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Caparaó Capixaba: what to do in this incredible region of ES

Exuberant nature, wonderful food, friendly and hospitable people. There is no shortage of adjectives to talk about this region, which is on the border between Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais and is full of incredible attractions. if you are looking tips on what to do in Caparaó Capixabathis text can help you!

The main city in the region is Dores do Rio Preto, where the Pedra Menina district is located – which is where the main inns and other attractions are spread out, both in the more urban part of the district and outside, in the midst of nature.

It is also in Pedra Menina that the entrance to the most famous place that attracts tourists is located, the Caparaó National Park, where the Pico da Bandeira is located. But there is much more to discover.

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Things to do in Caparaó Capixaba

I took this trip in March 2020, just before the pandemic started. Soon after, some places closed, following the measures to contain the spread of the virus. Then they reopened and, today, they are working according to safety protocols, in addition to the improvement of the scenario due to the advance of vaccination in the state. So, with some delay, here I am with the information about Caparaó Capixaba!

The trip was an invitation from the agency Flag Peak Tur, which organizes tours in the region and which is the best option for those who are going to make this trip. You get in touch, say the type of accommodation you are looking for, what type of tour you would like to do, and they will set up an itinerary and give you all the support you need. Contacts: Instagram @picodabandeiratur / Whatsapp (28) 99912-3523 (Jefinho)

I only stayed for two days – I arrived on Friday late at night, took advantage of Saturday and Sunday and left. I did a lot of things because the main objective of the group was to know as many establishments as possible to pass on information. But of course, the ideal is to take the tours more slowly, choosing the ones that most resonate with you and making the most of each one.

I’ll list here everything I did, the places in Caparaó Capixaba I went, to stay as a suggestion and each one to be able to choose the ones that interest most:

Tourmaline Farm

It was where I slept the first night, as soon as we arrived, and we left the next morning. It has large and equipped chalets, with kitchen space and a balcony that looks directly onto the lake. From every corner you look at, there is a spectacular view that, for me, is the highlight of the place. Breakfast is included and is served on a deck just above the chalets.

tourmaline-caparao farm


visual tourmaline farm

In the accommodation of Granja Turmalina there is also artisanal production of cachaça, made with its own cane, specific for cachaça. They do everything from grinding, boiler (steam), to stills. There are wooden barrels where the drink is stored in barrels, the minimum rest period is three years. And even those who are not staying can make the visit to get to know, taste and buy.

Instagram @granjaturmalina


Recanto do Caparaó

It is an inn that has three super well equipped containers, with a living room and kitchen, and a balcony with a view. I thought it was different and really cool! There are also simpler rooms (but very spacious and complete)

In the background there is a beautiful waterfall and also a leisure space that they made with stools, hammocks, pond for children and an area with barbecue. And at the top there is also a restaurant and grocery store (when I went it was one, which closed, now it is another one, Casa Viseu).

Instagram @recantodocaparao



Lake House

One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my life! It is at an altitude of 1200 meters and, right at the entrance, there is a lake surrounded by flowers. Amazing in every detail, it didn’t even look real, I felt like I was in a movie set.

The low fog still added a special touch, although I imagine that on a clear day it could be even more spectacular.

capixaba lake house

Casa do Lago also has the option of accommodation and restaurant – we went for lunch. At the entrance there is a part of the cafeteria. At lunch they serve wonderful dishes. And at night it works as a wood-fired pizzeria. The space has a fireplace and, outside, a few more tables facing the garden.

lake house-caparao-restaurant

A little further up there are two wooden chalets for accommodation. The room is beautiful, spacious, glass windows with panoramic views, the bathroom is also lovely, all very charming.

Instagram @restaurantepousadacasadolago

lake house-caparao-chales-accommodation

ATV tour

The complete tour lasts three hours, passes through two waterfalls and has a snack in the middle of the trail. And you have the option of automatic quads, which are easier to drive. We just did a quick snippet to get to know you. I thought it was fun, but I confess I was afraid, since I’m not much for adventures. And look, I didn’t even ride, I just went on the back. But I laughed a lot and screamed too.

Rancho Canto da Serra Chalé does this quad bike tour – which also offers accommodation options, but I didn’t get to know it.

Instagram @ranchocantodaserrachale


To close Saturday, we had a snack at a burger place that unfortunately was closed for good due to the pandemic. But there are many options for restaurants and bars for the night!

high waterfall

On Sunday morning, we went to Mundo Novo, also a district of Dores do Rio Preto. There is the highest waterfall in the region, with a drop of 80 meters. A true spectacle of nature.

