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9 best gay-friendly destinations in Brazil and the world

You gay-friendly destinations in Brazil and around the world are on the rise. The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) segment is the fastest growing in tourism, with per capita spending on average three times higher than other niches. According to data from the Ministry of Tourism, they travel four times more than other publics, spend 30% more and handle 15% of the sector’s total revenue.

And to further stimulate the LGBT tourism, Embratur (Brazilian Tourism Institute) created a working group to discuss the topic with representatives of the Ministry of Tourism; the Tourism Commission of the Chamber of Deputies; the General Coordination for the Promotion of the Rights of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transvestites and Transsexuals of the Secretariat for Human Rights of the Presidency of the Republic; the Brazilian Tourism Association for Gays, Lesbians and Supporters (ABRAT-GLS); Coordination for the Promotion of Diversity Rights in the Federal District; and private entities, such as Guia Gay.

According to deputy Luizianne Lins (PT-CE), the group’s proposal is to debate and deepen the theme that is important not only for the country’s economy, but also for the right to citizenship. She also presented a parliamentary amendment to assist in the mapping and dissemination of the main Brazilian tourist destinations for the LGBT public.

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Gay-friendly destinations in Brazil

Florianopolis (SC)

Two major events are preferred: Carnival and New Year. On some beaches, such as Praia Mole, there are even tents aimed at gays, in addition to many specific nightclubs. And the city has a municipal law against discrimination in public, proposed by councilor Tiago Silva, who is also the creator of the city’s Gay Parade. Find and book your accommodation in Florianópolis.


Rio de Janeiro – RJ)

The city offers much more than Rua Farme de Amoedo, in Ipanema, nightclubs, parties for the LGBT public, specific Carnival blocks and separate spaces on the beach. Even outside this circuit, gays are welcome. And research has shown it to be a favorite destination for the closeted. I even know some who come from far away to throw open closet doors around here. 😀 Find and book your accommodation in Rio de Janeiro.


Sao Paulo-SP)

It is where one of the biggest gay parades in the world takes place, usually at the end of May/beginning of June, with a record 4 million people from all over the country to the sound of electronic music in the streets of downtown. There are also many parties at this time, some with exorbitant prices. The “lower Augusta” region is one of the most frequented. Find and book your accommodation in São Paulo.


Salvador BA)

Several crosswalks in the city were painted in rainbow colors. Want better receptivity? Also has. In the Diversity Week and Gay Parade, which takes place annually, there are shows, exhibitions, installations and seminars aimed at the fight against prejudice and homophobia. In addition to the beaches and tourist attractions of the city. Find and book your accommodation in Salvador.


Recife PE)

Presented by Embratur to host the Annual Convention of the International Gay and Lesbian Tourism Association (IGLTA), the city usually receives many tourists at Carnival, when the downtown streets are crowded, but nothing specifically aimed at the gay public. The idea is to invest more in LGBT tourism. Find and book your accommodation in Recife.

Watch the conversation with Fabio and Cleber, from Viagens Cine:

Gay-friendly destinations abroad

San Francisco (United States)

With bars and shops aimed at the gay public, apartment windows decorated with rainbow flags, among other details, the city is a world reference in the theme and one of the main gay-friendly destinations. Mbut do you know why? This is where American servicemen suspected of homosexuality were sent for trial during World War II. Afterwards, many decided to stay and migration increased over time. Find and book your accommodation in San Francisco.


Amsterdam (Netherlands)

It is in first place in the list of the most visited destinations by the LGBT public in 2015, according to ONBC (Out Now Business Class). Its gay population is around 30% and there are several places and services for this audience. In addition to the Gay Parade, the city also has Queen’s Day, which takes place at the Homomonument, dedicated to those persecuted by Nazism because of their sexual orientation. Find and book your accommodation in Amsterdam.

amsterdam-gay-friendly destinations

New York (United States)

For all audiences, for all tastes, for all styles, for all seasons, for all sexes, for all ages, for all hours. New York is always ruffled, messy and screaming, especially in the Village, Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen neighborhoods. Find and book your accommodation in New York.


Tel Aviv (Israel)

Surveys have already pointed to the city as the best gay destination. And the number of tourists is increasing, since, in addition to beaches and attractions, the local Ministry of Tourism is investing in activities aimed at this audience and also in the acceptance of civil unions between people of the same sex. Find and book your accommodation in Tel Aviv.

And the list doesn’t stop there. There are several other places that are looking to establish themselves as gay-friendly destinations, such as Sidney, Mykonos, Tulum, Puerto Vallarta, among others. They are more touristy, summer destinations. But that will be for a next post!

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* With information from the Ministry of Tourism, Viaje Aqui magazine, Super Interessante, Terra and Viagem LGBT websites

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