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Bonito tours and accommodation in Monte Verde

Post updated on 01/08/2022

From tours in Bonito to accommodation in Monte Verde: how to organize the trip
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Having the opportunity to travel and discover destinations around the world is a privilege.

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Some places even deserve to be on the itinerary of any traveler.

Bonito, in Mato Grosso do Sul, and Monte Verde, in Minas Gerais, are two examples of destinations that guarantee incredible experiences..

But do you know how to organize your trip and make tours in Bonito or booking accommodation in Monte Verde?

From tours in Bonito to accommodation in Monte Verde
From tours in Bonito to accommodation in Monte Verde

Check it out below!


Organizing trips to Bonito and Monte Verde is very simple. That’s because thehe two cities have attractions for all tastes.

Monte Verde is a very charming destination to spend a holiday season. TIt is also an ideal place to spend a weekend, as it is close to São Paulo, in Serra da Mantiqueira.

Monte Verde - Minas Gerais: From tours in Bonito to accommodation in Monte Verde
Monte Verde – Minas Gerais: From tours in Bonito to accommodation in Monte Verde

The city has that nice chill and other places like Campos de Jordão and São Bento do Sapucaí are close by. But it has all the characteristics of a mining towndespite being closer to São Paulo than to Belo Horizonte.

To complete the experience, the accommodation in Monte Verde are fantastic and have an ideal infrastructure for those looking for peace and tranquility. There are many options and there is no mistake.

Once you’ve found the best hotel or hostel, it’s time to know what to do in the city.

Things to do in Monte Verde

➨ Stroll along Avenida Monte Verde: walking along this avenue is an attraction for all visitors, as there are many restaurants, shops, bars and shops of different types.

Walking around there gives the feeling of walking along some street in Switzerland. That’s because the houses have a European style, full of flowers and very colorful.

No wonder Monte Verde is also called ‘Brazilian Switzerland’!

Ride by Jeep: nothing more fun than taking a stroll jeep through the dirt streets of Monte Verde. the reason is that mmany of them lead to higher trails.

This type of tour is very interesting and fun because it takes you to places where there is no asphalt road.

Hike to Verner Grinberg Park: Monte Verde is a fantastic destination for hiking, which are very well signposted. In additionSome of them have viewpoints to take wonderful pictures.

Hiring a specialized guide is the most recommended to be able to take advantage of the region, but it is not mandatory.

The best programs in Bonito

At the same time, Bonito is another spectacular place for those who wish to spend a period of rest.

It is one of the main tourist destinations in Mato Grosso do Sul, receiving visitors looking to do ecotourism throughout the year. Rivers with incredibly transparent waters, caves and waterfalls are the main points for this choice.

But the city has other activities for all tastes, from options with a lot of adrenaline to outings to do with the family.

To top it off, great accommodation, good restaurants and various tourist services guarantee tourists a wonderful season.

You ecological tours are the most important attractions of Bonito. That’s because they allow so that visitors can explore the wonders of the ecosystem of this Brazilian destination.

In addition, visits to caves and spas and even the observation of species of animals in the region are great suggestions to be part of this itinerary.

And there’s more:

Visit the Natural Aquarium: it is a different activity, as people float down the rivers, always beside the fish. It really is an open-air aquarium.

And what’s more, everyone can participate in this extraordinary experience, even those who can’t swim, as everyone wears life jackets.

Visit the Blue Lagoon Grotto: inside a cave there is a lake with bluish tones, because of the incidence of light in the place. A beautiful place to take pictures, but it doesn’t allow entry to a bath.

Definitely both Monte Verde and Bonito are two excellent tourist destinations. They deserve to be known, visited and admired.

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