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the district of Conceição de Jacareí is part of the city of Mangaratibain the region called Costa Verde, on the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Only 130 kilometers away from the state capital, Conceição de Jacareí is a popular destination in the summer.

It is from Conceição that many tours can be made through the Ilha Grande Bay region. Families are usually the most loyal audience in the district, because they can rest on the quiet beach and enjoy the other tourist attractions.

In today’s post, in addition to knowing things to do in Conceição de Jacareiyou will discover the tours in the region, see beautiful photos and even a very nice video.

In addition, we present options for vacation homes and inns to stay in Conceição de Jacareí and information on how to get to the region!

What to do in Conceição de Jacarei? Sights of Conceição de Jacarei

Conceição de Jacareí beach. Source: Wikimedia

What attracts visitors to Conceição de Jacareí is the combination of tourist structure, calm beach and boat trips.

Families like this area because the main beach has few waves, which is ideal for children. In addition, essential services are offered on the beach, such as chair rental, and there are kiosks with food.

Many visitors choose to rent a kayak to explore the central beach and the nearby island, Sororoca Island. This tour is a cheap and fun way to enjoy the beach and is well worth it.

During the coldest and low season (winter), the offer of services in Conceição de Jacareí is much smaller.

This fact is common in almost the entire Brazilian coast, so be aware of this before visiting Conceição outside the summer. You can spend your holidays there, just take the essentials.

Aerial view. Source: Wikimedia

To enjoy the best of Conceição de Jacareí beach, it is also worth avoiding the very high season, which comprises the months of December, January and February. The beach may not be very clean and the movement is high.

O early autumn and late spring are the best times to enjoy the cleaner beach, with less people, but still with adequate tourist structure.

In addition to the beach, the waterfalls and clear water wells are worth visiting in the district. The most famous waterfall in Conceição de Jacareí is called Cachoeira Véu de Noiva.

The six meters long waterfall Véu de Noiva forms a very large slide, which ends in a slightly deeper area, but very safe.

In the heat of summer, it is worth visiting the waterfall and also the Poço Encantado. This natural pool formed in the river of the region has a considerable size, including swimming.

The video shows the Conceição de Jacareí region seen from above. There are some advertisements, it is interesting to see them due to the beautiful images of tours in the Ilha Grande region, such as the stunning blue Lagoon.

The types and itineraries of the tours depend on the companies that operate the service. There are several companies that do these boat tours. There are tours that take almost the entire day, leaving very early from the pier of Conceição and returning only in the late afternoon.

The amount charged for the tours depends on the itinerary and the type of boat. Usually, long tours, which go through many tourist spots in Ilha Grande Bay, vary between R$ 130-150 per person.

From the pier at Conceição, boats also leave for Vila do Abraão, in Ilha Grande, taking just a few minutes to get there.

Where to stay in Conceição de Jacarei?

As holidays in the region are usually with family or friends, it is best to rent apartments.

You apartments in Conceição de Jacareí are worth it because they have good prices and most are big. In other words, the daily rate per person pays off financially.

In addition, there is a variety of accommodation available, from the cheapest to perfect penthouses.

Below is our selection of good value for money hostels and apartments in Conceição de Jacareí.

Hostels in Conceição de Jacarei

  • Guapuruvu Hostel: bed in dormitory starting at R$ 70. Guapuruvu Hostel is the best hostel near Conceição do Jacareí, located on Praia de Garatucaia in Angra dos Reis. Guests enjoy the outdoor areas and breakfast.
  • Lilac Inn: double room starting at R$ 200. Pousada Lilás is the best inn near Conceição do Jacareí and has good prices. Its location is on Praia de Garatucaia in Angra dos Reis. There is also a 2 bedroom apartment for rent.
  • Pousada Ponta do Arpão: double room with daily rate from R$ 245. Pousada Ponta do Arpão is a good option for an inn in Conceição do Jacareí, being praised for its location, breakfast and beautiful views.
  • Porto Real Suites Mangaratiba: apartment with a daily rate from R$ 400. Porto Real Suites Mangaratiba is an apart-hotel in Conceição do Jacareí, with great apartments located in Porto Real, a resort with excellent structure and beautiful views.

Apartments in Conceição do Jacarei

  • Golden Angels Apartment: 1 bedroom apartment with a daily rate from R$ 270. It is an option for an economic apartment in Conceição do Jacareí with a great location.
  • Porto Real Apartment Angra: 2 bedroom apartment with a daily rate from R$ 450. It is an apartment within the Porto Real resort/condominium, being praised for its cleanliness and service.
  • Apartment Porto Real Suites: 2 bedroom apartment starting at R$ 470. Porto Real Suítes Apartment is another excellent apartment in Conceição do Jacareí in the Porto Real resort. Very similar and in the same price range, there is the Apartment Porto Real Brites.
  • Duplex Penthouse Sea View: 3 bedroom penthouse with a daily rate from R$ 1000. This is the most praised apartment in Conceição do Jacareí, being modern and very beautiful. The views are gorgeous.

Book your accommodation through the links in the post or through the search box and help maintain the Digital Nomad Guide, without paying a penny more for it. Thank you!

How to get to Conceição de Jacareí?

It is very easy to reach the district of Conceição, just take the BR-101, also called Rodovia Rio-Santos.

In two hours from the capital Rio de Janeiro it is possible to reach the region. The traffic is intense to leave the capital, but the route to the district is easy.

Did you like the tips in this post about one of the most famous beaches in Mangaratiba? So check it out too where to stay in Angra dos Reis!

Good trip!

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