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Amazing destinations: bloggers indicate their favorite trips

If there’s one thing difficult in the life of someone who loves to travel, it’s choosing a preferred destination.Because there are so many beautiful places, each one with something special… So it’s always a question that makes you think and think and think a little more.But there’s always that little place that, for some reason, ends up scoring more, right?

This was the proposal from March in the series#blogueirosindicamIn this post , each one talks a little about the best place they’ve ever been.

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Best travel destinations


Who nominates: Susana Almeida, from Falar de Viagens


The best destination I have ever been to was Egypt!However, on my last trip I went to toBulgaria and was very positively impressed by the country.Bulgaria is on the Balkan Peninsula and borders Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia and Romania.It is a very little explored country in terms of tourism, mainly from the West, but it is one of the destinations that I 100% advise you to visit in 2017!The people are very friendly, the food is fabulous, the orthodox churches are wonderful and 1/3 of the country is forests!If you want to know a little more about Eastern Europe and some of the former Soviet republics, I recommend Bulgaria!Did you know that the Cyrillic alphabet, also called the ‘Russian alphabet’, was actually invented in Bulgaria?

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Lençóis Maranhenses

Who nominates: Karilayn Areias, from Kari Desbrava


Photo: #KariDesbrava

Lençóis Maranhenses are charming.Strolling through the dunes, bathing in the lagoons and watching the sunset there is a unique experience.If you have more time, discover the capital of the state of São Luís.With a lot of culture, São Luís also has a lot to explore.

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San Diego, in United States

Who to nominate: Guaci Rhein, from Passeiorama


Photo: Passeiorama

That was tough!Here at home we have our favorite destinations, a little of our heart lives in Rio (husband’s land) and a little bit in Orlando (our magical city!).But if there was one place that we were surprised and totally delighted, it was San Diego!What a beautiful, clean, organized city, with beaches, pleasant weather even in high summer!It pleases everyone, it has outlets, nature, parks, markets, varied restaurants, we would live there easily!This photo is of the sunset on La Jolla Beach.

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Istanbul, Turkey

Who to refer: Carolina Belo, from Viajar Correndo


The particularity of Istanbul begins with its location.One part of it is in Europe and the other part is in Asia.The separation is made by the Bosphorus Strait.There is even a boat trip around the place that is a must.Next to the boats (Eminönü) are the Spice Bazaar (or Egyptian Bazaar) and two mosques (Nova and Sülemaniye).Going up a street behind the aforementioned bazaar, you arrive at the Grand Bazaar.From here you can easily go to Sultanahmet, a square where Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque are located.Nearby are Hippodrome, Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern and Archeology Museum.Visiting the Beyoğlu district, you can visit Galata Tower, Taksim Square, the trendy Istiklâl Street and Dolmabahçe Palace.Outside the Center there is the Miniatürk (miniatures of places in the country), the Café Pierre Lotti (access by cable car) and the Church of San Salvador in Chora (various frescoes and mosaics from the 11th century).On the Asian side is the German neoclassical Haydarpasa Train Station.

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Côte d’ Azur, in France

Who nominates: Vaneza Narciso, from Vaneza with Z


Photo: Vaneza with Z

I’m passionate about France and its culture.It is simply a dream destination.The sober colors of the houses, on the slopes of the Mediterranean, contrast very well with the blue of the sea and the flowers and trees of the region.They are villages so charming, so cute that you don’t know if it’s a dream or reality.And as I love the sea, I don’t need to say how much I took advantage of the 5 days to spend a few hours enjoying the not-so-cold water at the end of summer.It is possible to visit up to 8 villages in 5 days, so I visited: Éze, Cannes, Grasse, Monaco, Villefranche sur mer, Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, Beulieur sur Mer and Saint Paul de Vence, and all with public transport which at the time cost 1 euro.This was my favorite destination.

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Who nominates: Dayana Lole, from Lolepocket


Photo: Lolepocket

Whoever chatted with me, read some text on the blog or watched my videos on the channel, you already know: my favorite destination of all time was Thailand.You who read this will immediately think: of course, with those wonderful beaches, who wouldn’t go, right?I had the opportunity to explore the country from north to south last year and I just loved it, but that wasn’t the reason.Really, the beaches are lovely.By the way, I still fight with myself to decide which one is the most beautiful.Today, for example, who won the fight was Poda Island.Probably because it, when emptied of tourists who go on tours during the morning and leave until the early afternoon, is just a calm and ends up transmitting the Thai state of mind.Then you say: if it wasn’t the beaches, was it the temples?The food?No, none of that, although each one is in my Top 5 in the world for now.What really won me over was the Thai way of being, unhurried, at peace, focused solely and exclusively on the moment and… happy in the most uncomplicated way possible.On one of my visits to the Elephant Sanctuary, I had the chance to speak with its founder, a former monk, who confirmed this.Such a simple secret, yet so effective.Enough of plans, what counts is now.And so, Thailand won its place among my favorites in life.

