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Beaches in Porto de Galinhas – A COMPLETE GUIDE!

See here which beaches in Porto de Galinhas cannot be missed in your travel itinerary and how to get to know them.Including beaches around the city for day trips!

Traveling with the family, going on vacation or simply enjoying a long holiday is all good, isn’t it?See in this article a complete guide to the beaches in Porto de Galinhas: one of the most beautiful places in Brazil!

In this text I talk specifically about the beaches in the region, however if you want to For more information on Porto de Galinhas itineraries and what to do there, watch the video below and access the link: Things to do in Porto de Galinhas – must-see tips.

See our trip to Porto de Galinhas

Beaches in Porto de Galinhas:

Located in the municipality of Ipojucaand very close to Recife, Porto de Galinhasis a destination sought after by thousands of people from Brazil and the world.An incredibly flexible place, perfect for a family trip, with children or even a romantic trip.

Full of natural pools with warm, transparent waters and full of colorful fish, the beaches are the calling card of the place.Those who followed me on Instagram on this trip noticed how enchanted I was with the destination.

In addition to being able to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the beaches in Porto de Galinhas, tourists can also enjoy activities such as surfing, diving, water skiing, wakeboarding (a sport practiced with a snowboard) and jet-skiing.

Natural pools at Praia de Porto de Galinhas or Praia da Vila – photo Lu

There are two beach regionsin Porto de Galinhas and on the coast of Ipojuca.The central beaches that are close to the village with excellent hotel options, and the more distant ones that end up being explored in day trips.

But come on, let’s get down to business, here I want to tell you about the Beaches in Porto de Galinhasand how to choose the best one for your travel profile.I’ll list them in order of popularity.

Muro Alto – the best beach in Porto de Galinhas:

praias em Porto de Galinhas
This peace of Muro Alto – photo Lu

Muro Altois 3km long and full of coral reefs that frame the beach.Tourists can delightwith the natural pools of calm and warm water that form there, providing a unique and unforgettable experience.Perfect for children and one of the main (if not the main) hotels in the region.

Camboa is known as one of the beaches in Porto de Galinhas, however it is just a strip of area within the beach of Muro Alto.In other words, if you go to Muro Alto, you will certainly visit Camboa.

Access to Muro Alto beach:

Access to Muro Alto beach is from Highway PE 09 through the Post of the Highway Patrol.Part of the journey can be done by car or uber, but then you must walk to the seaside.One option to get to know Muro Alto beach is to take the end-to-end buggy tour, there are two options for this tour with Luck Receptivo:

praias em porto de galinhas
Buggy ride with Luck, stops in Muro Alto – photo Lu

Where to stayin Muro Alto:

There are many hotels , resorts and accommodation options in Muro Alto.Maracaípe beach is busy and even hosts surfing championships.Pontal de Maracaípe is the opposite, calm waters.

We took a raft ride to see seahorsesand enjoy the meeting of the Maracaípe river with the sea that was very nice and very suitable for children.

The village is very small, rustic and peaceful.It has some basic shopping stores, and accommodation options that follow the rustic and simpler style.

praias em Porto de Galinhas
Maracaípe Beach – bustling and with strong waves – photo Lu
praias em Porto de Galinhas
Raft ride from Pontal de Maracaípe – photo Lu
passeio de jangada pontal de maracaípe
Edu loved the raft ride – photo Lu
praias em Porto de Galinhas
Diving at Pontal de Maracaípe beach – we love it!Foto Lu

Tip: João Restaurante is a perfect stop for lunch for those visiting Maracaípe, whether for a walk or a stop buggy ride or surfing.

praias em Porto de Galinhas
João Restaurante, perfect!Foto Lu

Access to Maracaípe beach:

Located 3 kms from Porto de Galinhas, at Maracaípe beach is well isolated from the rest.There are not many options for stalls, shops or places to eat.So many tourists prefer to bring their own snacks, water, tents, chairs and umbrellas.

