiosities is to visit the beach of Alofaagaon the island of Savai’i, where spurts of water “spout” from the sea. This is because the hardened lava from old volcanoes has formed cracks through which sea water enters with great force and is thrown several meters high.

As shown in the film, it is not difficult to find residents with tattoos that cover practically the entire body. They have a strong cultural significance in the Polynesian islands. In Samoa, they are like a rite of passage for men.


5 Polynesian islands that inspired Moana: Huahine (Photo: Disclosure/Dreamlines)

Much like the island pictured in Moana, Huahine is surrounded by atolls that form a large natural pool around this French Polynesian island. With calm and blue waters, the white sand beaches are an invitation to enjoy the day under the sun.


5 Polynesian islands that inspired Moana: Bora Bora (Photo: Disclosure/Dreamlines)

Ahhhh, Bora Bora. Perhaps this is the most desired island in the world when it comes to Polynesia. The jewel of French Polynesia has its scenery framed by Mount Otemanu, one of the icons of the place. It’s easy to see that Moana’s mountain scenery was heavily inspired by the landscape here.

But what is popular even among tourists are the ultra-luxurious resorts and bungalows overlooking the turquoise sea. A more economical option of lodging is to take a cruise. In addition to paradisiacal beaches, the bravest visitors can even go diving with sharks and stingrays.

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