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“A dive into the soul” – by Daniella Negrão

“It had been a while since I was satisfied with life. Rushing, full-time study, calculations, assignments, tests, lack of time for everything… and that was my life during my 5 years of college.

It had been a while since my soul had been screaming for something more, asking for “crazy,” or simply hoping that something would make sense.

I was waiting a lot for this moment when I finished my college to say to my parents or whoever cared most about me: “duty accomplished, now I’m going to live my life”. I studied Production Engineering, I had such a wearied moment for not liking the course, but I should finish out of respect for my parents’ investment, or so I thought, at least. However, as I had this goal of throwing myself into the world as soon as I graduated, I started to try scholarships in college projects so I could start saving money. With a lot of effort I saved some money and in August/2018 I graduated.

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I knew that the universe was preparing something great for me, I had been excited for a long time to get into self-knowledge, little did I know the size of everything that was to come.

New Zealand has a partnership with Brazil, it opens once a year, in August, 300 visas for Brazilians to work traveling in the country for a year. There are just a few very basic requirements to be met. The visa is very popular, but when it is meant to be, things happen. So, after a lot of research, this was the visa that caught my attention the most because it was cheaper and in such an incredible country. I managed and threw myself to New Zealand alone.

Traveling to literally the other side of the world, crossing oceans, going alone, throwing myself into the unknown, leaving everything behind, giving up on spending my life “building a career” in Brazil to definitely go live, get out of the comfort zone, with all my fears, it sure was a giant leap in my life. A dive into the soul.

Traveling alone is looking inside yourself all the time and learning to listen to your own intuitions, because, in the end, you will always only have yourself. It’s learning to be more soul and less reason, because the best things come when we turn on the soul frequency. It’s learning to be as yours as you ever imagined, self-love grows, self-confidence becomes strong, the soul screams, it’s liberating. It’s liberating to be yourself anywhere without having to listen to people all the time telling you what you should do with your life. It’s freeing to go where you want to go and be open to so many possibilities in the universe. It’s liberating to be so present in the now, to notice the details you’ve never been able to see, to leave behind the anxiety of having been stuck too long in worries of the present or past. Since then I have been carried away by the possibilities of the universe.


The first house I lived in in New Zealand looked like I was in a fairy tale, there were many shades of green everywhere. Nature vibrated everywhere.

After that, I decided to throw myself even more into self-knowledge and signed up to live in a place where yoga, meditation and many other classes of pure learning take place. Kawaia Purapura is in the middle of exuberant nature, the place is incredible, living in Kawaia is indescribable.

Living here in the now when you are exactly where you want to be is easy. This very special place is peace for my heart, waking up with yoga and meditation classes, living with people of different nationalities (there are about 10 different countries), this exchange of experiences with people so different and who are connecting and becoming a family. Waking up in the middle of this immensity of nature so vibrant every day makes my heart vibrate at a high frequency.

I’m not going to say that everything is flowers. I work 18 hours a week as a volunteer in Kawaia in exchange for accommodation, I work out another 30 hours a week to save some money and be able to continue my trip around the country soon, I’ve been through countless difficulties, and I have a very intermediate English, which makes it difficult a lot more. You have to have willpower, yes, and also because you have a degree and have to “tear up” to start all over again. Giving up your comfort zone hurts. Sometimes I don’t understand what people are talking about, because many have a very strong accent, it’s desperate, but in the end everything works out and I laugh about it. And I know myself more and more.

After all, all of this is relative, everything has become so small compared to my happiness in being able to give this cry of freedom, for being discovering so many paradises and especially for the wonderful people we met along the way.

That’s what traveling is, breaking paradigms, opening your mind to the new, embracing the present life. The great lessons I’ve learned here is that we are bigger than any fears we think we have. There is nothing in the world that pays for our freedom, I mean freedom of the soul. There is nothing we cannot do, that we cannot achieve. Details, the great things are in the details. Life, we are our own responsible for every event in our lives. So do it, play yourself, invent yourself, reinvent yourself, dive into your soul and adventure, because that’s life, a great adventure waiting to be discovered.”

Text: Daniella Negrao
Photos: Personal Archive / Instagram @daninegraoo

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