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Check-in #25 – November/18 – Mariana Viaja

November was great. After an October of change, things start to get on track. In relation to the world and external events there is still a feeling that is not good, but in me, in my life, in my bubble, everything is going well. Focus on it! I’m adapted, I’m enjoying living here. And look at that visual of my rides at the end of the day (except for the “Merry Christmas” that I don’t admit in November ahahah). Of course, it’s all very recent and there are still a lot of steps to be taken, but let’s just say I’m off to a good start!

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in the playlist

After the movie I saw at the end of last month, “A Star Is Born”, and which I even told here at the October check-in, I couldn’t stop listening to some songs from the soundtrack, which is all great. In fact, this is my “problem” with watching more musical films, because then I can’t let go of listening. This one in particular stays on repeat for hours and then keeps echoing in my head. All you need to do is learn to sing. 😀

in the media

Kimberly and Mariana are 15 years old and live in São Paulo about 10 kilometers from each other. But the distance between them is huge! And this article from El País showed this in an almost drawn way, especially at a time when so many people no longer seem to see how much the differences in the “starting point” interfere in the journey and in how far a person can go, as if everything was a matter of merit. Not that the conditions prevent it, but they make the path very difficult/facilitating depending on where the person is born or lives and the economic situation. In the case of the two teenagers, there is a social abyss separating the neighborhoods of Paraisópolis (south zone) and Perdizes (west zone), where they live, respectively. One studies in a private school with monthly fees that reach four figures. Another in a public school in the community. The text tells more about the life and routine of each one and how they are a portrait of the data from the 2018 Inequality Map. Worth reading and, above all, reflection. Link to full text.

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at the head

check-in-25-november18-bedsideShonda Rhimes is an American and the author/producer of several famous series (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Scandal). As I don’t watch series (#mejulgue), I didn’t know her. I had even heard about the book, but maybe because I didn’t know who it was, I wasn’t interested. Now by chance (or not) he passed me by, I liked the synopsis, I started reading to see what it was and, when I realized, I was already involved. In “The Year I Said Yes” (Best Seller Editor), Shonda talks about how she committed to start saying yes to more things for a year and how it transformed her life in very positive ways. It’s easy to read, but with messages that are important and that make us think about the way we act. Certainly everyone will identify to a greater or lesser degree with different aspects – professional, family, in relation to the body, and even saying yes to the desire to say no! I thought it was pretty cool! Then she participated in a Ted Talks talking about this experience, so if you prefer, instead of reading, to watch the video (not that it’s the same thing, but…) just look it up on YouTube.

on the big screen

I found out by chance that one of my favorite books became a Netflix movie. “The Literary Society and the Potato Peel Pie”. I read this book on my first international trip (actually I bought it to read on the trip, but I only started, because I didn’t have time, and I finished it when I got back, but it ended up being marked as the reading of that moment and I have the greatest love. I really got involved in the story, which takes place during the Second World War in a place in the countryside of England. With the movie it was no different. And it was good because I already had time for the book and I was able to have a distance, great even not to be making comparisons. The story is beautiful, the film is very well made, I was moved.

On the table

Discovering new places here in Vila Velha, this one is close to where I live. The Empada na Caixinha was a pleasant surprise. In addition to traditional pies, there are some with other flavors (I ordered ribs with barbecue and ground beef with pepperoni and pepper). And the difference is that the dough is only on top. And there are also irresistible sweet pies (I had brigadeiro with dulce de leche and chocolate with strawberries). The juices and drinks are great and the menu has other options for desserts (I loved the chocolate-covered French toast and Neapolitan ice cream) and also dishes (opens on Sundays for lunch). The atmosphere is lovely, the service very good, the owner himself, Pedro, was there and always super attentive to all the customers. I want to come back to try more things!

on the wishlist

Me and my wish lists always with lots of books. Not to mention the ones I already have and haven’t read yet, but it’s because I always include new ones and then it becomes an almost impossible task to accomplish. I had one or two notes, but the other day I saw a tip on Maria Ribeiro’s Instagram (actress and writer) that at the time jumped to the top of the list. “Sharp”, by authors who revolutionized the 20th century. Theme that I love and I’m sure I will like it.

To inspire…

I had already heard about Leia Mulheres, a project that exists in several cities. And doing general research on events around here, I ended up seeing a post and joined the group. As soon as they scheduled something in person, I went and it was great. More than a literary group, which meets to discuss works written by female authors, it is a strengthening group. I felt welcomed right away, great people, some new meetings are already scheduled and I’m looking forward to the entire 2019 schedule.

Happy for

After a month of moving, the house is practically in order, which also means that life is in order – or, at least, everything is heading towards it. It doesn’t even seem like we’re in the end of the year mood, when things get slower and there’s no mood to create anything. I’m in the opposite direction, with projects being put into practice, new ideas emerging, change is good because it also ends up giving a new spirit, right! So be it!!!

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