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Aparecida cable car: how to take the tour

Post updated on 01/09/2022

Aparecida cable car: how to take the ride to Mirante do Cruzeiro
One of the best places to see the city of Aparecida and the National Sanctuary is from the top of Morro do Cruzeirowhere the Mirante Tower is located.
Located at an altitude of 680 meters, the access to it is done in two ways. On foot. But then it’s good to have physical preparation because it’s far. During Holy Week, the faithful make this route and stop at the Via Crucis panels installed along the way.

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For those who don’t have physical conditions or don’t face a basic slope, the other alternative to go up the Morro to the Mirante is to use the Aparecida cable car.

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Aparecida cable car: how to take the tour

Not only is the climb easier, it’s also a great way to see the city from above.

And after several years trying to do this tour, finally, in 2019 we did it. Let’s tell you how it is now.


Opened in 2014, the Aparecida cable car connects the Basilica to Morro do Cruzeiro, in a route of almost 1100 meters.

The trip takes less than ten minutes and is made in one of the 47 cabins that hold up to six people seated in each one.

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Approximately 1500 individuals are transported per hour.

Lookout Tower

Mirante Tower seen from inside the Aparecida Cable Car

View of the Sanctuary

View of the Sanctuary from the Aparecida cable car

Map with the route of the Aparecida cable car
Map with the route of the Aparecida cable car

For those who are afraid of heights, like mom (of course), no need to worry. It’s very comfortable inside and doesn’t wobble.

on the way, mom she was a little apprehensive, especially when the cabin stopped for a few seconds (certainly at the time of station stops).

But on the way back, she relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful view.

Mamis on the Aparecida cable car
Mamis on the Aparecida cable car
Me and Mamis on the Aparecida cable car
Me and Mamis on the Aparecida cable car
Danubia on the Aparecida cable car
Danubia on the Aparecida cable car

How to board the Aparecida cable car

To board the cable car, you have to go to the Sanctuary Station. When entering, just pay attention to the instructions of the employees.

You don’t have to run for fear of running out of time, as the cabin doesn’t stop completely.

Aparecida Cable Car Sanctuary Station
Sanctuary Station

On return, on cruise stationthe procedure is the same.

The difference is that it is still possible to take a personalized photo there, before boarding.

Boarding at the Aparecida Cable Car Cruise Station
Boarding at the Cruise Station
Aparecida cable car cruise station
cruise station

What to do on the Aparecida Cable Car ride

I went up to Morro do Cruzeiro. And now? What to do up there. There are several options.

Photo at the viewpoint

The main one is see the city and the Sanctuary from above. The view is beautiful.

And a nice place to do that and still take a traditional photo with the basilica in the background is on a strategically positioned elevated platform – a viewpoint.

Get ready, because it has a basic line.

Viewpoint at Morro do Cruzeiro - Aparecida cable car
Viewpoint at Morro do Cruzeiro
Sanctuary of Aparecida seen from Mirante do Cruzeiro
Sanctuary of Aparecida seen from Mirante do Cruzeiro

Climb to the top of the tower

In addition to contemplating Aparecida from the viewpoint, another must-see on Morro do Cruzeiro is climb the Tower.

At 30 meters high, it has a 360 degree view of the city. At the top there is a 20 meter cross.

Lookout Tower at Morro do Cruzeiro
Lookout Tower at Morro do Cruzeiro

To go up to the top, which is all glass-enclosed, just use one of the two panoramic elevators.

And here it is good to be prepared to wait because the queue is quite long. Each elevator can only hold up to 12 people at a time.

Sanctuary of Aparecida seen from Mirante do Cruzeiro
Sanctuary of Aparecida seen from Mirante do Cruzeiro

Contemplate the panels via crucis

Another thing to do up there is to enjoy the panel with the last scene of the via crucis.

In addition to this, there are others installed on the path that goes from the sanctuary to the Mirante. Those who go up the hill on foot stop and pray in front of each one, especially during Holy Week.

Via Crucis panel at Morro do Cruzeiro
Via Crucis panel at Morro do Cruzeiro
Detail of the Via Crucis Panel at Morro do Cruzeiro
Detail of the Via Crucis Panel at Morro do Cruzeiro

shopping at the little shop

After seeing the city from the top of the cross, you can still do some shopping at the official store of the Sanctuary.

And to finish, eat a snack or have a coffee in the cafeteria.

make a custom photo

Finally, when it’s time to take the cable car back to the Sanctuary, anyone who wants to make a custom photoprint it out and take it home in a paper picture frame.

The setting, of course, is the cable car, where you position yourself as if you were inside it. In another pose it is possible to hold the image of Nossa Senhora Aparecida.

We, of course, made and purchased two photos. In July 2019 they cost R$15 each.

Picture frame
Picture frames

Idosos on the Aparecida cable car

Those who are elderly or have any mobility problems can also take the Aparecida cable car.

In addition to the speed being small, enough to enter the cabin with tranquility, there are four of them aimed at wheelchair users.

To ensure safety, employees are positioned at the doors, helping those who are descending or ascending.

How to buy the ticket and how much it costs

Tickets for the Aparecida Cable Car are sold at Santuário and Cruzeiro stations and at some points in the Sanctuary complex, such as at the entrance to the Pilgrim Support Center or at the Wax Museum building.

It works: every day
How much:
Round trip: BRL 26 per person
Cable Car + Lookout Combo: R$ 30 per person.
Note: Values ​​updated in November 2020
Children up to five years old do not pay. Between 6 and 12 years and seniors over 60 pay half.

Other destinations with Cable Car

In addition to Aparecida, the cable car operates in two other destinations.

In Lower leg (which we already were. Check this post) is at Camboriú Bathhouse (read in this post what to do in the city of Santa Catarina).

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