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A puncture in Scotland: passing through Loch Ness

Updated November 22, 2021 by Thiago Khoury

Look, my trip to Edinburgh was not the most blessed: the weather didn’t help at all, it rained most of the trip and one of the few joys I had was having the Haymarket Hotel right.

With the sky completely gray and hearing thunderstorms, I had the worst idea of ​​the trip: hiding myself in a semi-sleeper bus on a journey of almost 6 hours towards Lake Ness.

The driver who managed the feat of talking for twelve hours of travel.This man is a machine!

When taking a trip to Loch Ness

When you have time .

It’s no use trying to get water out of rocks: when you take a trip touring capitals, and paint big cities with the aim of getting to know new countries, it’s usually wrong to try to embrace the world in order to week, it’s better to enjoy what was planned with quality.

Loch Nessis part of the Scottish Highlands, an extensive stretch of land in the northwest of the country where we pass dozens of sparsely populated cities.It’s easy to waste a good two or three days traveling there, by car, in order to get to know the main lochs of the country, like theNessand the Lomond, but it’s crazy sacrifice in a twelve-hour ride.

Lake Nessis the high point of a contemplative journey: if you like to drive, are you willing to steer in the opposite direction, walk nature trails and the idea of ​​photographing beautiful landscapes satisfies you, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with the things you’ll find.

Just be sure to check the weather forecast, of course.

Some of the tours parked at our first stop, Trossachs Woollen Mill.You can search for tours similar to mine

What are the Scottish Highlands

This is a sparsely populated stretch of land (according to legend has three sheep for every Scotsman) with a few towns, lakes (which they call lochs), agriculture, livestock, beaches, mountains and fantastical monsters inhabiting immense lakes.These Scottish highlands are divided into six smaller regions:

North Highlandsis the historic part, the castles, museums.It is the traditional tourism, of visitation.It has mountains, lakes and rivers too.It’s on the way to the north end, where we find Inverness, Loch Ness and Nairn, the best known and most visited part.I still don’t know all the other regions, but now I know how to get to know them: with time, and by car, because there’s nothing more monotonous than sticking to the schedule.

Edinburgh - Loch Ness 14

Edinburgh - Loch Ness 13

First stop: Trossachs Woollen Mill, right on the side of the road, where you can find all the day’s excursions

Getting to know Loch Ness

There is no geological difference to distinguish a lake from a loch, but in Scotland they are often called that.Just don’t confuse the names: Nessis the name of the lake and Nessieis the name of the monster.

Of course what motivated me to get into this It was hard to imagine the chance to visit the most famous lake in the world, but, as I said, we have to weigh the real possibilities and make a sensible decision: even with other stops along the way, what we did was get on a bus which took us north so that six hours later we could photograph the edge of a lake.

And then we came back.Another six hours of travel.

Imagine my face, my patience and my anger at not having internet on my cell phone or a pocket charger.I couldn’t even play Candy Crush.

Edinburgh - Loch Ness 40 Fort Augustus

Edinburgh - Loch Ness 41 Fort Augustus

Second stop: the lunch stop.I can’t remember the name of the place, but the tip is not to order the potato, which doesn’t taste like anything,

And the monster, who saw the Loch Ness monster?

Look, I’ll tell you something that could change your plans: there’s no such thing as a monster.

I know reality is cruel , but here we go: earlier this month an Italian geologist named Luigi Piccardi published an article in Scientific American showing that all the monster’s appearances were nothing more than bubbles caused by the collision of tectonic plates.

According to Piccardi, the years between the 1920s and 1930s, when the monster was first seen and then more frequently, were especially marked by the movement of the Glen Plate which has crevices just under some of Scotland’s most famous lakes.

And it wasn’t for lack of trying: dozens of institutes around the world, including the BBC, have tried for years to find theSo, they’ve done everything you can imagine, from hiring Soviet submarines to attaching cameras and motion sensors to dolphin fins – which is ecologically questionable to say the least.

You know that famous image that shows the neck of an unknown creature strolling across the lake?Published in the 1930s by the English physician Kenneth Wilson, it was proven to be denied years later by himself.

Edinburgh - Loch Ness 52

And this is the “window”, main character of this story

Did I choose the best tour to Loch Ness?

There were other day trips available, but the only one that went through Loch Ness was Loch Ness & The Highlands of Scotland.Today I wonder if it wouldn’t have been better to do the second one, from Lomond, but on the other hand, I imagine it would have been just as long.

The tour cost 41 pounds and lasted twelve hours, from the pick up to the drop off which, once again, happened less than a block from my tip for accommodation in Edinburgh.

There are some stops along the way, but they are just stops, they last 5 minutes each .The first was at Trossachs Woollen Mill, a roadside post owned by a local family that produces wool in a village called Kilmahog, in the valley of Glen Coe.

There’s something to snack on, where to go to the bathroom and you can even buy Scottish souvenirs.Trossachs Woollen Millhas become a mandatory stop for all buses that pass through it because it is the largest of them, in addition to being on the A82, one of the longest roads in the country and one of the main ones that leads to Loch Ness.

