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Arriving in Singapore: Visa, Immigration and Transport to the CityVou na Janela

Thinking of visiting Singapore? Are you going to spend a few days or even a few hours on a long connection before heading to another destination? Know that the visa, immigration and transport for those who are arriving in singapore it’s very simple.

In fact, Brazilian citizens do not need a previously issued visa to enter Singapore, just have a valid passport, ticket confirming departure from the city-state and proof of accommodation.

Let’s take a step by step on how the procedure works:

Arriving in Singapore

visa and immigration

You will arrive in Singapore via Changi International Airport, voted the best airport in the world for the fifth year in a row.

I arrived in Singapore on a flight from Bangkok, still on the plane, the crew handed out the immigration in singapore. The form must be completed in block letters and using a blue or black pen.

Arriving in Singapore: immigration form

Arriving in Singapore: immigration form

Arriving in Singapore: immigration form

The questions are super simple and the card is divided into two parts, one part will stay with the immigration officer and the other must stay with the visitor and be returned when leaving the country, they said, but they didn’t collect mine when I went to Indonesia.

The form is written in bold letters: “Death to drug dealers” and you get used to it, Singapore is full of laws and rules, such as the ban on chewing gum on the street.

Leaving the plane, just follow the “Arrival” signs, go down the escalators and head to immigration.

Arriving in Singapore: follow the signs "arrival"

Arriving in Singapore: follow the “arrival” signs

The procedure is simple, they collect your passport and immigration form. They didn’t ask me anything else and they didn’t ask any questions. The officer takes the fingerprints through a digital reader and takes a picture. Welcome candies are on the counter.

A visa to stay in Singapore is valid for 30 days.

Heads up: Travel insurance is mandatory to travel to Europe. Get your travel insurance here at a discount.

The next step is to collect your luggage (if you have it checked, obviously), take the opportunity to exchange money at the exchange offices inside the arrivals area as the price is better than on the street.

Then some passengers are chosen at random to go through the x-ray with their bags before leaving the closed area of ​​the airport.

Arriving in Singapore: immigration

Arriving in Singapore: immigration

Transport from the airport to the city

There are several transport options from the airport to the city and in the arrivals area there are some signs that indicate the values ​​of each of the services. The prices in May 2017 were these:

– Bus: 2 SGD (R$ 4.80);
– Subway: 2 SGD (R$ 4.80);
– Van: 9 SGD (R$ 21.60) and goes to the hotel
– Taxi: 28 SGD (R$ 68.00) to 38 SGD (R$ 91.00) the price varies depending on the traffic;
– Luxury car: 55 SGD (R$ 132.00);
– Van for groups of up to 8 people: SGD 60 (R$ 144.00).

Just choose your type of transport and follow the signs, the airport is very well signposted. In fact, everything in Changi is very seamless and functional.

Definitely the best option to go from the airport to the city is the subway, the MRT, short for Mass Rapid Transit, which serves Changi International Airport with the green line. Using the Singapore subway is very easy and here on the blog there is a super complete post to help you:

How to use the Singapore Metro

And as the subway reaches all points of the city, there will certainly be a station close to your hotel.


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Check out our full post with tips on where to stay in Singapore by clicking here or follow the tips below.

When we talk about places to stay in Singapore, the first image that comes to mind is the spectacular Marina Bay Sands, one of the most famous and desirable hotels in the world. And its fame is due to its luxury and its swimming pool, which is nothing less than the largest infinity pool on top of a building in the world.

In this same region is The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, an incredible five-star hotel that has one of the best locations in Singapore.

Across Marina Bay is The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore and in addition to all the luxury of a Hilton, it has one of the best views in Singapore.

If you don’t want to spend so much at the Hilton, right next to it is the Marina Mandarin Singapore, which has an equally good view.

Chinatown, as the name implies, is Singapore’s Chinatown. It is right next to Marina Bay and has hotels that are equally excellent and cheaper. In this region is the excellent Orchid Hotel, a super comfortable four-star hotel with a delightful pool.

Close by is the Amara Singapore, I’ve stayed at the Amara in Bangkok and it’s wonderful. A five star with a 3 star price.

For those who want to stay in a hostel, capsules are the best option as they guarantee more comfort and privacy than hostels. The most famous of these is MET A Space Pod, which has branches in Boat Quay, Chinatown and Arab Street. It is worth mentioning that all of them have a great location, although I think Boat Quay is better located.

In Chinatown there is a very famous capsule hotel, the Galaxy Pod and the cool thing is that it has capsules for couples from R$190.00. Not bad, huh?

Arriving in Singapore: Visa, Immigration and Transport
How to use the Singapore Metro
Singapore rules and laws, be careful not to get fined
Where to stay in Singapore

What to do in Singapore
Gardens by the bay and Singapore’s super trees
Cloud Forest
Singapore’s Arab Quarter
Little India, Singapore’s Indian Quarter
Singapore Flyer, the tallest Ferris wheel in the world
Marina Barrage Park

Travel insurance is mandatory to visit Singapore and is highly recommended if you have an incident and need medical assistance or support. Get your travel insurance here at a discount.

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