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Avianca Ecuador from Bogotá to Quito: how was the flightVou na Janela

I boarded in Bogotá for Quito, the capital of Ecuador. This flight was operated with Avianca Ecuador. The trip started in São Paulo flying to Bogotá with Avianca Colombia and you can read this review here.

Avianca Ecuador emerged when Avianca Holdings bought the Ecuadorian airline AeroGal. Today the company flies to domestic destinations and to neighboring countries with a small fleet of Airbus A319 and A320 aircraft.

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What is it like to fly with Avianca Ecuador

What is it like to fly with Avianca Ecuador

ticket purchase

I bought the ticket directly on the Avianca website for the section from São Paulo to Quito, as the companies are from the same group, all sections come in the same locator code. Interesting that since the companies use the same brand, most people don’t even realize that they are two separate companies. Visually, what changes on the plane is the Ecuador flag on the fuselage and the aircraft prefix.

Check-in and boarding

Check-in was done in Brazil and I left São Paulo with the boarding pass for the flight from Bogotá to Quito. Boarding started late, all flights I took with Aviancas on this trip had delays.

I already left Brazil with the boarding pass for the next flight

Check in in Quito

the aircraft

The outbound flight was operated with an A320 that was delivered new to AeroGal in 2010. I found the plane to be clean and well maintained. All seats are equipped with individual TV screens with Avianca’s entertainment system. The seat is similar to the A330’s that fly between Bogotá and São Paulo, however, covered in leather and the space between them was good.

The return flight was operated with a very old A319. This aircraft entered service in 2003 with the defunct Mexicana de Aviación, joined AeroGal in 2011 and became Avianca Ecuador in 2014.

Avianca Ecuador A320 awaiting departure in Bogotá

A320 interior

Detail of individual screens and USB ports

Flight and on-board service

After takeoff, the crew began on-board service. It had a cold sandwich plus beverage options, similar to the service provided by the late Avianca Brasil.

Snack served by Avianca

The positive side is that I found the Avianca Ecuador crew polite and attentive, unlike the Avianca Colombia crew, what by God, what an arrogant people.

The flight was super smooth and I didn’t even touch the entertainment system, I kept my eyes glued to the window seeing the beautiful landscape of Ecuador. A huge amount of volcanoes in the middle of the Andes, a beautiful thing. And arriving in Quito with a beautiful view of the Cotopaxi Volcano was a real gift.

Look at the number of volcanoes

Another volcano among the clouds

Cotopaxi Volcano on arrival in Quito

Approach to Landing

Quito International Airport


Flying with Avianca Ecuador was more pleasant than flying with its Colombian sister, due to the attentive crew and the very satisfactory service for a trip of just over 1 hour.


On the Vou na Janela channel on Youtube I have already published a complete video of this flight. Check it out below:

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