The trail has two parts. The first one, on grassy ground, has an ascent, but it is quiet. And it already reaches a smaller part of the waterfall.


Then another stretch of dirt floor, but fine, until you reach the waterfall. Altogether it is a short and fast trail. And the look is really stunning!

As it was cold, getting into the water was not part of the plans – not mine, but there were people who did. For the hottest days, it’s certainly a great choice!


Águas do Caparaó

Access to Cachoeira Alta is via a simple trail that leaves Pousada Águas do Caparaó, located in a Private Natural Heritage Reserve. Another beautiful place worth visiting.

Non-guests pay 5 reais to visit the waterfall. For those who want to stay, there are suites with breakfast included. There is also a restaurant with food on a wood stove, open to non-guests.




Picanha Dourada

Again in Pedra Menina, this was our lunch stop. A restaurant that is located in a space with a lot of nature and has the steak on the stone as the flagship of the menu. All very well served and a large outdoor space.

Instagram @picanhadouradaa


Casa Verde site

For those who like coffee, this tour cannot be left out of the itinerary. Accompanied by the owners, who show and explain everything, it is possible to follow each stage, from planting, through harvesting, washing, drying, classification, roasting and tasting. In addition to the award-winning coffee, they also make sweets, jellies, honey and açaí.


And the place has a very beautiful view – like practically everywhere, right (nature is really a strong point of a trip to Caparaó Capixaba). The differential of Sítio Casa Verde is that from there you have a view of Pedra Menina, the mountain that gives the district its name.

Instagram @ositiocasaverde

Holy Spirit Girl Stone

divine art

A place that moved me. It was lovely to meet the owner Elisa and her wonderful work in the studio, made with coffee sieves. Very delicate and very tasteful. Along with the studio, she also has a “bed and breakfast” style accommodation, Casa da Serra, with some very beautiful and well decorated rooms.

And it has an open-air setting at the back, with hammocks and an orchard, a wide and pleasant green space. Difficult to explain, but it was a special moment, to close the trip with a golden key.

As Caparaó Capixaba is on the border of states, some properties are in Minas Gerais territory, as is the case of this one, but all in the same region. Instagram

divine art-caparao


Caparao National Park

The main entrance is in Pedra Menina. It was just a photo stop, since, because of the heavy rains that had fallen at the beginning of the year, the park was closed to visitors, which continued for a period due to the pandemic. Today it is in operation.

There is Pico da Bandeira, the highest point in the entire Southeast Region and the third highest point in Brazil, with more than 2,800 meters of altitude. In addition, it has several trails, waterfalls, natural pools, in addition to the stunning view. Instagram @parquenacionaldocaparao

caparao national park

Where to stay in Caparaó Capixaba and how to get there

It is best to go by car to Pedra Menina or by bus to Dores do Rio Preto and, from there, take the Pico da Bandeira Tour transfer. Even for those who go by car, it is better to park at the inn and take the tours with the agency, whether as a couple, family, group, or traveling alone, because you are not alone and can get to know everything in a personalized way, choosing the programs you want to do.

About accommodation, I have already mentioned some above because they are also places for tours and/or restaurants. But I’ll talk about what I got.

Pousada Flor de Café

It is over 1200 meters above sea level and is an incredible place with excellent service. The room I stayed in was huge and spacious, with a double bed, closet, television, fridge, bench, chair and everything else. And a very big bathroom too. From the balcony you had a view of a green space and the swimming pool.



The breakfast is very hearty and complete, with fruits, cakes, cold cuts, drinks and other diverse options. And in the afternoon/evening it works as a cafeteria open to non-guests as well. There are two environments, the inside, which is closed, and an outside deck overlooking the waterfall. We all had a snack there before returning from the trip.

Instagram @flordecafepousada

Caparao coffee flower inn

Viewpoint of the Mountains

Another accommodation option in Caparaó Capixaba is the Mirante das Montanhas, owned by Jefinho do Pico da Bandeira Tur. It’s a recent venture and, when I went, it still didn’t have it, but I’m following the posts and delighted by the photos.

Instagram @mirantedasmontanhas


Instagram photos @mirantedasmontanhas


I really want to go back with more time, discover new places, make the most of the ones I’ve been to and discover other beauties of Pedra Menina. And, as I said at the beginning, hiring an agency is the best way to tour the region and see all the good things up close. of what to do in Caparaó Capixaba.

Another very positive point of choosing this charming destination is that practically all the tours are outdoors, being possible to keep the distance and all the necessary care until the pandemic ends for good.


* I thank Pico da Bandeira Tur agency and the other establishments for the invitation to participate in this trip, which also had the presence of other content creators and the Secretary of Tourism of ES.

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