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Best Travel Blogs About Cities & Regions |Digital Nomad’s Guide

Check out our list of the best travel blogs about cities and regions!

Melhores blogs de viagem sobre cidades e regiões

When we are planning a trip or even living abroad, the internet becomes our best friend.Among many searches, it is common to come across blogs specialized in tourist cities and regions.These travel blogs usually offer many tips, suggestions and advice that help us plan an almost perfect trip or to better understand the city we are going to live in.

Today’s post serves to value the work of travel bloggers , which help thousands of people to travel more, better and often cheaper.So we’ve rounded up the best travel blogs about cities and regions.Check it out!

1) Best travel blogs about AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS

⇨ Ducs Amsterdam

Created in 2007 by Daniel Duclos, Ducs Amsterdamis the main Brazilian blog that talks about the official capital of Holland.The author lives in the city and has even written a guide about Amsterdam for Brazilians who want to enjoy the city based on the experience of those who have lived there for several years.If you are traveling to Amsterdam or want to discover the secrets of this beautiful city, Ducs Amsterdam is worth visiting.

2) Best travel blogs about ATHENSand other places in GREECE

⇨ A Brazilian in Greece

Virna Lize has lived in Greece since 2008 and owns the blog featured on Athensand other destinations in Greece: A Brazilian in Greece.In addition to essential tips for those who want to get to know the country, the site has a section that presents the history of other Brazilians in Greece.You can also take advantage of her advice for personalized itineraries and cultural tours in Greece.

3) Best travel blogs about BARCELONA, SPAIN

⇨ BCN Passport

The Brazilian site about Barcelona that impresses us the most is theBCN Passport, created by Cecília and Tony in 2013. Their work is incredible and very well done.To get an idea of ​​the level of detail, the BCN Passport has a post that shows the statues of one of the main squares in the city.It is also worth mentioning the beautiful photos of Barcelonathey take.In addition to having a digital guide dedicated to Barcelona, ​​the authors have written guides about other Spanish cities: Cordoba, Madrid, Serville, Toledo and Zaragoza.

4) Best travel blogs about BERLIN, GERMANY

⇨ Simply Berlin

For those visiting Berlin, we highly recommend that you check out Isabel Miranda’s tips on the website Simply Berlin.Created in 2012, Simply Berlin is the vision of a Brazilian woman who has lived in the capital of Germanyfor 13 years.In addition to texts that will help you on your trip, Isabel offers a Brazilian tourist guide service in Berlin.

5) Best travel blogs about BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA

⇨ Aires Buenos Blog

The Aires Buenos Blogis our favorite site about Buenos Airesand certainly one of the best travel blogs about specific destinations.The site was created in 2010 by Túlio Bragança, who has lived in Argentinafor almost a decade.Aires Buenos has great posts that talk from medialunas created by anarchist bakers to attractions that Brazilian tourists miss out on.Túlio also talks about the city on his Youtube channel, Aires Buenos TV.You can take a guided tour or read the city guides written by them.

6) Best travel blogs about DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

⇨ Destino Dubai

The best tips for Dubai and the United Arab Emirates can be found on the website Destino Dubai, created by Bel Freire and Laíla Cruz.Brazilians have been visiting Dubai more and more and they felt that there was a lack of a Brazilian website that would present up-to-date information about the millionaire city.All you need to do is go to Destination Dubai.

7) Best travel blogs about LISBOAand other cities, PORTUGAL

⇨ Cultuga

For those who want to know the secrets of Portugal, check out the Cultugawebsite, created by Priscila Roque and Rafael Boro.The couple has lived in Lisbonsince 2013 and has already explored several cities in the country.Cultuga’s main objective is to promote Portuguese culture and tourism between Portugal and Brazil.They also offer consultancy services and custom itineraries.

8) Best travel blogs about LONDON, ENGLAND

⇨ Map of London

Created in 2011 by Gustavo Heldt, Map of Londonfeatures many posts about the English capital.I particularly like the category about city pubs.You can’t go wrong when choosing the place to have a pint.They also have three e-books with itineraries from London, all for travelers who have not yet seen the city and who want a step-by-step guide for their trip.

⇨ London for beginners

Since London is a gigantic city, it’s worth suggesting another specific travel blog about the city: London for beginners.This site was created by Eneida and Steve Latham in 2009. You will find a lot of information about London and also about other cities in the United Kingdom.They offer guided tours and also an updated e-book guide with 4 itineraries for you to discover the city in 4 days.

9) Best travel blogs about MADRID, SPAIN

⇨ Esto es madrid, Madrid

One of the best travel blogs about Madrid is Esto es madrid, Madrid, created by Larissa, who lives in the city since 2011. The blog presents basic tips for tourists and not-so-known places in the city.You can also find information about living in several cities in Spain.Including Spanish slang that are used in everyday life and it is interesting to know.Guay!

10) Best travel blogs about MEXICO

⇨ Viviendo en el México Mágico

Created in 2014, Viviendo en el México Mágico is the ideal blog for anyone who wants to discover all of Mexico.In addition to writing about various destinations visited, Melissa Lima interviews Brazilians who live in different cities across the country.It is interesting to see how many Brazilians are choosing Mexico to live.Visit the site and discover other fantastic destinations in the country of mariachis, beyond Mexico City and Cancún!

11) Best travel blogs about MILAN, ITALY

⇨ The Milan guide

The Milan guidewas created by Simone Betoni in 2014 and aims to tell you everything about Milan and other Italian cities.If you want to know the history and geography of the city, discover local secrets, what to visit, how to get around and, above all, where to eat well in Milan, you have to visit this site!

