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Best destinations to travel with family and save

Traveling is very good, because that way you get to know new places, new people, new cultures, and you can even relax a little, to get out of the routine and have fun. If you also like to travel, but don’t know what the best destinations to go or what to do on your trip, this article is for you.

best destinations

Below we will talk about what you need to know to be able to plan your trip. Check out!

trip with children

Being able to travel with your children is simply wonderful, but it ends up being a little difficult to know where to go and what to do, because in addition to choosing a tour that you will enjoy, it is also necessary that you choose a tour that will be fun for the children.

If you want to take a trip right here in Brazil, the beaches are a great destination, especially those that are emptier and have a calmer sea.

Other options for places to travel with children in Brazil are:

  • Beach Park – Pernambuco
  • HotPark – Goiás
  • Serra Gaúcha – Rio Grande do Sul
  • Ibirapuera Planetarium – São Paulo
  • Museums and Parks – São Paulo
  • Beaches – Northeast

But if you want to make an international trip, know that there are great destinations that have attractions for both children and adults. Some options are:

  • Natural History Museum – London
  • Los Niños Museum – Buenos Aires
  • Tokyo Disneyland – Japan
  • Interactive Museum – Santiago – Chile
  • Disney – Orlando

If your children are still very young, you can choose the destination for your trip yourself, otherwise listening to their opinion to know which places they would like to visit is a great option!

trip with family

THE family trip it can also be a lot of fun, because it’s the moment you can get together to discover new places. But for your trip to be perfect, planning ahead is essential.

If you are still in doubt about the best destination to visit, below I have separated three excellent destinations for you to choose from. Check out!


If you and your family are looking for a international tripParis is an excellent option, as the structure of the city is perfect.


By choosing this destination, you will be able to take boat trips, visit museums, visit fairs, and of course, enjoy the evening at the Eiffel Tower, the main postcard of the city.


But if you and your family are looking for a trip along the coast of Brazil, know that Fortaleza is an excellent destination. You will find beautiful beaches, several cultural tours to do and you will also be able to enjoy the largest water park in Brazil, the Beach Park.

Gaucho Mountains

The Serras Gaúchas are very popular among people who want to take a trip with their family, because in this place it is possible to enjoy beautiful cities, waterfalls, chocolates and much more.

Some of the most popular cities are: Gramado, Bento Gonçalves and Porto Alegre.

How to save on travel?

So that you can have a great trip and be able to rest without worrying, a great option is manage to save on your trip, so you can enjoy the beauties of the chosen place, without having to spend a lot of money.

Some great tips that can help you save on your trip are:

Avoid traveling in high season

In high season, it is common for everything to be more expensive, there are many queues, as there is a greater flow of tourists in the place, so the ideal is to avoid these dates whenever possible.

Plan ahead

When you plan your trip in advance, it is possible to buy tickets at a much cheaper price, so it is best not to plan your trip at the last minute.

rent vacation home

Hotels and inns are usually very expensive, especially when you are traveling with many people, so a great tip to save money is to choose to rent a vacation home, as the price will be much more affordable.

Airbnb and TripAdvisor are excellent sites for you to find this type of accommodation.

Have an itinerary for your trip

Before traveling, make an itinerary with all the sights you want to know, so you won’t go to all the places that appear at the last minute, only the planned places, so you won’t have an out-of-plan expense.

Bon voyage!

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