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6 best neighborhoods and lodging tips

It’s easy to choose where to stay in Santiago of Chile, as long as you keep in mind the tourist attractions you want to see in the city. Or even the type of tourism that attracts you the most, such as gastronomy, shopping, historical monuments, museums or clubs.

Each region of the Chilean capital has a peculiarity, a strong point, and this is what you need to take into account, in addition to, of course, safety and practicality.

Take advantage of these tips for regions where it is interesting to stay in Santiago, and discover the best-rated accommodation in each neighborhood.

  1. Historic center
  2. lastarria
  3. Fine Arts
  4. Bellavista
  5. Providence
  6. Las Condes
  7. best neighborhoods map
Cajón del Maipo and Embalse el Yeso: the best tour in Santiago
Cajón del Maipo and Embalse el Yeso: the best tour in Santiago

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Where to stay in Santiago: accommodation and regions tips

1. Historic Center

Where to stay in Santiago: best neighborhoods and lodging tips
Rua Agustinas, where there are several exchange offices
Where to stay in Santiago: best neighborhoods and lodging tips

The central region of Santiago has hotels with great prices, it is full of imposing historical buildings and a wide range of services. It’s quite busy during the day, but at night everything is closed and the streets are empty.

If you’re not looking to explore Chile’s nightlife, accommodations in the center will fit your trip, as access to many attractions is easier.

But although Santiago is a very safe city, many locals warned us about the possibility of theft in this regionmainly close to the Central Market.

Nearby attractions: Plaza de Armas, Pre-Columbian Art Museum, National Historical Museum, Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral, Paris-London Colonial Quarter, San Francisco Church, Palacio de La Moneda (where the guard changes every two days), Central Market, National Library and others.

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2. Lastarria

Where to stay in Santiago: best neighborhoods and lodging tips
José Victorino Lastarria Street
Where to stay in Santiago: best neighborhoods and lodging tips
night movement

The most charming and lively area in the central region, full of buzz, people on the sidewalk, music on the street… In my opinion, the best neighborhood to stay in Santiago.

You will find a street full of great bars and restaurants, with varied menus, ranging from the trivial to the most sophisticated.

In addition, open-air fairs and performances by street artists liven up the neighborhood’s alleys at night and on weekends. Ah, this hustle goes on until late, you see.

The cool thing about Lastarria are the narrower streets, with more rustic pavement and the old buildings and mansions, in the colonial style, and an atmosphere of a small town.

It is a small area and very close to the Historic Center, Bellavista and Bellas Artes, the latter is just across the street.

Nearby attractions: numerous bars and restaurants on the famous José Victorino Lastarria street, Cerro Santa Lucía, Museo de Artes Visuales.

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3. Fine Arts

Where to stay in Santiago: best neighborhoods and lodging tips
Plenty of pubs and cafes along the tree-lined streets

Right next to Lastarria and the Historic Center is the Fine Arts, also with a lot of agitation. Its streets, despite the historic atmosphere, are wider, and with many cafes and pubs.

At night, some streets of Bellas Artes are taken over by informal shops and no one misses the opportunity to have a beer or a coffee to enjoy the end of the day.

After a lot of thinking about where to stay in Santiago, we decided to stay in an apartment at Bellas Artes and it was totally worth it. We are very close to markets, metro stations, exchange offices and easy access to downtown attractions on foot.

Nearby attractions: National Museum of Fine Arts, Parque Forestal, Basilica de La Merced, Teatro Municipal de Santiago, in addition to being close to downtown attractions.

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4. Bellavista

Where to stay in Santiago: best neighborhoods and lodging tips
Bellavista neighborhood is a great option to stay in Santiago

Who likes to good restaurants, bars and clubs and wants to be close to interesting attractionswill identify with the neighborhood Bellavista.

This is where Patio Bellavista is located, the most famous gastronomic mall in the city and the lively Rua Constitución, full of bars and restaurants.

The neighborhood has older, low-rise buildings, and is also home to famous bars, such as Galindo, and restaurants like “Como Água para Chocolate”, the darling of Brazilians.

Nearby attractions: Patio Bellavista, Santiago Metropolitan Park, La Chascona, Cerro San Cristobal.

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5. Providence

Where to stay in Santiago: best neighborhoods and lodging tips
Providencia is one of the most popular neighborhoods for Brazilians to stay in Santiago.

This is often the #1 choice of where to stay in Santiago. I imagine this happens because of being close to subway lines that lead to Valle Nevada (line 1 – Red is three stops away from where you can take the van to the attraction), and to Valle del Maipo where the Concha y Toro, Cousiño Macul and Aquitania wineries are located (line 4 – Blue).

It is a more cosmopolitan area, with imposing buildings and skyscrapers. There is a wide range of services and restaurants, and easy access to further away attractions.

Providencia is home to the largest shopping mall and the largest viewpoint in Latin America: the Costanera Center and the Sky Costanera, with a beautiful view of the Andes Mountains.

Nearby attractions: Sculpture Park, Costanera Center and Sky Costanera, Giratorio Restaurant.

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6. Las Condes and El Golf

And the more sophisticated region and with the face of capital, where the most glamorous hotels in Santiago are located. Those who like comfort and don’t mind paying more for it, can stay in one of the 5 star hotels Of region.

The only problem is that the neighborhood far from the most popular attractions in Santiago, but it has great restaurants and a pleasant climate.

It is next to Providência, so it is sought after by those who want luxury and easy access to the Costanera Center, the mall where the Sky Costanera is located, which, by the way, is full of famous stores and renowned restaurants.

>> Sky Costanera in Santiago: largest viewpoint in Latin America

Nearby attractions: Cerro El Plomo, Golf Club, Parque Bicentenario.

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Where to stay in Santiago: map

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Best areas to stay in Santiago: more hotel options

See more accommodation options in the best neighborhoods to stay in Santiago de Chile here. Always choose options rated by other guests and, when in doubt, check the location on the map.

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by Nange Sá

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