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accommodation in Porto de Galinhas style foot in the sand

“Embracing the sea”. That’s the meaning of the word Kaapalua, and there couldn’t be a better term to describe the beachfront bungalows in Port of Chickens.

The coveted region in the south of Pernambuco is full of beautiful beaches, crystalline and warm waters, in addition to the famous natural pools.

And an accommodation overlooking this spectacle of nature makes the experience even more special. In fact, we are the ones who feel embraced by so much beauty!

Check out our experience at Kappalua Bungalows, learn about the rooms, service and details there, and see how to book this is the accommodation in Porto de Galinhas that has a great review on

Kaapalua Bungalows: accommodation in Porto de Galinhas
We enjoy the sea from inside the suite

Highlight of this accommodation in Porto de Galinhas

this place is for those who prioritize to be in front of the sea with affordable price, comfort, and in a quiet corner, but close to everything. And for that, it gives up hotel services.

Kaapaula Bungalows is in front of the beach in Porto de Galinhas, and at the same time, next to the center or village of Porto de Galinhas, the tourist region full of bars, good restaurants, shops and entertainment.

As beautiful as the price, it is unbeatable for a comfortable accommodation in such a privileged location.

Kaapalua Bungalows: accommodation in Porto de Galinhas
And the view from the window is like this
Bluehouse in the background and bungalows on the right

Kaapalua Bungalows: accommodation in Porto de Galinhas

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Where to stay in Porto de Galinhas: Kaapalua Bungalows

  1. Location

The other places forgive me, but falling asleep to the sound of the waves and waking up to the view of the blue sea is hard to beat! Kaapalua Bungalows has the best location that an accommodation in Porto de Galinhas could have: right by the beach. It’s opening the gate and putting your foot in the sand.

But the best thing about the location is that it is on the right corner of the village beach, in a calmer place, more exclusively. And walking along the sand is 5 minutes to the natural pools and the most popular point of the beach and the center of the village.

To arrive by car, the point of reference is the final intersection of Rua Beijupirá, in the shape of a T. Turning left, the Kaapalua is the last building on the street.
It is a family property, which when not in use, is available for rent, therefore, it does not have indicative signs, but it is easy to be seen from all around.

Kaapalua Bungalows: accommodation in Porto de Galinhas
This is the downtown area of ​​Porto de Galinhas
Kaapalua Bungalows: accommodation in Porto de Galinhas
Kaapalua seen from the beach
Kaapalua Bungalows: accommodation in Porto de Galinhas
The sea in front is like this
  1. Accommodations in Kaapalua

There are 2 very cozy bungalows with a balcony, and 6 accommodations at Bluehouse, 4 on the second floor and 2 on the ground floor, divided between suites and family apartment. This last building is new and has not yet been opened for a year.

All are airy and bright, with comfortable orthopedic beds. Our upstairs suite was quite spacious and had a large mirror, clothes rack, SPLIT air conditioning, Smart TV, chairs, wooden bench, servants, lamp, minibar, table and bench, as well as bed and bath linen. The decor is very tasteful and gave a special atmosphere to the place. On the balcony, we find a clothesline and a hammock to enjoy the wonderful view.

Everything is brand new and totally clean. The bathroom has soap and toilet paper, and the hot water is solar heated.

With multiple outlets available, it was easy to charge all electronics at the same time.

Kaapalua Bungalows: accommodation in Porto de Galinhas
Airy and bright rooms
Kaapalua Bungalows: accommodation in Porto de Galinhas
spacious rooms
Kaapalua Bungalows: accommodation in Porto de Galinhas
There is room for towels, soap and shampoo
  1. Reception and Services

Kaapalua is not an inn or hotel, therefore, it does not have a reception, and does not offer any type of hotel service. A responsible person receives guests at a prearranged time interval.
They offer a change of towels every 3 days, and bed linen every 5 days, but if the guest is interested, they indicate a cleaning service paid separately.

There is no parking, but it is possible to arrive by car to the entrance for embarkation and disembarkation, and the car can be parked in Praça 6, very close, in the back.


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  1. Kitchen

The communal kitchen is in the garden, facing the sea, and has all the necessary utensils, such as plates, glasses, pans, sandwich maker, coffee maker and others. It has a fridge, microwave, stove and electric oven for those who want to cook something, and the cool thing is that it has a mineral water filter, which means savings with bottled water.

Kaapalua Bungalows: accommodation in Porto de Galinhas
The kitchen is attached to an outdoor area with a table.
Kaapalua Bungalows: accommodation in Porto de Galinhas
From all sides we can see the sea
  1. Alternatives to breakfast

As Kaapalua is not an inn and does not offer room service or breakfast, the tip is to buy items for your coffee and keep them in the fridge in the room or in the shared kitchen.

Another option is to have breakfast at the nearby Pousada do Frade. It is served until 9 am and costs around R$20 (Jun/2018).

  1. External area

The Kaapalua has entrance from the side and through the gate in front of the beach. If you enter through the latter, be aware that there is a faucet to wash the sand outside.

Facing the sea, the garden is beautiful and has some tables where guests can spend time. There is an area with a table in front of the kitchen, and another with a barbecue. It’s hard to want to leave. Even more if you have a wine to accompany the sound of the waves!

Kaapalua Bungalows: accommodation in Porto de Galinhas
There are rest areas, tables and chairs
Kaapalua Bungalows: accommodation in Porto de Galinhas
The sea always stands out!
Kaapalua Bungalows: accommodation in Porto de Galinhas
A perfect corner to chat or enjoy a wine or coconut water!
  1. Differentials of this accommodation in Porto de Galinhas

O attendance It’s a very cool thing there, which works like a WhatsApp consultation.

After booking, we receive all the necessary information, such as WI-FI networks and passwords, local rules, information on how to get there by car or bus and location on Maps, contact details for the security guards in charge, directions to agencies and tours etc.

Other interesting details are that they accept payment by credit card or bank transfer at check-in, they are pet friendly upon prior consultation, and despite being in a more secluded corner of the beach, there are kiosks with good prices in front.

But I think the biggest plus point is the affordable price.

For all this, and for the sensational view, the Kaapalua Bungalows was very pleasant and is one of the nicest places we have ever stayed.

How to book your accommodation in Porto de Galinhas:

If you are looking for an accommodation with a great price in front of the beach, Kaapalua Bungalows will exceed your expectations.

At reservations can be done directly by WhatsApp,, but check in advance, as Porto de Galinhas is very popular.

>> Click here and check out the reviews on, see more photos and prices.

>> How to get by public transport: use Line 195 (faster and with air conditioning) from Recife Airport. At the final stop, in Porto de Galinhas, there are taxis and Uber is also available. The reference is the end of Rua Beijupirá, well known, but after booking, they send you well explained how to get there by bus or car.


Kaapalua Bungalows

  • Rua Mario Melo S/N, Porto de Galinhas, Ipojuca, Pernambuco, Brazil
  • Reservations and information via WhatsApp: +55 81 99226-2696
  • Email: [email protected] | Facebook

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Kaapalua Bungalows: accommodation in Porto de Galinhas on the sand
by Camila Coubelle

> Lodging at Kaapalua Bungalows was a courtesy for Vida sem Paredes, but this post is totally exempt and reflects our real and sincere experience with the place. Always count on the tips tested and approved by us!

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