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5 types of travelers – which one do you identify with the most?

Doing a research on the profile of people who travel, I came across this very amusing text, published in Jornal Estado de São Paulo. It wasn’t quite what I was looking for, but I confess that it was what caught my attention the most. Five types of travelers, described in cute profiles. I identified with two and you will certainly identify with one or more of them too. But it’s not to get super serious, huh! Take a look:

fast foodFast Food Traveler

You want to do a lot in a short amount of time. It’s the type that, if you’re going to spend 10 days in Europe, try to fit 20 cities into the itinerary, to go through eight different countries. Hate wasting time! Make timed visits to each tourist spot, opt for quick, skip-the-line restaurants and rush to catch the next train. The tip to enjoy a little better what each place offers is to breathe and understand that it is not always possible to visit all the cities at once.

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slow motionSlow Motion Traveler

It is the exact opposite of the previous one, he likes to enjoy everything calmly, with few tourist attractions each day, spending hours in a single museum instead of visiting three, sitting in cafes and restaurants without haste. The tip is to weigh which attractions deserve more specific attention or not, as not all of them take a long time to visit.

Vpinacoladatraveler piña colada

museums? churches? Attractions? No thank you. This traveler just wants to enjoy the tranquility and travel as little as possible. He likes the beach, hanging upside down or having a drink at the resort pool, without thinking about anything. The tip for those who prefer to travel this way is to research the place beforehand, whether it’s a city or a resort, to avoid headaches if it’s a period of events that will end up stressing you out.

compulsivecompulsive traveler

Travels primarily for shopping. No matter what type of attraction the city offers, they are in second – or last – plan. The goal is to spend the day looking for stores on sale and bringing everything possible in your suitcase. The tip is to try to find a space in the itinerary to know at least some basic tourist spot, which is characteristic of the place.

bymyselfTraveler By Myself

Independent, prefers to do everything on their own. You can, by yourself, find the best hotel, the coolest restaurant, the coolest places… All you need is a map in hand (and a little research). It’s easy to make friends anywhere. The tip is to have common sense when choosing what to do, as some programs and places can be dangerous for those who are alone.

Illustrations: Reproduction/Jornal Estado de São Paulo

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