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8 Most Common Scams Against Tourists and How to Avoid Them! | Digital Nomad’s Guide

Discover the 8 most common scams against tourists and how to avoid them!

When we are planning that long-awaited trip, we can forget about safety. Security for tourists is different from day-to-day security. Even in countries considered safe, tourists are targetsusually easy targets for scammers.

If you are going to travel to a tourist city, in any country in the world, search the blows most common against tourists in that country. Even if the traveler is experienced, it is important to know about the existence of scams. This is the most efficient way to protect yourself.

Therefore, in today’s post, we selected the 8 most common scams against tourists and ways to protect yourself against them. Check out!

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broken taximeter

8 Most Common Scams Against Tourists and How to Avoid Them!

Source: Wikimedia

In the middle of the trip, the taxi driver says that the taximeter is broken and you’ll probably pay double the price of a cab ride. This is one of the most common scams against tourists in several countries around the world.

It is recommended that you check that there is a taximeter and that it works before the race starts. Another option is to trade the closed value, but you must have researched the values ​​beforehand.

There is another scam in which the taxi driver says his hotel is full or closed and offers you a better hotel (read more expensive). Don’t accept it, it’s a hit. Call your hotel before the trip, confirming everything, saying the time you will arrive and ask if they have a transfer from the airport to the hotel.

It is worth mentioning that there are always rotten oranges in all professions and we, in our travels, caught many more honest than dishonest taxi drivers.

Rings, bracelets and flowers

8 Most Common Scams Against Tourists and How to Avoid Them!

Source: Pixabay

The scam I’m going to describe now happens in very touristy cities. We saw it in Rome. Usually, someone arrives very politely offering rings, bracelets or flowers to a couple or a traveler.

Women are the targets! The person tries to give you such a gift. Just take it and she will charge you, no negotiation. Don’t accept things from strangers It’s something we’ve learned since childhood, so don’t accept it and walk away!

The ring in particular is used in well-known gold ring scam. A person finds a golden ring on the street and asks if the ring is yours. Most tourists say it doesn’t belong to them. The person makes a show of saying the ring is pure gold and offers it to you for a low price for a gold ring.

If your greed comes to the surface, you will have paid many times the cost of the ring, which is not gold. Containing greed is important so as not to be blinded in moments of blow!

Closed attraction

8 Most Common Scams Against Tourists and How to Avoid Them!

Source: Grand Palace of Bangkok

Usually a local, with perfect English, tells you that the tourist attraction is closed For some reason. So you don’t miss your trip, he offers to show you around the city. The end result is that you go to a store, where he earns a commission, and you still have to give some “guide service” money.

This blow extends through the four corners of the world. Be wary of those who speak very perfect English, especially in countries where the population does not speak English very well. Also, go to the attraction’s window and make sure the attraction is really closed.


The beggars who commit scams are not the beggars. In very touristy cities, elderly people, children and pregnant women or women with children usually ask tourists for money. The problem is that, normally, there is a partner watching you take out and keep your wallet, and then steal it from you.

It is very difficult to say no to elderly people, children and women who are pregnant or with children, but it is best to offer food, if possible, so that the money does not go to gangs and your chances of being stolen are reduced.

luxury shopping

8 Most Common Scams Against Tourists and How to Avoid Them!

Source: Wikimedia

Taking home a cheap fake souvenir doesn’t impact your trip. But when it comes to buying valuable items like jewelry and rugsit is critical that you do good research and know the correct value of these items independently.

It is common for them to offer a valuable item for a very good price. Be wary! Don’t believe you’re getting a good deal, because the item is fake.

flirting blows

8 Most Common Scams Against Tourists and How to Avoid Them!

Source: Bol

This blow is more common against men. The traveler arrives in the new country and a beautiful woman blatantly shows an interest in him. It’s a scam in which the woman makes you pay an absurd consumption bill in bars and disappears, but you can also be drugged and robbed. Watch out!

fake petitions

8 Most Common Scams Against Tourists and How to Avoid Them!


False petitions are the most common scams against tourists in France. In Paris, there are many young women who approach you asking for your signature to a petition and, consequently, money. As they walk in packs, one distracts you while the other steals from you.

We almost fell for this scam, but something very simple and logical solves it: you are a foreigner, you cannot sign French petitions. Then, don’t talk and keep walking.

fake cops

I’ve read several times about fake cops, but I’ve never heard of anyone who has gone through this. they seek pressure tourists for bribes, saying that tourists committed crimes. It is recommended to ask for identification from the police or even call the police.

Other common scams against tourists

  • People offering help at the ATM;
  • Intermediaries who get cheaper transport values ​​than on the internet.

valuable tip: don’t trust people’s appearance, they can be forcibly “acceptable” to earn your trust and, soon after, your money.

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Have a nice trip, Traveler!

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