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becoming a child in São Paulo!

[atualizado julho/21] During a work trip I had some time off in São Paulo. Reading lists about things to do in the city I came across the Museu Catavento SP – Cultural Science Space. I was curious and decided to go check it out.

It’s a perfect museum for children, but adults can enjoy it perfectly. I liked! Okay, I’m a bit of a nerd… lol. Still, it’s a very pleasant walk.

If you are traveling with children, another very good program in São Paulo is to visit Parque da Mônica, as reported by the blog Ligado em Viagem. Or visit the Imagination Museum, suggested by the blog

I visited on a Saturday morning. It was busy but the space is big so there was no feeling of cramping or turmoil. Very nice.

About Museu Catavento SP

The historic building is charming.

The Museum was opened in 2009 and is located in the Palácio das Indústrias, the former city hall of São Paulo in Parque D. Pedro II, downtown.

The building is from 1924, very beautiful and well maintained. Worth some photos.

What to do at Museu Catavento SP

The idea of ​​the museum is that with interactivity and creativity you learn about the areas of human knowledge.

The Museu Catavento reminded me a lot (with due proportions) of the Science Museum in London, because they have the same concept: science + fun. Of course, it doesn’t have the funds and technology of the English museum, but the Catavento Museum supplies it with creativity.

The museum is divided into 4 sections on the upper floor. Let’s see what they are.


An experience from outer space to Earth. The exhibition ranges from planets, sun, moon and galaxies to Earth and its biome, reliefs and landscapes.

Museu Catavento Area Universo - Museu Catavento SP: becoming a child in São Paulo!
The Sun and the Universe.
meteorite weathervane museum - Catavento Museum SP: becoming a child in São Paulo!
There’s even a meteorite to play!


From the first living being to man, showing the path of evolution.

Presentation on the human body, evolution, DNA, fauna and flora. It has an interesting fish and coral aquarium.

Museu Catavento Area Life Aquarium - Museu Catavento SP: becoming a child in São Paulo!
One of the beautiful corals.


Man’s creations, showing technology and its importance in the constitution of society.

The most practical area of ​​the museum, with experiments to test electromagnetism, statics and other scientific concepts.

Museu Catavento Energy Area - Museu Catavento SP: becoming a child in São Paulo!
This is the most practical and interactive area of ​​the museum.


Controversial issues of human coexistence. The achievements and problems, past, present and future.

In all sections there are monitors, friendly and ready to help and explain. A very positive detail.

Other sections of the museum

In addition to these sections, on the lower floor – called the underground arcades – there are interactive attractions that require the access password, obtained after purchasing the ticket.

I did not do these activities because the queue was very long to get the password. It wasn’t over…

There is also a butterfly garden in the central area of ​​the museum. Outside, an airplane and old trains are some of the items that adorn the garden.

Museu Catavento Aviao Jardim - Museu Catavento SP: becoming a child in São Paulo!
The plane with the typical scenery of São Paulo in the background.

See too:

Museu Catavento Jardim Arvore - Museu Catavento SP: becoming a child in São Paulo!
I think this tree in the garden is beautiful!

As every museum has a cafeteria, but it is small for the amount of visitors. Bringing your water and a snack, if you have children, is a good idea.

More tips about Museu Catavento SP

  • address: Avenida Mercúrio, s/n – São Paulo – SP.
  • time: from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • ticket: R$ 10.00 (integer). Payment in cash only. Saturday admission is free.
  • how to get: subway: red line to D. Pedro II station or blue line to São Bento station. There is parking. The D. Pedro II bus terminal is very close.
  • site:

Heads up: due to the covid-19 pandemic, opening hours are reduced, advance booking is required and some attractions are temporarily closed.

Conclusion: a museum worth visiting

It was a delight to visit this museum. It was super fun! If you have time, it’s worth a visit.

If you get hungry after the tour, combine it with a hop on the São Paulo Municipal Market, very close by.

I hope you enjoyed this tour suggestion in Sampa. If you want more city tips, check out our index of posts about São Paulo.

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