From there we head to Rannoch Moor, a swamp adjacent to Loch Rannoch.To set the mood, the driver (a Scotsman with the fastest English in Europe) plays the soundtrack minutes before arrival:

Edinburgh - Loch Ness 39

Edinburgh - Loch Ness 28

This is Loch Rannoch, right at the entrance to the ranch where Skyfall was filmed.It’s beautiful, as long as there’s no wind, no cold, no rain

Edinburgh - Loch Ness 30

Then we head to Fort Augustus, where the boat departs for a spin by Loch Ness.Along the way, other lochs appear through the window, like Loch Levenin Ballachulish.

Well, everything that appears through the window is fantastic: if there’s one thing that I won’t forget on this trip was the window, wet, and everything that appeared outside.Mainly the sheep: they are the same as all over the UK, of the black-faced breed, the difference is that those in the north of Scotland have the longest fur, which made Scottish wool famous.

Finally, arriving at Loch Ness

The funny thing is that there is only one boat that leaves every hour for a 40-minute ride.In other words, any delay of 10 minutes in the schedule can make you miss what you were there to do.

And although my group arrived on time against all expectations (facing rain, fog and accidents on the road), I still chose to stay out.

It’s just that I didn’t feel any safety in the means of transport: there was a lot of fog, a constant drizzle and a lot, but a lot of tourists for a few boats.As I imagined, no one was left out: the guy put more than 70 people crammed into the covered part of the boat, of course no one was willing to stay in the rain.

This is usually an optional tour, paid for by whoever chooses do it.The driver sells tickets, still on the bus, at the beginning of the day at the counter price.There’s a strange insistence that takes a toll on the guide’s reputation, but anyone who wants to take the tour needs to buy from him, otherwise he runs the risk of running out.

I got there. and I chose to have a hot chocolate, wait 40 minutes and get back on the bus in a bad mood that words cannot describe.

Edinburgh - Loch Ness 51

We arrived in at the last minute, even though I was stopped for 20 minutes on a bridge because of traffic caused by an accident right in front.I don’t know how it didn’t fall and take everyone along

Edinburgh - Loch Ness 49 Fort Augustus

Edinburgh - Loch Ness 50 Fort Augustus

Lots of rain in Fort Augustus and a blogger trying to decide whether to spend his 40 minutes waiting at the restaurant or at the post office across the street…

Edinburgh - Loch Ness 46 Fort Augustus

Edinburgh - Loch Ness 48 Fort Augustus… I chose the restaurant, which did not it was windy and there was still wi-fi

Edinburgh - Loch Ness 44 Fort Augustus

Edinburgh - Loch Ness 45 Fort Augustus

Meanwhile the people there, enjoying a smart cruise across Loch Ness

Back to Edinburgh via Pitlochry

On the way to this nice little town we also passed Inverness, which was supposed to be a big city, but I couldn’t see any difference between it and all the others that passed through the window.

We headed to Fort William, made a quick stop to watch people fish in front of some beautiful ruinsthat everyone was dying to go down and photograph, but as he said, “impossible, we don’t have time for that”.

We headed towards the final stop in Pitlochry which turned out to be the best part of the tour. tour: a final 30-minute hop in a city already very close to Edinburgh.I don’t understand why he is not the main attraction of the tour.I envied people walking down there

Pitlochry is charming, but of course there’s nothing to do there: it’s the ideal city for a pit stop, an hour from Edinburgh and two hours from Glasgow

  • Accommodation in Pitlochry, where there is a whiskey distillery and golf courses:

Fisher’s Hotel is pasted on the city’s train station, a street below where my photos were taken.There are more than 130 rooms and highly rated.

The Strathgarry Restaurant & Rooms is also very close to everything, with only seven rooms, family-run.Very well rated and with decorated rooms.

  • Accommodation in Fort Augustus, in the heart of Loch Ness:

The Lovat, Loch Ness is highly praised and has 28 rooms.Everyone remembers breakfast, which is “to die for”.

Kettle House B&B has just four rooms, is family-run and highly praised, especially for the attention of the owners and the garden, which has even rabbit.

  • Accommodation in Inverness, in the far north of Scotland:

Beaufort Family-run hotel, 32 rooms and a highly praised restaurant.Good reviews, super close to the train station.

Highland Apartments has 15 luxury apartments, you will freak out in the pictures.Highly rated.

Ramada Encore Inverness and Holiday Inn Express Inverness is for those who don’t give up on well-known chains!

  • Accommodation in Fort William, where the walls shown in the last photos are:

Premier Inn Fort William is from the English chain of budget hotels that is gaining popularity throughout the Kingdom United.This unit appears to be right in the center of Fort William.

Glentower Lower Observatory is a much-lauded seven-bedroom B&B, but priced to match its reputation.Ideal for those planning long walks: it’s a 20-minute drive from Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in the UK.

Other blog tips for planning your trip :

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