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Catarata dos Couros, the Best Tour of Chapada dos Veadeiros

Catarata dos Couroswas the best tour we did in Chapada dos Veadeiros.And Chapada has a lot of impressive places to visit, including Cachoeira Santa Bárbara, which is popular on social media.

But Couros wins because it meets many of the requirements of a cinematographic place.Starting with the grandeur of its falls, which reach a height of 100 meters.

Do you know when you need to put the camera in vertical mode to fully capture the place?And yet you can’t?

While it’s great, it’s also peaceful, pleasant and relaxing to enjoy (at least outside the rainy season).All waterfalls have wells, some very calm and safe.You can walk in most of them, at least during our visit.

During the rainy season, you can’t be too careful.The volume of water increases considerably and accidents are not rare.

Check out below how to get to Catarata dos Couros and our main question: after all, do you need a guide to get there?

Catarata dos Couros, the Best Tour in Chapada dos Veadeiros

Check out what to do and how to get, with or without a guide, to Catarata dos Couros

Catarata dos Couros: Chapada dos Veadeiros

I arrive at the base of one of the absolutely cinematic falls of the Catarata dos Couros.It’s so much water and it falls so impressively, it takes your breath away.OK, the huge amount of water that falls on your face is what makes you lose your breath, not the emotion of the place.

But the place is so beautiful that you lose a little fear, which obviously can be a trap, as the place is quite dangerous.Most of the waterfalls in Chapada dos Veadeiros require visitors to be as careful as possible, especially during the rainy season, when the volume of water increases.

It is advisable to seek the accompaniment of a guide .He will guide you on what is safe or not to do there.There are people who go to Catarata dos Couros and, out of insecurity, only know the first waterfall.Unforgivable.

I walk slowly to the base of the second waterfall and start to feel the heavy drops on my body.It is an indescribable experience.Especially after having seen the course of the Rio dos Couros just above.

Catarata dos Couros: Chapada dos VeadeirosCatarata dos Couros: Chapada dos Veadeiros
Impressed in front of one of the waterfalls of Catarata dos Couros

Cataract of the Leathers: with or without a guide?

Let’s go back to where it all started.In fact, I was very happy to find a very friendly and attentive person at CAT.On my first visit to Chapada, there was no one to help me.But that was many years ago.

At our inn, we were also recommended to do the Catarata dos Couros with a guide.

In some travel blogs, we saw that it was possible to do without a guide.But some of these bloggers did not complete the route, so it may be an indication that with a guide, you end up having more confidence in doing the complete itinerary.

Finally, we met a group of cariocas (from left to right, Yves, Raisa, Mayam and Yuri), on the trip to Santa Bárbara Waterfall the day before.We ended up arranging the Catarata dos Couros with them together.These amazing friendships we make while traveling.

Catarata dos Couros: Chapada dos VeadeirosCatarata dos Couros: Chapada dos Veadeiros
Our group and guide on the right: the tour works best with expert accompaniment

We charge BRL 150.00 per day for the guide, for 6 people.In other words, R$ 25.00 was an easy amount to pay, so we prefer to do it with a guide.

But the normal price is this amount of R$ 150.00 for a maximum of 4 people ( R$ 37.50 per person), in own car.The guide’s car is more expensive.

I think it’s even worth paying a little more and having the convenience of not driving on the Chapada’s dirt roads.

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Car Hire

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Payment is made online by Rentcars or directly at the car rental company.

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Aluguel de CarrosAluguel de Carros

Lots of dirt roads: without getting lost along the way

Our guide was Gustavo Bastos (55 11 97335-3870).It is worth contacting Beto Guia da Chapada.

The route is long and takes about 1 hour.There are about 20 km on a paved road (towards Brasília) and another 35 km on a dirt road.For a road of this size, it is in good condition, but it is still a dirt road.

Our experience was in a passenger car, and it was relatively smooth.Just be careful with the holes and speed bumps on the track.But in the rainy season, I imagine that the route must be worse, so if you can, go with a tall car.

