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7 things you didn’t know about Ottawa

Updated November 20, 2021 by Thiago Khoury

It’s easy to walk. In the vicinity of the Parliament (which is where almost everything happens), the main attractions are very close and there are no great distances between one thing and another without any kind of entertainment along the way. You go for a walk without noticing the time passing.

People don’t know Ottawa. The capital is little known. As the country’s government headquarters and with few nightlife attractions, the impression is that it has become a neighborhood city that belongs to a few – you can believe that Ottawa is restricted to the surroundings of Byward and Parliament or that there is a world of possibilities for those who have friends in town and are willing to face the big picture.

Ottawa is beautiful. The people are beautiful, chic and well dressed. The food is expensive, French and well served. The gardens are famous and huge. The architecture is a counterpoint between monarchical grandeur and a certain contemporary daring.

According to Forbes, Ottawa is the fourth cleanest of 300 large cities on the American continent. Walking through the Parliament Gardens, your biggest challenge will be knowing what to photograph first.

Christ Church Cathedral in Ottawa

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Ottawa has very smart people. The city is famous for having some of the most politicized people in the country and a high density of doctors, lawyers and engineers (in Ottawa, at least 50% of the population is graduate school).

As the city is very new, its inhabitants are also new and liberal: Ottawa is a capital where most of the population is atheist and under 35 years old. Although the people are friendly, it seems harder to break the ice there than in any other Canadian city.

Ottawa is cheap. In 2005, Mercer named Ottawa the cheapest place to live between major American and Canadian cities. There is luxury tourism and trendy options in the city, but in restaurants and supermarkets you notice that it is possible to have a good wine and eat a good pasta without sacrificing the budget.

Ottawa has amazing museums. The surprising city in terms of museum/gallery: the Canadian capital is the city that concentrates the largest number of (beautiful) museums, there are more than thirty, both in exuberant architecture and in the quality of installations and collection.

Despite not having any architectural exclusivity or a world-renowned collection, Ottawa’s cultural centers impress for two main reasons: in addition to the beautiful museums and galleries within walking distances (which increases their power of awe), the surprise factor works wonderfully. – after all, who expected to find them there, in Ottawa?

Ottawa is romantic. The capital is gradually becoming a tourist hub for couples in love. In Canada, it has increased in popularity among the most popular destinations for honeymooners, which has boosted the offer of luxurious restaurants and spas, such as Holtz Spa, in the heart of the city.

It’s easy (and a little expensive) to eat at delicious restaurants that specialize in catering to couples in love. Fashion week, at the beginning of October, is also touristy and democratic: it is one of the few that brings different events to the city, but usually with paid admission.

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