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cape may character breakfast

Updated November 19, 2021 by Thiago Khoury

cape may is a Disney breakfast buffet that eats around the edges: while everyone else kills for a table at the Grand Floridian’s 1900 Park Fare or the Chef Mickey’s of the Contemporary, in Cape May Cafe at Disney’s Beach Club we can usually find a table available without much effort.

I was shocked when I got three Saturday morning schedule options a month before my trip – and anyone starting to plan their itinerary knows how difficult that can be!

cape may character breakfast buffet at disney’s beach club

Disney’s Beach Club used to be Disney’s Beach & Yatch in the past, but over time it was divided into two amazing hotels side by side, but we walk through them as if they were one – in fact, this holy location: they are in the same brain from the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel, I even walked and arrived in less than ten minutes even though I didn’t stop taking pictures along the way.

Disney’s Beach Club lobby

Cape May at Disney's Beach Club

Looks like an early 20th century English aristocratic summer hotel

Cape May at Disney's Beach Club

As I don’t really like this luxurious feel, I like Disney’s Yatch Club better…

Cape May at Disney's Beach Club

…but the Beach Club is beautiful!

Cape May at Disney's Beach Club

Cape May Cafe is tucked away in the left corner of the lobby for those arriving walking

I really like the cape may as an option for a character breakfast buffet for several reasons, but one of them is being at Disney’s Beach Club which is one of my favorite hotels – it’s no use, whenever I can choose I stay with any of the hotels on the Boardwalk lagoon: Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin, Disney’s Beach & Yatch or, arguably the best of them all, Disney’s Boardwalk Inn.

Waking up in the morning and walking from any of these hotels towards the Beach Club lobby to start the day with breakfast at the cape may It’s a super program, I even advise you to book the first time of day option right away, so you catch the dawn and take beautiful pictures along the way.

Cape May at Disney's Beach Club

As I was the first to arrive, I asked to make an entrance and managed to take pictures of Cape May while it was still empty.

Cape May at Disney's Beach Club

The restaurant is much bigger than that little hidden door suggests.

Cape May at Disney's Beach Club

7:30 am Cape May Cafe first time

Other things that make me like cape may: It’s much easier to get a table there than at other Disney character breakfast buffets, so many people end up having the pleasant surprise of eating there only after having tried other options first.

The food is very tasty and easy to please, especially the meat part, which is quite complete: not that I eat salmon in the morning, but there are lots of sausages, sausages, ham, turkey…

I enjoy pastries and sweet foods for breakfast, even because the cape may there is a table at the exit of the restaurant, after paying the bill and just before going through the door, full of muffins and cakes to close the meal with a golden key.

Cape May at Disney's Beach Club

There are some very American options that I don’t like, like broccoli for breakfast and apple pie.

Cape May at Disney's Beach Club

Smoked Salmon at Cape May Cafe

Cape May at Disney's Beach Club

Pancakes (without the chocolate chips from Boma’s pancakes) and Cape May’s famous banana syrup

Cape May at Disney's Beach Club

I prefer the Boma fries and the 1900 Park Fare jerked beef hash, but Cape May also has roast potatoes.

Cape May at Disney's Beach Club

It looks like ice cream, but it’s homemade butter

Finally, one more reason to like the cape may are the characters: no Mickey, but Minnie, Donald and Goofy. Other more famous breakfasts have amazing characters that people my age usually know, but the cape maywho eats around the edges, comes right away with three of the five most famous.

Too bad the photos were horrible, but what counts is the intention:

Cape May at Disney's Beach Club

Two stooges in Cape May

Cape May at Disney's Beach Club

Minnie (with Donald in the background!) at Cape May

Farewell table full of options for cakes, muffins and pastries…

Cape May at Disney's Beach Club

A little more of the Cape May farewell table

It is worth remembering that Cape May at Disney’s Beach Club is an all you can eat buffet with characters, that is, for a certain price you can eat all you want while the characters visit the tables in a previously defined rotation.

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