As we followed the other car, at some points, it was so dust on the road that we lost visibility.The solution was to distance yourself a little, but not too far so as not to lose the car in front, which was with the guide.

Right or left?

On the way, they say, signs indicating the way have been torn down, which leaves visitors without a guide lost.

Basically, just follow the main road to a very wide fork with a sign about a pay fishing service.This is where we took the right lane.

Catarata dos Couros: Chapada dos VeadeirosCatarata dos Couros: Chapada dos Veadeiros
Dirt road on the way to Catarata dos Couros

A little further on, there are signs for the restaurants around Catarata dos Couros: Dona Eleusa, Dona Luzia and Dona Senera’s restaurant.

There are two forks, at the first turn left (signposted Restaurante Dona Luzia) and then left again (the right path leads to the Dona Eleusa and Dona Luzia restaurants).And if you happen to fall into one of the restaurants, just turn around.

To recap, as I recall, there are three forks: right, left, and left.

But of course, doing it with a guide gives you more security and tranquility, so we opted for the guided tour.During the trail, this help from the guide is also great at various times, especially to find the special corners of Catarata dos Couros.And know all there is to know.I think it’s unforgivable to go there and stay only at the first waterfall.

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Start of the trail: Muralha dos Couros Waterfall

The entire journey, from Alto Paraíso to the beginning of the trail, took just over 1 hour.The choice of our guide was Dona Eleusa, but he told us that he always alternates.That is, the services are equivalent.Lunch takes place elsewhere (remember the signs we mentioned earlier?).

The trail follows on foot.The first stretch is very short, up to the Muralha Waterfall.In the rainy season, the falls completely dominate the scenery, but on our visit it was possible to see some dry parts of the wall.

Although it is short, this first stretch has many, many rocks loose, so it is recommended to wear suitable hiking shoes.We love hiking in sandals, for the convenience of bathing, but in this case we opted for sneakers, guided by Gustavo.Better alternative.

Leave to bathe in this waterfall on the way back, at the end of the trail.The following waterfalls are much better and you can manage your time better in each one.

Catarata dos Couros: Chapada dos VeadeirosCatarata dos Couros: Chapada dos Veadeiros
Waterfall of Muralha dos Couros: the first of the circuit.Better save the shower for last.

Stay tuned

Today, many articles on the internet are impersonal.The authors did not actually make the trip and work with content inspired by other sites rather than their own experiences.

Would you get travel tips from someone who hasn’t taken this trip?

Give credit to authorial work.All Viagens Cine articles are based on real experiences and on places we actually visit.The photos and videos are ours.

Rio dos Couros e Almécegas 1000

We walk along a trail along the banks of the Couros River, which at this point becomes a convergence of other rivers in the region.This explains why so much water and the name of the rapids: Almécegas 1000 (the Almécegas river is one of those that converge to this point).

At this time, the river level is low and they form some small beaches and natural pools, delicious for a dip.

Catarata dos Couros: Chapada dos VeadeirosCatarata dos Couros: Chapada dos Veadeiros
Delicious little beach in Rio dos Couros

But it wasn’t our turn to take a shower yet, so we went to the next drop.

During the trail, it’s worth keeping an eye out as there are several wonderful viewpoints.Anyway, in the end everything worked out and we ran after the group, always very patient.

São Vicente Waterfall

The second waterfall on the route is the most impressive .There are many waterfalls, which resemble an Iguazu Falls on a smaller scale, but with the advantage that you can go under the falls.

We took pictures of the waterfall from all angles.From the top, there are at least two unmissable viewpoints.

In one of them, there is a passage that is a bit complicated, but that gives access to the upper part of the waterfall, where you can take a photo very close to a series of steps (photo below).

Catarata dos Couros: Chapada dos VeadeirosCatarata dos Couros: Chapada dos Veadeiros
Cleber is up there enjoying the falls of São Vicente Waterfall

At the other, quieter viewpoint, you face the waterfall and have a breathtaking view.

