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A website that calculates the cost of your tripVou na Janela

When we decide to plan a trip on our own, we know how hard it is to collect all the costs. Airfare, hotel, transfer, tours and that question that everyone asks me: “how much to take to spend?” And the more cities you include in your itinerary, the more complicated the total calculation of your trip becomes.

To help our lives, three friends from Curitiba created the How much does it cost to travela site that does all these calculations for you and even separates budgets by three traveler profiles: backpacker, economy or comfort.

how much does it cost to travel

The site does all this for you and even selects the cheapest tickets, some hotel and food options. And to make our lives even easier, they have the app version of the tool, available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Who knows, that dream trip of yours may cost a lot less than you think?

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