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a week of pure luxury

I went to the Caribbean for the first time in 2014, chose Punta Cana as my destination and loved it.On this first trip I stayed at The Ocean Blue & Sand Resortand spent just one day at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Punta Cana.

After this wonderful experience at the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana, I decided that I would have to come back for a complete lodging experience at the complex.Enjoy all the restaurants, pools and sleep in that dream room.And that’s what I did in 2017, I went back with my parents for a full week.

Learn what it’s like to stay at The Ocean Blue and Sand Resort in Punta Cana

Welcome to Paradise
Second view after visiting the lobby

I took advantage of the fact that it is a resort with excellent infrastructure for families and took my country.My father has a paralyzed leg and walking difficulties, however, the experience at the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Canawas very smooth.They provide several carts that take you from one corner of the hotel to the other, so we walk very little.There are three or four lines that operate 24 hours a day, trolleys run every 15 minutes.

Family together in the cart on the way to the beach S>

And what makes The Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana special?Some things make that it is the best hotel in town: it was the first all inclusivehotel in the region (experience), it has a better support infrastructure than many companies and offers a variety of attractions to suit all tastes.Not to mention excellence and attention to every detail.

To give you an idea;On the first day I asked my father for a firmer chair to sit on the beach.On other days, when we set foot on the beach, the attendant would already provide the chair, even before we reached the beach umbrella.Everything is special, from breakfast with juices that you select the fruit yourself, to restaurants with elaborate dishes, room cleaning and so on.

Trip to Punta Cana and complete tips from this paradise

Kiss chocolates left on the bed daily.Detail on the headboard with the phrase of a famous rock song.Who can guess which one?

Infra of the Hard Rock hotel in Punta Cana:

  • 11 swimming pools
  • 9 restaurants & room service included
  • Gym
  • All suites with whirlpool tubs for two
  • 24-hour casino
  • Balada Oro
  • Spa
  • Golf Course
  • Beauty Salon
  • Music Lab & Sound of Your Stay
  • Wi-fi throughout the entire hotel
  • Resort credits


When you check in you will be guided on how everything works, you will receive a Welcome Kit with maps, activity schedules, information about tours, tours and how resort credit works.All of this accompanied by a nice welcome drink, which can be sparkling wine or fruit juice.

Right away, I’ve noticed three main features of the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana:

  • Check in: this reception sets you up to enjoy everything the hotel has to offer.
  • Resort Credit: This is an amount of credits to be used at the hotel for beauty treatments, tours and in some stores.The value varies according to the number of nights and the exchange for products and services will not be 100%, you will always have to pay a part in cash.But I still thought it was great because it works like a super discount, you can get about 40% off a massage, for example.
  • Travel Planner: the hotel offers this service for those who need help putting together a plan of what to do each day: tours, beach, pool, restaurants, etc.It’s amazing isn’t it?The room is huge, super cozy bed with 5 very soft pillows, spacious shower and quality amenities.A special detail is that the hotel offers a pillow menu, in case you don’t like the ones in the room.Hey?Who won’t like those hugging pillows?Impossible.But anyway, if you need something tougher or different, just ask.

    Talking more about the spacious bathroom;it has two showers, two sinks and a wonderful mirror for women to apply makeup.It has everything: hair dryer, sewing kit, nail file, repellent, etc.Amenities are from Rock Spa.

    Our room S>
    The famous bathtub overlooking the balcony
    Bedroom balcony
    And this is the view from the balcony
    2 shower heads in this huge bathroom and even a stool rs
    Amenities do Rock Spa
    Coffee and tea maker

    The pools:

    A world of pools for you 🙂 There are 11 spacious, clean pools and most of them with Infinity edge.Some are closer to the rooms and are quieter, they have children’s pools and one for adults only, where a dj plays at sunset every other day.

    All the pools have an infrastructure complete: towels, umbrellas, bars, bathrooms, food and lots of sun 🙂 The ones facing the beach are the busiest and where the main activities take place, such as the bubble bath.

    Boat trip to Saona Island in Punta Cana

    Eclipse Pool is the central pool, the most bustling and facing the beach.Around it are the biggest bars and eateries that serve snacks, pizzas and other delicacies throughout the day.
    #iRockPuntaCana S> S> S>
    Eclipse Pool and just behind it is the Central Pool which gets as busy as
    Eclipse Pool seen from the other side
    Mum and I sunbathing in the Guitar Pool
    Husband chatting with me and Mom while sunbathing at the Guitar Pool
    In the two pools beside the Eclipse Guitar & Drums Pool) you can find these whirlpools
    Moon Pool is more tranquiluila, next to the Guitar Pool and with that infinite edge to the sea S>
    Moon Pool also has space to sunbathe in the water and the perfect place for those who want a little more peace.Mom and Dad in the picture 🙂 The loves of my life and one of the reasons that took me to Punta Cana again, I really wanted to show them this paradise!Wow, huge caption, sorry!
    Moon Pool seen from the front of the Toro restaurant
    Kid´s Pool, almost a water park for children
    There is also a bar and snacks in the Kids Pool and a separation of the pools according to the depth, very safe.
    This It’s for cute S> And the Ipanema restaurant is right at the back.
    Eden Pool – Adults Only, is further back, close to the rooms.There’s this infinity edge for the hotel’s central lake.
    Sax Pool

    The beach:

    The beach in front of the hotel is great, despite a little agitated, you can enter with the children being a little careful.It has all the infrastructure of kiosks, bar, chairs, umbrellas, towels etc.From 12pm to 4pm there is a barbecue with skewers, on some days there are even shrimp or salmon with vegetables.The kiosks with umbrellas are very fresh straw tents that provide good protection.

