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8 typical Mexican dishes (más allá de los tacos)

If there is something that we like in life, besides traveling and eating. Our big belly don’t feed off the air. Eat and drink we are happy. And if we talk about Mexican gastronomy, if we have the mouth water. Of the times that we have been in Mexico, we have been able to enjoy it to the top. We put on the boots literally talking! For that reason, in this article we are going to talk about them typical Mexican dishes that you have to eat.

Oye that the tacos are very rich. We have nothing against them. You are bad, they enchant us, but Mexican cuisine is much more that the tacos. It’s a mix of citrus and tropical flavors that melt in your mouth. We love Mexican food above all things, so we recommend you read this post with the panza llena. We are not responsible that once read you wanted to go to Mexico. Or in your defect, go to Mexican closer to your house. Sorry.

8 dishes that you have to eat in Mexico

Mexican gastronomy is one of the best in the world

1. Chilaquiles

Your new favorite meal in the world. Of course, the first thing you’re going to do when you return from your trip through Mexico, you’re going to be copying the recipe you enter and make them in your home.

The chilaquiles are totopos that bring queso, pollo, onion and huevo. Your mission before zampártelos will be to choose if you want them with green or red chile. If you are indecisive, nothing happens, you can choose them from. There’s no better way to start the day!

typical mexico dishes
Chilaquiles, the most famous meal in Mexico

2. Tamales

The tamales are another of the typical plates of Mexico. They are available with a masa de maíz, cooked in today’s meal and with meat, vegetables, chiles and other various ingredients. It is especially eaten at important national festivities. For example, on the Day of the Dead.

Without going further, in Coco’s film, sell the child and your abuela eating tamales.

typical mexico dishes
Eating tamales on the film of Coco, one of the typical dishes of Mexico

3. Tacos

The taco is Mexico what sushi is Japan. It is the national product par excellence. There is no doubt. Mexicans eat tacos at all hours, especially during food.

It is a tortita de harina de maíz y suele ir multi-ingredient rellena such as avocado, onion, meat or cilantro. The tacos that you have to eat in Mexico if they are tacos al pastor, las carnitas or el chicharron.

By the way, I remember that in Playa del Carmen we went to Taqueria el Fogon and we ate the richest tacos in our life. As much as you can eat tacos in Spain, there is nothing to do with the authentic ones from there.

typical mexico dishes
Mexican tacos, the most typical plate of Mexico

4. soft

The soft salsa is the goddess of the salsas in the Mexican gastronomy. We love it. It consists mainly of a popurri of chiles and spices.

Some of the famous Mexican dishes that have a mole as a companion star son el pollo con mole, el mole poblano or las enmoladas. Yummy!

typical mexico dishes
Photo from Flickr @downtownbakery

5. Pozole

The pozole is a unique broth made from maize grains which is mainly mixed with pork or pork meat. It depends on the Mexican area where you are most typical adding one another. There are mainly two varieties of Mexican pozole: el blanco and el rojo. Ojo que el rojo stings like a devil.

typical mexico dishes
Typical pozole plate

6. Burritos and fajitas

Along with the tacos, the burritos and the fajitas are there playing on the podium of the typical plates of Mexico who have crossed the border. They are originally from Mexico, they are more related to tex-mex gastronomy.


They are wheat harina tortillas with meat (veal, pork or chicken) along with a variety of vegetables (onions, chiles, sweet corn) and salsas. Inside the salsas you can have them feared jalapeños the most feared yet: el chile habanero. Prepare because they will bite you if you find them.

Aunque se dan un aire entre si, lo cierto es que the way to serve burritos and fajitas is completely different. Las fajitas llegan a la mesa y te las tienes que mount tú. In exchange, the burritos vienen are rellenos and cerrados. in addition, The burritos can be filled with frijoles or even rice.

typical mexico dishes
The Mexican burritos don’t need a lot of presentation letter 😉

7. Enchiladas

Have you bought the mobile to order a Just Eat? Now it’s time to talk about the enchiladas. They are corn meat pies, bathed in spicy parsley (red or green), onion and cheese on top.

for sure, I feel sorry for the vegetarians But, as you have already given the account, meat is a main ingredient in Mexican dishes. But don’t panic: everyone in this life can adapt to those who don’t eat meat.

8. Aguachiles

the aguachiles are typical of the north of the Mexican Pacific Coast, from the state of Sinaloa (where it was born), from Sonora and Baja California, although you can find them all over Mexico. It’s about a hecho broth with fresh shrimp, chiles, lime, onion, cucumber and water. You are very good!

typical mexico dishes
Photo by Flickr @ChristianZiebarth

Other typical Mexican dishes

all these dishes we recommend you to eat in Mexico are the most famous. In order not to make this very extensive article, we will briefly comment on some others:

  • Los huevos rancheros. This is another very typical breakfast in Mexico. The huevos are accompanied by fried beans and spicy salsa.
  • the ceviche. It is very easy to find fish ceviche on the Mexican coast. Aunque es más typical of Peru, Mexico also claims this plate.
  • los chiles en nogada. They are very typical of Puebla. They are poblanos chiles with meat and fruit stew (plantain, manzana, pear) with nuez nogada salsa and top with the semillas de la granada.
  • Mexican pies. They are very typical of los puestos callejeros. Depending on the area, they are prepared in one way or another. For example, in Guadalajara they are famous for las tortas ahogadas.
  • Mexican quesadillas. Little letter of presentation needed. Mmm, this melted queso is about to mojar the whole plate.
  • Las flautas or tacos dorado. They are thick rolled and fried corn tortilla tacos. Inside they bring meat, frijoles and queso, among other things.

Good luck!

typical mexico dishes
Ceviche, from the Mexican coast

Accompaniments and typical salsas in Mexico

The nachos and the totopos are like the Spanish aceitunas. Son el mejor entrante y además entren soles. They are accompanied by typical mexican salsas like son el guacamole, el mole or el tabasco.

Ojo with the spicy if you don’t want to get to echar fuego por la boca. Piensa que si pica al comer también pica al… To avoid problems don’t forget to decir con antelación the magical words: “sin spicy por favor, thanks”. And points out this other advice: if a mexican tells you that pica poco, be suspicious.

typical mexico dishes
Totopos with guacamole

And, finally, the typical drinks of Mexico

And, finally, we can’t forget about it most typical drink of Mexico el tequila, wey. But ojo que es not the only one. It’s also very typical mezcal, the tejuino, the atole and, by the way, the fresh waters.

typical mexico dishes
Place in a typical Mexican drinks market

?What is your favorite Mexican dish? Can you recommend me more typical Mexican dishes that you like? I hope you enjoy a lot of the Mexican food that I see you are ordering from your mobile.

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More information about gastronomy in the country Mexico Tourism official website.

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