To get there, you can go by car, uber or the buggy ride mentioned above.Basically a guy who gets up there to take the picture below.We made this stop and the one mentioned above (raft ride) with Luck’s 6-hour buggy tour.

praias em Porto de Galinhas
Drone photo in Maracípe

Where to stay in Maracaípe:

Most affordable accommodation options, ideal for those who don’t

My accommodation suggestion goes to Pousada Flor de Maraca located on the main street of Maracaípe, Pousada Maraca Beachis in in front of the village beach (200 meters).Ideal for couples and highly rated, be aware that there are options for shared and private rooms.

Another very interesting option, economical and more suitable for families with children(although I don’t recommend accommodation on this beach for those traveling with little ones) it’s the Pousada Maracabana.

onde ficar em maracaípe
Pousada Maracabana – publicity photo

Porto de Galinhas or Praia da Vila :

praias em Porto de Galinhas
Porto de Galinhas Beach or Vila beach and its natural pools – photo Lu

It is four kilometers long and it is the point where tourists leave for the raft rides that lead to the natural pools of the place.This beach is located in the heart of Porto de Galinhas, within walking distance of attractionssuch as Hipocampus, restaurants and shops.

Calm and warm water, however the beach is always crowded due to its location and the tours that depart from it at low tide.

Access to Porto de Galinhas beach or Praia da Vila beach:

It is located 52 kilometers from the From Recife airport, the best access to it (and the city of Porto) is by car, which can be rented caror with a private transfer.There are moments of heavy traffic on the way, but in general, it takes an hour to get there.

Although I’m a fan of renting a car on trips because of its freedom and practicality, I don’t think Porto de Galinhas be a destination that requires it.I highly recommend booking transfersand tours with Luck Receptivo, from Recife the price is only R$47 per person, see here.

praias em Porto de Galinhas
Praia de Porto de Galinhas or Praia da Vila at a time of mará baia where the jangadeiros are available to take tourists to the natural pools – photo Lu
praias em Porto de Galinhas
The natural pools are further down Praia da Vila and can be seen at low tide – photo Lu
Praias em Porto de Galinhas
Amazing natural pools <3 Foto Lu
Praias em Porto de Galinhas
Contact with nature on the beach da Vila is surprising – photo Lu
praias em Porto de Galinhas
This project TOUCHED ME A LOT – adapted wheelchairs to take the disabled to the pools natural.Pousada Canto do Porto is the best lodging tip in this region.Foot in the sand, well located, great reviews and beautiful.

praias em Porto de Galinhas
Pousada Canto do Porto – publicity photo

Praia do Cupe and Pontal do Cupe:

praias em Porto de Galinhas
Praia do Cupe – Wikimedia photo source

Unlike the other beaches in Porto de Galinhas, the sea at the beach or headland of Cupe is slightly rougher, with waves that make for good fun.

This happens at high tide, at low tide some natural pools are formed, not like in Vila beach but you can enjoy it.The point of Praia do Cupe is the Bar da Praia, with a very nice infrastructure to have lunch or even to enjoy the day.

The Pontal do Cupeis on the same stretch of sand, however a little further.Just walk there to find even more peace and a very calm sea.

Where to stayat Praia do Cupe:

Stay at Tabaobí Smart Hotel ,which is 300 meters from Cupe beach, halfway between Cupe and Muro Alto.The place is surrounded by coconut trees and preserved forest in the resort of Porto de Galinhas.

Another excellent option in Praia do Cupe is the Vivá Porto de Galinhas, a complete infrastructure for all tastes.Tourists can travel with childrenwith peace of mind, as the hotel offers all the facilities for the little ones to have fun too!See the photos below, passionate moonlight.


serrambi pernambuco
Serrambi – photo Wikimeadia

This is considered a quiet and reserved beach, both during the day and at night.You can see that bobeou has a natural pool along the way, right?

I recommend choosing Serrambi as a retreat or as a destination to feel exclusive.Especially because of the style of hotel infrastructure you’ll find there.

