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Car, Bus, Taxi or Van? [GUIA 2022]

Although the feeling of isolation is one of the charms of the village, there are several ways to get to caraiva, Bahiawhether by car, public transport or even a taxi from trancoso, Arraial d’Ajuda or safe harborWhere is the nearest airport.

The 40km that separate the trendy Trancoso from here are all from dirt road, which makes the journey longer. In the rainy season it can be very bumpy and even prevent the circulation of buses, but usually cars usually pass.

How to get to Caraiva


One of the best options for how to get to Caraíva is by private car. You can easily rent one in Porto Seguro, Arraial or even Trancoso (compare car rental prices and find discounts). The road after Trancoso is unpaved, but there are signs.

If you come from Porto Seguro, you have the option of crossing the ferry and going through Arraial d’Ajuda (which, despite being closer, can be longer in the season due to the queues) or by the BR-367 and BA-001 to Trancoso .

Upon arriving in Caraíva there is a parking “on this side” of the river (R$ 10*). From there, just cross by canoe (R$ 5*) and in less than five minutes you will be in the village, where there are no cars.


Bus daily connect the ferry from Arraial d’Ajuda to Caraíva, with two departures (in each direction) passing through the center of Arraial and Trancoso. The buses are old, without air conditioning and it is not very rare that one breaks (mine already broke lol), but it is the option more economical and also very easy.

If you are in Porto Seguro, cross the ferry and take the bus on the Arraial side. The point is very close. You can check the timetable on the website Eagle car Blue.

The journey is much longer than by car. To give you an idea, it takes more than 2 hours just from Trancoso to Caraíva. The ticket costs less than R$ 20* (see updated values). The bus stops at the parking lot and from there you must cross the river by canoe until reaching the village (R$ 5*).

How to get to Caraíva (Photo: This World Is Ours)


Another option to get to Caraíva is by taxi. If you are with more people or if you find other tourists to share the car, it can be an alternative. Normally, the official race schedule says R$210* from Trancoso and R$280* from Arraial d’Ajuda. In a first contact they usually charge a lot more, so always trade the maximum.

We have already traveled with the help of the taxi driver Mechanic, who lives in Nova Caraíva, a small town 2km from the village of Caraíva. If you want to see prices with him, the contacts are: (73) 99991-8795 / 99971-6890.


We stayed at Pousada Lagoa, very close to the main street and the Caraíva river, where there are bars, restaurants and shops. From there to the beach it is about 5min walking. The hotel has a rustic/boutique style with white bungalows reminiscent of Greek houses. It was a very good choice!

How to get to Caraíva - Pousada Lagoa (Photo: Publicity)

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Do you have more questions on how to get to Caraíva? Leave your comment!

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*Prices checked as of June 2017

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