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Budapest, Hungary

Who to nominate: Lilian Azevedo, from Uma Senhora Viagem


Photo: Uma Senhora Viagem

This is a very difficult question to answer, as I have visited wonderful places.But I feel like I left my heart in Budapest.It was a big surprise because, in the traditional ‘Prague, Vienna and Budapest’ itinerary, the directions were always in the direction of starting the trip in Budapest, as the enchantment with the cities would gradually increase, implying that, among the three, it would be the less beautiful.Romantic boat trips are made on the river both during the day and at night, some with dinner.Imagine, how wonderful!Among the various bridges that connect Buda, on the one hand, to Pest on the other, some are worth mentioning, such as the Chain Bridge and the Freedom Bridge.The Fisherman’s Bastion, Saint Stephen’s Basilica, Buda Castle, Széchenyi Baths, Heroes’ Square, Saint Matthias Church, Margaret Island, Andrassy Avenue, the State Opera, the Grand Market, the Great Synagogue, the Géllert Baths, the shoe sculptures on the banks of the Danube and many other attractions completely enchant visitors.The city is clean, safe and well structured for tourism and its people are friendly and welcoming even when they don’t speak English.Buda is beautiful and Pest is wonderful, that’s why Budapest is fantastic!

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Canadian Rockies

Livi Souza, from Baianos in the North Pole


Photo: Bahians at the North Pole

There is no other place in the world that I have fallen in love with as much as the Canadian Rockies.I’ve always wanted to visit the parks that are featured in almost every tourist book in Canada and when I finally did, it was special.I made the trip with my husband and daughters, inside a motorhome.We drove from Banff to Jasper, along one of the most beautiful roads in the world, slept in the parks, walked on a glacier and saw wild animals walking beside us.A great feeling to be able to live all this, in the middle of those huge mountains covered with snow and incredibly blue lakes.The region is ideal for anyone who enjoys nature and you don’t even need to go hiking to see the main attractions, everything is right there in front of you, it’s just for the car to look at.

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South Africa

Who nominates: Flávia Zenke , from Traveling Around


Each destination is unique with its beauties and their stories.But, as we believe that the last one is always the best, I’m going to choose the trip we just made to South Africa, a country that exceeded our expectations.Far beyond safaris, South Africa has lush beaches, jaw-dropping roads, unforgettable landscapes and people with super high spirits.We spent 13 magical days along the famous “Garden Route”, visiting centuries-old wineries and beaches with penguins, walking with elephants, enjoying roads aboard a WWII sidecar, meeting the biggest bungee jump in the world, facing lions, giraffes and rhinos, climbing one of the seven natural wonders of the world and many other dreams come true.For starters, I experienced the very high quality of life in its capital, Ljubljana.Afterwards, I went on a road trip to explore the country – so diverse in landscapes that it is considered a Europe in miniature!On the coast, in Piran, you feel like you are in Italy (which is right in front of you).Neighboring Austria insinuates itself into handicrafts and cuisine.The urban centers are reminiscent of other European cities, with old and modern buildings, always surrounded by nature.And the view of the lakes… I’ve never seen the same.We got to know the vineyards region, riding the Kul-E-Bike (cool and motorized bicycle) roads and, in the city of Maribor, the museum dedicated to the oldest vine still in activity IN THE WORLD – it’s in Guiness, people!Not to mention the delights of the Oprta Kuhna (“Open Kitchen”) food festival on Fridays in Ljubljana.Good thing we had a lot of activities to burn the extra calories: rafting, canoeing, zip lining, and we went through Skocjanske Caves, an underground version of the Grand Cannyon.It was wonderful to have time to discover every corner of this destination.To be honest, I had to research where Ljubljana was when I first read the name.I think a lot of people in Brazil had never heard of it either, or at least didn’t imagine that Slovenia had so much to offer.

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Chapada Diamantina, Bahia

Who nominates: Bárbara Calmeto, from Malas & Malinhas


One of my favorite destinations to visit was Chapada Diamantina.The Northeast is enchanting with its paradisiacal beaches, dunes, islands and much more.But the natural beauty of Chapada Diamantina is different, there are caves, waterfalls, cities that enchant.Those who visit the place can use the cities of Lençóis and Mucugê as bases of accommodation and departure for tours.I recommend Morro do Pai Inácio, Poço Encantado,Poço Azul, Gruta da Pratinha, Gruta Azul, Igatu, Morimbus, Ribeirão do Meio, Mosquito Waterfall, Fumaça Waterfall and Fumacinha.In most of these tours, access is easy and we made an itinerary with children when my daughter Beatriz was 4 years old.The photo is of the sunset seen from the top of Morro Pai Inácio.

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And I ?

Without a second thought: Paris.I can’t even explain why I like Paris so much.I like it even before I know it.I studied French, I wanted to learn the language, I watched and watch movies, I love reading books with stories that take place in the city…

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