    You can also rent a Bailand bed, have you heard of it?There’s a photo showing it below.These beds are available on the beach and pool for rent, except at the Eden Pool where they are free.One thing I did every day that I loved was walking along the beach, you’ll pass in front of other resortson the sand, sunbathe and watch the world go by, a delight.

    Area right in front of the beach bar
    Look at the color of this water S>
    Another angle, to the left are the kiosks
    Ready for an overdose of the Caribbean Sea?
    In front of the bar
    Look at that water!!!!
    No subtitles 🙂
    These are the Bailand bedsI mentioned above
    Mom and Dad S> S> S>
    There are some orange hammocks to rest on
    Another angle
    This photo I took during a walk along the beach, about 3km in front of Hard Rock

    The restaurants:

    Zen – Oriental Restaurant:excellent food, options for individual or group tables to watch one of the chefs cook and play, fire up the grill, etc.

    Zen Restaurant
    Table ofhefe, entitled to performances
    Result of the chef’s dish: chicken, meat, vegetables and fried rice.On the edge of the beach and very popular, typically seasoned dishes with lots of seafood, including lobster.The decor of the restaurant itself is very cool, high ceilings and all thatched, the kitchen is open and you can watch the preparation and assembly of the dishes.Tip: don’t be scared by the lines, order a drinkand enjoy the atmosphere on the balcony while you wait.

    Bench where the dishes are finished by the chef

    Toro – Steakhouse: simply divine.Meat with noble cuts, soft and tasty.Perfect starters and desserts, the restaurant is also located on the beach and has a very pleasant atmosphere.

    Salmon ceviche starter
    Main course, American cut Sirloin
    Red berry cheesecake

    CIAO – Italian: be sure to order the desserts as they are delicious.The dishes are also great and very traditional.

    The whole family gathers at the Italian restaurant
    Starter meat
    Bread basket can’t be missing right?!
    For the main course I ordered a very good pasta with prawns
    My husband ordered a roast lamb that melted in your mouth
    Cannolisfor dessert

    Los Gallos – Mexican: grand decoration, bar of margueritas and an authentic menu to taste.A good option for those who want to eat faster or who prefer variety because it has everything: sushi, sashimi, prime meats and fish such as tuna fillet and shrimp that are grilled on the spot, salads, roasted meats and a complete dessert table.

    You choose and the chef prepares on the spot
    Just a little bit of the hot plate counter
    Think of a person who tasted one of each dessert (almost rolled over) lol
    Sushi and sashimi table, fresh fish

    In addition to the restaurants mentioned above ( were the ones I met) there is a third option in the beach area, the Brazilian Restaurante Ipanemawhich specializes in meat.The Caffetowhich is like an American diner and serves hamburgers and sandwiches and right next door is the Ice Cone.

    In opposite the casino there is a cafe called Must, this is really fun because on some nights there are rock bands and people are dancing and chatting there.Not to mention the doughnutsstyle donuts that are available almost 24 hours a day!!


    Breakfast is a buffet and the same in all restaurants, served at the following: The Market, Ciao, Caffetto, Must, Isla and Toro, the last two in the beach area.In front of each restaurant there is a counter with cookies, muffinsand take-away coffees.Get ready because it has everything, absolutely everything you could want in a breakfast: detox juices, cheese and cold cuts table (very complete), fresh fruit, natural yogurts with jams and granola, champagne (YES!! Champagne lol) , fluffy breads, pancakes with syrup, nutella or honey, eggs in various forms (scrambled, poached, benedictos, etc.), freshly made omelets with ingredients selected by you, bacon, sausages and even a Mexican area with tortillas.

    Whew!I wrote a lot and I assure you that I didn’t even list half of what is available for coffee, really!I thought this idea of ​​breakfast being ultra complete was good because we only snacked on something at lunch time.But I confess that I paid some visits to the gym because of guilt.

    On the first day I tried to keep the line rs
    Part of the breakfast cold meat table
    Juice Station
    The fresh yogurt in the cup was amazing

    Casino, clubbing and more:

    The club is called Oro Nightcluband is very lively.My father loves little machines and got high there, in the green he was lucky and got a little money (I think about twenty dollars).There are black jack tables and other games that I won’t be able to explain here either.Two interesting facts that differ from the whole hotel;Free drinks are not served inside the casino, you have to buy them and you can smoke cigarettes, cigars or electronic cigarettes JUUL rs.

    Casino Entrance
    Casino Inside
    The famous Madonna car right in front of the casino
    Oro Nightclub
    Moon Lounge is one of the hotel’s bars and very close to the club, many people meet for a drink before heading to Oro
    Moon Lounge
    Decoration by the hotel S>

    How to book and how long to stay :

    The formthe cheapest way to book your accommodation is via, offers and discounts are always available through him.If you take a tour, also count that day as partially lost inside the hotel, so at least 6 full days there.

    How to get to The Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana :

    To get to the hotel from Punta Cana airport you will need a private or shared transfer.I DO NOT recommend you buy on the spot, there are a lot of people wanting to sell you 🙁 You can choose to use the hotel transfer which is a little more expensive and needs to be scheduled by phone in advance.Or you can pre-purchase online with a local operator you trust.I used the same operator on my two trips and it was super smooth.See below:

    Shared transfer to/from Punta Cana Airport and Hotels

    See my full video of this trip :

    Plan your trip in partnership with:


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