The thing is to be photographed under the falls.Taking pictures from afar, you can capture the grandeur of the place (look at our friend below, in the photo below).

Catarata dos Couros: Chapada dos VeadeirosCatarata dos Couros: Chapada dos Veadeiros
Photographing the São Vicente Waterfall from afar, you can capture the grandeur of the place

Catarata dos Couros: Chapada dos VeadeirosCatarata dos Couros: Chapada dos Veadeiros
The bath at this point of the Couros Waterfalls

Cachoeira do Parafuso

Before reaching this waterfall, we went to the end of the trail, where you can see the Canyon of Leathers.Our guide said that they will work together with the guides to open a new trail and allow visitors to contemplate the canyon from another point of view.

But the third fall of the Catarata dos Couros route it is a place beyond cinematic.Called a Screw, a huge waterfall (100 meters high) falls over a canyon and forms an immense, very flat natural pool.The name screw, they say, is because under the fall it forms a whirlpool.

Catarata dos Couros: Chapada dos VeadeirosCatarata dos Couros: Chapada dos Veadeiros
The view of the waterfall is one of the most cinematic. from the script

There, we walked a bit (the floor is super slippery, you have to be very careful) and enjoyed a mini slide (it’s on the right side).All you had to do was sit down, let the water flow take you, and when you saw it, you were already there, after a basic broth.

In the end, we spent most of our time enjoying this place, and we always wanted more.

We didn’t go on the fourth fall, but Cachoeira do Bujão is a little further down (we were on top of it).Our guide said that access was a little more complicated, but there are those who make the jump from where we were.Consult the guide, I didn’t see anyone jumping and I don’t know if it’s dangerous.

Catarata dos Couros: Chapada dos VeadeirosCatarata dos Couros: Chapada dos Veadeiros
A delicious natural pool, very shallow (but slippery) is the highlight of Cachoeira do Parafuso

Already performed with that spectacular place, we return along the trail to the first fall, the Cachoeira da Muralha.

It is the quieter one, with two wells, one shallower and the other deeper, but both with waterfalls that allow for a basic natural hydromassage.

To access the wells at Cachoeira da Muralha , here’s the tip: you have to cross the river, in a stretch where some stones form a path.It was a real rally on a dirt road, first returning to the asphalt road, then walking a stretch of road towards Alto Paraíso and finally entering the access to Pousada Inacia.

Pôr do sol na Chapada dos VeadeirosPôr do sol na Chapada dos Veadeiros
Rally on the roads near Alto Paraíso, to watch the sunset

And there’s more dirt road, and the sun gigantic in front of us, almost hiding behind some mountains.Time was running out.

Despite the indication of Pousada Inacia, the camp is not close to the inn.You need to hit the road before that.In the late afternoon, it is common to find other cars in the place.If you don’t have a guide, go looking for the stream of sunset hunters.

Finally, we arrived in an area with some people already parked, and ran into the fields.The place is really spectacular, but we weren’t lucky enough to arrive at sunset time.Even so, it was totally worth it and it was an amazing end to the day.

At the end of the day, that’s it.If I was still in doubt whether it was worth it or not to have spent R$ 25.00 on hiring a guide, the answer came.Only a local guide will give you that special tip, get to know that amazing place and put something you hadn’t planned on your travel route.

Pôr do sol na Chapada dos VeadeirosPôr do sol na Chapada dos Veadeiros
Sunset in a field of showers in the cerrado: absolutely spectacular

And that’s why new friends like the ones we made that day and a good tour guide, can make a trip to Catarata dos Couros even more unforgettable.

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Tour:Catarata dos Couros
Direction: Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Chapada dos Veadeiros
Production: R$ 150.00 with guide (for up to 4 people).Look for different angles to register and enjoy this wonder.
The worst: Access, via a dirt road, has no signage.
Year: 2017
Country: Brazil
Evaluation: ★ ★★★★

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