How to getto Serrambi:

Located 14 kilometers south of Porto de Galinhas, at Praia de Serrambiis 70 kilometers from the capital of Recife.It can be easily reached by car or uber.

Where to stay in Serrambi:

The hotel that stands out on this beach is the Serrambi Resort.You can travel with children and enjoy all the structure, comfort and luxurious comfort of the place.Check out the photos of this hotel on Booking, it’s amazing.Rooms with an infinity pool, bathtubs with views and the luxury list goes on and on.The price is also quite high 🙂

Beaches near Porto de Galinhas for day trips:

To tourists who want to visit other beaches close to Porto de Galinhas in a day trip, there are many options for tours.Some of them unmissable I would say.While enjoying the beautiful beaches in Porto de Galinhas, the intention of these tours is to seize the moment and enjoy more places.

Let’s go?

Beach dos Carneiros:

praias em Porto de Galinhas
Praia de Carneiros – photo Lu

Located in south coast of Pernambuco in the city of Tamandaré, Carneiros beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Porto de Galinhas.An unmissable day trip.

Natural pools at low tide, a stylish restaurant with a special menu on the beach, boat ride to bathe in local clay and the famous São Benedito church.We went to her with Luck Receptivo and enjoyed all this, as well as a special lunch in the Chandon lounge at the Bora Bora restaurant.

How to getto Praia de Carneiros:

You You can reach Praia dos Carneirosby car, transfer, bus or boat.However, almost all areas are reserved for restaurants like Bora Bora, which is the best in the area.So you’ll need to park your car in one of them and pay the day use, which is really worth it.

Access by car is via the bridge over the Ariquindá River, totaling 40 minutes from the village of Porto de chickens.The ideal thing is to book a tour with a company that includes the transfer from Porto de Galinhas, the entrance to a restaurant and the boat ride.We did it, follow the tour link:

Trip to Carneiros Beach from Porto de Galinhas – Luck

If you want to enjoy the beach more, the Pousada Praia dos Carneirosis my recommendation for accommodation, You can enjoy the trip and have a great value for money.The infrastructure of the place includes suites, sea views, free breakfast and space for children!

praia de carneiros em porto de galinhas
Beach de Carneiros at low tide, when the natural pools are formed – photo Lu
praias em Porto de Galinhas
This is how Praia de Carneiros was before We go out for a boat ride.Low tide, natural pools in sight and we were able to walk all over it – photo Lu
praias em Porto de Galinhas
Edu had a lot of fun in the pools of Carneiros – Foto Lu
praias em Porto de Galinhas
Stop of our boat trip on the high seas sandbar.It rose completely and swallowed the natural pools – photo Lu

Ilha de Santo Aleixo:

Considered a private property, open for only 80 visits a day, this is the island of Santo Aleixo.The place is wonderful, ideal for a family day out!There is a huge area of ​​environmental preservation, so tourists are instructed tonot pollute the place.

The island belongs to the municipality of Sirinháem, where all tours leave the port.Those who want to visit the place must plan ahead , as the number of visitors is limited.The crossing to the island is made by speedboat, which takes around five minutes from Sinharém.

With clear water, chairs, tables and restaurants by the beach, tourists will have all the facilities to enjoy the day!Again, I recommend booking a tour with transfer, boat and everything else to avoid unforeseen circumstances, especially as it is a very private place.

Cabo de Santo Agostinho:

praias em Porto de Galinhas
Cabo de Santo Agostinho – photo publicity Luck

Located between Recife and Porto de Galinhas is the Cape of Saint Augustine.The day trip from beaches in Porto de Galinhasto Cabo de Santo Agostinho and the visit to Calhetas beach takes about an hour, but it is well worth it.

The tourists can ride a buggy, visit the viewpoint of the place, enjoy the view and bathe in the clear, striking and transparent waters of the place!Children will love it!With these unique experiences you will have many stories to tell, travel destinations and records of adventures with your family!

I also recommend hiring the transfer tour from Porto de Galinhas, I think it’s safer, more comfortable and certainly cheaper.

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