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Nerja is one of the most touristy locations in the province of Malaga. If you are there for something, it will be, don’t you believe? This coastal town can be presumed to be one of them most beautiful pueblos of Andalucia. In addition, with the step of the time she has not lost a little bit of charm. It is full of white houses, has a very well-kept center and views of the heart-rending Mediterranean Sea. In this post I have compiled all the useful information with all things to see and do in Nerja.

Surely Nerja suenas you for being the pueblo in the one that rolls around blue summer series. If you’re more or less than my fifth, you don’t need a presentation letter for this famous series from the 80s. I believe that I’ve seen it about five times, have you? I loved it. Don’t tell me more, yet you sing a mythical song when you’re going to take a walk in bici in summer ¿a que sí? By the way, do not be surprised if during the walk through Nerja you meet Tito on the street. Works as a tourist guide in this town. 😉

In this article I will take a route through all the essential places that you have what to see in Nerja a day. One day is more than enough to visit this beautiful pueblo and its surroundings, which are also worth a visit.

How to get to Nerja?

Nerja is less than 60 kilometers from Malaga capital. So only 45 minutes in coach from the center of Malaga you can plant in this town on the Costa del Sol.

If you don’t have a coach, you can also go by bus in about 50 minutes if you take the direct bus, or in an hour and half if you find the stops in the pueblos (but recommended first).

5 things to see and do in Nerja that molan a lot

Nerja is small, account with only 21,000 inhabitants, but it is a coastal villa to visit with calm. In addition, if you go in summer it is a very good area to base yourself in the heart of the Costa del Sol and make excursions around the surroundings.


Recommended accommodation in Nerja:

1. Parque de Verano Azul and Barco de Chanquete

Verano Azul marked a before and after in this pueblo. To pay tribute to him is less than dedicating a space to his honor. In the heart of the pueblo it is found Blue Summer Park and in it we find “La Dorada”. It is a replica of chanque boat. Since it’s a little boy, but once I put my first pie in Nerja, we went straight there.

La Dorada, the Chanque boat in Nerja.

Surely you will also want to remember the summers that you spent in your childhood coming to Verano Azul. However, I feel that, in my opinion, the boat was smaller than what I expected. Aún there, it is one of the curious places what to see in Nerja a los que hay que ir sí o sí. Surely you’ll end up groping that “the boat of Chanquete won’t move us…”.

what to see and do in nerja blue summer park
El Parque de Verano Azul in Nerja.

2. The Balcony of Europe

How beautiful is this place! What views! He balcony of europe It’s a large square with views of the sea, next to the cliffs and the beaches of Nerja. The views from this viewpoint are from the mejorcito of the Costa del Sol. Also, from there you can see that the water in this area is incredibly crystalline blue. I love the view.

what to see and do in nerja balcon de europa
Crystal clear waters in Nerja.

Feel free to relax here because the place deserves it. It is a very lively and busy place. There is always someone playing an instrument around here painting it. It is even frequent to see that advertising spots are displayed here. I have been able to see a Bollywood film being filmed in this area. Interestingly, in this place so much requested is also where I find myself with Tito de Verano Azul.

What to see and do in Nerja Balcon de Europa
El Balcon de Europa de Nerja.

If you want to walk along the better streets of Nerja, if you only know a little more about its history, I recommend you to take this free tour of the center of the town. Comienza at the Balcón de Europa, only lasts one hour and media and in addition it is free! You only pay the volunteer to finish the tour.

3. A walk along the coast of Nerja

Another de las cosas what to do in Nerja it’s to take a walk along the coast up to now the Mirador del Bendito. You will see that there is a lot of one footstep after another. If there is good time, no olvides llevarte el bañador y pégate un buen baño (a mi salud).

What to see and do in Nerja Playas
La Playa de Nerja.


4. Enamorarte from the center of Nerja

The center of Nerja cannot be more charming. have all of them white houses typical of the architecture of the south of Spain. From this central area, highlight over the whole Church of El Salvador and the Ayuntamiento. They are in a house facing the other and they are also very close to the Balcony of Europe so there is no escape. Callejea por el centro, getting lost in the alleys of the pueblos is one of the things that we like best. ¡Así que hazlo!

what to see in nerja council
Nerja City Council.
what to see and do in nerja iglesia del salvador

5. Visit the Cueva de Nerja

La Cueva de Nerja is one of the most famous caves on the Costa del Sol and Spain. declared Historic Artistic Monument is the fourth most visited natural monument in all of Spain. A whole gem of nature full of stalactites and stalagmites. Using it is pure magic. Account with a lot of rooms with curious shapes of the rock and names of the most peculiar

Without doubt it is one of the essential places what to see in Nerja both for its historical and natural importance. To organize the visit you can find more information about the Find hours and rates here. On one of my last visits to the Cueva de Nerja, I had the support that Tito was our guide. It was a true lujo!

what to see in nerja cueva
La Cueva de Nerja, one of the essential places to see in Nerja.

By the way, from the center of Nerja to the Cueva de Nerja you will also see the Acueducto del Águila, another place of interest in Nerja. Date of the XIX century and the finding of the outskirts of Nerja.

Where to eat in Nerja?

In Nerja is very well known Ayo’s Chiringuito, in Playa Burriana, especially for its rice. I also recommend you Solun Restaurant, in the center of Nerja. In the surroundings of the Balcón de Europa de Nerja you also have a lot of streets with a wide variety of restaurants and pizzerias.

what to see and do in nerja balcon de europa
Views from the Balcón de Europa in Nerja.

What to see in Nerja and surroundings

The continuation I propose you a pair of places around Nerja to complete your visit.


In this area they are found best beaches in Malaga. It is a very frequented area both to go in summer and to see them. spectacular cliffs what’s up there. I especially recommend you to rent a kayak and arrive there Maro waterfall. A spectacular waterfall that ends directly at the sea.


7 kilometers from Nerja, we find ourselves in this charming little town. It’s about one of the most beautiful pueblos of Malaga. Curiously, it is mainly inhabited by English people who have stayed in the area to live (for something, it will be señores!).

In a tourist resort like Nerja, it’s worth it to go there because it’s tremendously authentic. It is also very famous for hello, what if you eat in the pueblo and there is a good price!

Please note that this article contains the best corners what to see in Frigiliana. You will see that each corner is even more beautiful than the previous one.

what to see about nerja frigiliana
Frigiliana, one of the most beautiful pueblos to see around Nerja.

And these are all the reasons why I recommend you visit Nerja. Remember to take the bather, alley and, above all, enjoy the seaside views because they are super romantic. Mi Nerja enchanted me. Do you recommend us another restaurant to eat somewhere else? what to see in Nerja?

more information about what to see in Nerja in Nerja Tourism.

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When to visit Nerja?

Nerja is a place that you can visit all year, but I especially recommend visiting it in spring or autumn. In summer it is also a great option to go to the beaches of the zone.

How much time do you dedicate to Nerja?

Nerja can be used in a morning or an afternoon, but I suggest you dedicate a full day to it. You can also compare the visit with other plans in the surroundings.

What to see in the surroundings of Nerja?

You can’t miss Frigiliana y los acantilados de Maro. They are very close to Nerja and it is the best option to complete the visit.

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