⇨ Milan in the hands

Another travel blog about Milanthat you have to access is Milan in the hands, created in 2012 by Magê.A post that I liked and worth mentioning is about the myths and truths about Milan.It will help you to clear your mind and better understand what it is like to visit Milan.You can also check images of the city through the Youtube channel of “Milan in the hands”.Magê offers guided tours for those who want to know a Brazilian’s view of the city.

12) Best travel blogs about MONTEVIDÉU, URUGUAY

⇨ Viver Uruguay

Viver Uruguayis a blog created by Jamile Cardoso in 2012. The site has a lot of exclusive content about Uruguay, be it posts about everyday life or cultural traits of the country, to information necessary for those who want to visit Montevideo and other Uruguayan cities.There you will find tips about the city of Oktoberfest and the cities in the surroundings.There are even tips on what NOT to do in Munich and Germany.Camilian offers guided tours and personalized itineraries for those visiting the Bavarian capital.

14) Best travel blogs about NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

⇨ New York & You

New York & Youis a great site for anyone looking to visit New York, United States.Marina Araújo has lived in the Big Apple since 2013, the same year she created the blog.New York & You presents her view of restaurants, bars, shops and attractions.The Marina also offers different services that make life easier for those visiting the Big Apple: from itineraries to shopping.Check it out!

Check out the interview we did with Marina about New York in the Chat Travel Podcast!


⇨ Andreza Dica e Indica Disney

The Andreza Dica e Indica Disneywebsite is one of the main Brazilian blogs with travel information about Disney and the entire Orlando region.Andreza is passionate about Disneyand knows everything about the Brazilians’ favorite destination.If you’re going to visit Disney, it’s worth checking out her tips.It also offers some services such as selling your travel guide, consulting and itineraries customized for you.

16) Best travel blogs about PARIS, FRANCE

⇨ Paris Connection

The Paris Connectionis an amazing site about the French capital.Always up to date and very informative.The blog was created in 2007 by Lina Hauteville, who has lived in Paris since 1983. If you are passionate about Paris, you will love this site.It is also worth checking out the well-produced videos by Conection Paris, which are hosted on their YouTube channel.There’s even a video that talks about the end of the controversial love locks at Pont des Arts.You can check out the exclusive tours and services they offer to Brazilian tourists in France, and of course, the guides they sell in their website shop.

17) Best travel blogs about PROVENCE, FRANCE

⇨ Destination Provence

For those who want to know the secrets of the beautiful region of Provence (Provence), check out the posts on Destination Provence, written by Natalia Itabayana since 2010. That’s because Provence is a region with many charming little towns, including towns you’ve probably never heard of.Fortunately, several of these cities are featured in Destino Provence.Highlight for the beautiful photos of the French region.

18) Best travel blogs about ROMA, ITALY

⇨ Rome for you

Luciana has written the travel blog Rome for you, online since 2013. She explores the gems of Rome and presents everything from the most basic tips to the secrets she discovered at Italy.There are even tips for you to be able to see the pope without relying on a reservation for the general audience.Too bad we didn’t know that before we traveled (hehe).We think “Roma pra você” is one of the best websites about the “Eternal City”, written by Brazilians.

19) Best travel blogs about SANTIAGO, CHILE

⇨ We in Chile

The blog We in Chilehas been written by Rosi Guimarães since 2014, the year she moved to the Chilean capital.You will find information about Santiago, but also about other regions of Chile.They have a free e-book that presents a 7-day itinerary in Santiago.

Check out the interview we did with Rosi about Santiago in the Papo Viagem Podcast!

20) Best travel blogs about TORONTO, CANADA

⇨ Gaby in Canada

Anyone who is going to visit Torontoshould visit the Torontotravel blog 0001}Gaby in Canadato check out important information and fun facts about the largest city in the country.They have really cool tips about restaurants, secret places and Canadian habits.Gabriela Ghisi is passionate about Canada – especially Toronto, which is evident in her writings and you will notice!

21) Best travel blogs about TOSCANA, ITALY

⇨ Viva Toscana

Bárbara Campanaro, owner of the website Viva Toscana, has lived in beautiful Florence (Firenze) since 2009.Gastronomy & Wine, Art & Architecture, Customs & Traditions, Tips & Curiosities, Fashion & Design are some of the topics covered on the site.You will discover beautiful Italian cities in “Viva Toscana”.Bárbara offers a guide service, photography workshop and personalized itinerary.

22) Best travel blogs about VENICE and other cities, ITALY

⇨ Italia per Amore

Italia per Amoreis the blog created by Isabela Discacciati in 2013. The focus of the site is Venice, but there are also texts about other Italian cities or other countries.Currently, she lives in Treviso, Italy, but continues to give tips for those who are going to visit the city of canals.One of the posts I recommend you read is “Truths and Myths about Venice”, where Isabela clarifies some of the wrong judgments people make about Venice.

23 ) Best travel blogs about VIENNA, AUSTRIA

⇨ Viva Viena

Viva Vienais the travel blog written by Letícia Diethelm since 2014 , when she moved to the city.In addition to helping tourists who are going to visit the capital of Austria, Letícia also writes posts for those who are going to live or already live in Vienna.You can check out the Vienna videos on the “Viva Viena” YouTube channel.


Note:We will update this list as we find specific tourism blogs for other cities.These are travel blogs we know 😛 Suggestions are welcome!Just leave a comment.

This was the post about the best travel blogs about cities and regions!Like the site and this post!

Have a nice trip, Traveler!


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