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A tour of Puerto Madero in Buenos Aires – Vou na JanelaVou na Janela

who passes by today Puerto Madero with its great restaurants, luxury buildings and five-star hotels, you can’t imagine that until 1990 that was an abandoned and dangerous area of ​​Buenos Aires, right there, behind Casa Rosada.

Puerto Madero’s history begins in the 19th century when Argentines needed to expand their port to increase import and export capacity.

The project was won by a local trader named Eduardo Madero, who created a system of dykes and docks to accommodate the large boats that carried goods to and from Buenos Aires.

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Once built, the Argentines realized that the project would not be able to meet their needs and the entire complex, with its 16 warehouses, cranes and docks, was abandoned for years.

Puerto Madero and the Sarmiento Frigate

In the late 1980s, the Menem Government had a plan to revitalize some areas of the city, similar to what was done recently in Rio de Janeiro in the region of the pier and Praça Quinze de Novembro for the Olympics. It was there that Puerto Madero began to be reborn.

The exposed brick warehouses were transformed into restaurants, offices, shops and housing, until Google’s Argentine headquarters moved there. The cranes and part of the original apparatus, all imported from Scotland, were kept, integrating perfectly into the project.

Puente de la Mujer

In Puerto Madero there are excellent restaurants, for all tastes and pockets. It is also there that one of the main postcards of the city is located: the Ponte de La Mujer.

The bridge was inaugurated in 2001, the project is by the Spaniard Sergio Calatrava and it is called that way because the streets of Puerto Madero are named after famous Argentine women. The bridge is movable, it rotates to allow larger boats to cross the channel. The bridge is a tribute to women and tango, its shape refers to a couple dancing.

Cranes that are now part of the landscape

Another attraction of Puerto Madero is the Fragata Sarmiento, a floating museum that works in an old school ship. The vessel is 85 meters long and all original, with its 12 cannons, 35 sails and all original pieces, objects and furniture.

The entrance is very cheap, it costs only 100 Argentine pesos and the boat is open for visitors daily, from 10:00h to 19:00h.

Modern buildings and ancient structures

Between Puerto Madero and the Rio de la Plata is the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve, an area of ​​swamps that was reborn along with its famous neighbor. A great space for walking, breathing fresh air and having picnics.

The famous bridge and floating bar

How to get to Puerto Madero

The area is huge, but the best way to start a tour of Puerto Madero is on the corners of Avenidas Córdoba and Alicia Moreau de Justo.

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Where to stay in Buenos Aires

On my last trip to Buenos Aires (June 2022) I stayed at the NH Collection Hotel in the city center. Coladinho in the Plaza de Mayo. The hotel is a sensational 5 star with a 3 star price. Definitely one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed at. I recommend with eyes closed.


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