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7 things you can’t miss on your trip

Traveling is one of the best things in life, right? Too bad we had to pack our bags before boarding. And that’s not the nicest thing. Mainly because we often realize that we forget basic items only when we are already at the airport. To avoid this and help make your trip more fun, we have prepared a list of items that cannot be missed when traveling:



A lot of people might think this is superfluous, but it’s not. For starters, the less we send a suitcase, the less headache we have. So, if you can put everything in your hand luggage, even better. With the limit on the amount of liquids, we ended up not being able to take many items on the plane. For that alone, the perfume holder is worth it. You can put a little there and go with it. And even if you’re going to check your suitcase, it’s much better to leave the glass at home and take only the amount you’re going to use on the trip.

+ Take a look at this perfume holder from Uatt?


Planes are not comfortable at all, are they? And to withstand the many hours of flight inside it, we need to have our tricks. One of them is essential: the neck pillow. As much as companies provide pillows on long flights, that pillow saves you when it’s time to take a nap. Not to mention the long waits at airports. There’s no way to travel without them!

Items that cannot be missing on the trip (Photo: Reproduction/Uatt)

+ This pillow is too much; check out


What good would it do to give all these tips on the list and forget about the backpack? In fact, what would I do without a good backpack? To take on the plane, keep the papers and to move around cities during the trip! I would be nothing without my backpack! Camera, sunglasses, travel insurance… Everything stays there for the entire trip. My great adventure companion <3!

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Items that cannot be missing on the trip (Photo: Reproduction/Uatt)


If the neck pillow already makes all the difference, imagine an eye patch. At that moment when we are in the best part of sleep on the plane, the flight attendants decide to turn on the light to sell products from the Free Shop… It’s sad to see all that lighting. Not to mention that the eye patch can be useful throughout the trip. You never know what the window of the hotel you will be staying in will look like.

Items that cannot be missing on the trip (Photo: Reproduction/Uatt)

+ This eye patch is also fun


My suitcase is black! Mine and almost everyone’s, right? So, when I’m waiting for her on the treadmill, I experience moments of tension. First, because I need to be very attentive to identify my suitcase. Then because I’m terrified of someone taking it by mistake. Recently, I was arriving in Congonhas when I saw a man yelling after a woman. They had the same suitcase and she, unintentionally, ended up taking his suitcase and was already going to the landing. Imagine the mess! That’s why the bag identifier is indispensable. It’s great to know from afar that it’s her suitcase and also for, in case something happens to her, her data is there.

Items that cannot be missing on the trip (Photo: Reproduction/Uatt)

+ You will love this suitcase identifier


Fine! This isn’t all that essential, but in addition to protecting your passport, which is important, you’ll make it look a lot nicer. Your traveling friends will be jealous of you. And that’s true! Because everyone is crazy about my passport holder.

Items that cannot be missing on the trip (Photo: Reproduction/Uatt)

+ See Uatt’s stylish case?


This tip is great for girls, but it also works for boys!! No more losing everything in your purse and spending a lot of time looking for what you need. These travel cases keep everything organized. You can store a bottle opener, scissors, tweezers, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste and razor blade. Everything in its place!

Items that cannot be missing on the trip (Photo: Reproduction/Uatt)

+ And when the case comes with the travel theme? Look that

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So, did you like the tips? Do you have something fun that you can’t miss in your suitcase? Tell us!


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