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Check-in of the month – #5 December/16

Another year ending. Funny that at that time, everyone is usually saying that time has flown, but now I’ve only seen people commenting that 2016 never ends… What a long year, right? Some really heavy moments! But today goes!!! By numerology, they say that 2016 was a year of closing cycles or something like that. And 2017 arrives as year 1, of renewal and beginnings. So be it!!! Meanwhile, I take advantage of the last few hours to tell you more about this last month, which had a lot of good things too.

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in the playlist

“I’m still here, lost in a thousand unreal versions of me… I’m here behind all the chaos that life was made in… ” Since I started posting check-ins here I always think about putting this song on, but how about it? it wasn’t a “discovery of the month”, I ended up not putting it. Now, because it’s December, I thought it fit because it must have been the song I heard/liked the most this year. I think the lyrics are sensitive, it has to do with me at that moment and with the closing of the year/cycle as well. Besides that Tiago Iorc is very muse. <3

at the head

I’ve been following Tati Bernardi’s chronicles for a long time and now I bought the book “Afterwards the crazy is me” (Companhia das Letras). She talks, in a confessional way, about anxiety, organization mania, head boiling with thoughts all the time, always laughing at herself. I identified myself at (many?) times – I think every woman at some point – but, of course, aware of the dose of exaggeration that, in the end, is what makes the texts funny. Because what about crazy people/situations that make me freak out is no joke. And then, as the title says, then I’m the crazy one! 😛 I read it in one go, on a Sunday, while eating a cake with chocolate frosting to try to get around PMS.

on the small screen

I loved the first season of Desengaveta, on GNT. I found it all to do with mine vibe the end of the year to separate what I no longer use, clean the closet, put the energy to circulate… I even do this at other times too, when possible, but the end of the year is like a rule. It’s when we see how much we have and still do good to people who will know how to make the best use of what in our life was leaning against. And the program has this proposal, to encourage detachment and conscious consumption – in addition to showing the closets of celebrities (I love it!) and donating the income obtained from the sale of donated pieces in the channel’s website store to the Inca. Whenever it’s over, I feel like giving things a go and see if there’s anything else I can unpack.

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in the media

Once again a text from Vida Simples magazine, which I always like to read because each article is an inspiration, a learning experience. I share here one about everyday spirituality written by coach Paula Abreu – and it remains as an idea to put into practice in 2017. “Spirituality is working with love, giving meaning to your work; do not only to pay the bills at the end of the month but to put yourself at the service of other people and the universe. Preferably in what you were born to do, using your gifts, talents and abilities. But if that’s not possible, give meaning to what you do exactly today. See it as an opportunity for learning and growth, preparation for a higher flight. It is realizing, when you don’t have everything you would like, that there is a subtle but very important difference between what is desire or will and what is essential in your life today. And feel a deep gratitude to realize that the essential, the necessary for your survival, is already being supplied by the universe around you. (…) Spirituality is walking in the streets and, instead of looking only at dirt or violence, seeing the beauty of the sky, taking pleasure in feeling the breeze on your face, bowing to the trees. It’s observing how many “invisible” people work so that you have what you consider “guaranteed”: who fixes the electricity cables, collects the garbage, bakes the bread. It’s realizing that you are where you should be and the universe is giving you exactly what you need in the present moment. And it’s feeling gratitude for all of that.” Read in full here.

in the bag

That video, whose original authorship I don’t remember, already said, but it had a translation by Pedro Bial and it went viral at a time when that viral term was not even used: “If I could give just one piece of advice, it would be: use sunscreen”. This is true all year round, but in summer, with temperatures close to 40 degrees (and sometimes even above that, hello Rio de Janeiro), you can’t forget about it. I’ve been using this one from Skinceuticals – Physical Fusion UV Defense FPS 50 – and I really like it. It has a little color, which already helps to even out the skin, but without being heavy; it has a drier coverage, because no one deserves to have a smeared face, sweat is enough; it yields well and has an ideal size (50ml) to carry in your purse.

in the suitcase

In this case it is not an item in the bag, but the bag itself. It will be a year since I bought this bag, from Bagaggio, who was my companion in 2016 – and for many years to come, I hope. It’s super practical because it’s a great size (the earring is small on the outside and big on the inside), you can take a lot of things and, what I like best, you can go as a carry-on, without having to check. Another practicality is that it has wheels and a built-in zipper handle. The goal now is to use it on an international trip (in these cases I still ship, although I have already managed to lose weight).

on the wishlist

I saw this mini instant camera from Fuji in an ad on Facebook and I was immediately in love. I know that the images must not be as good as the ones from cameras (not least because, for that, I already have a great, semi-professional one) and, possibly, not even from a cell phone. But the idea is different. And the fun of having the photos on time, people? I want!!! In addition, aesthetically speaking, they are very cute, it makes you want to eat. ahahah #aloka And yes, I’m one of those who buys (or feels like buying) because the appearance is beautiful. It comes in a variety of colors, my favorite is this pink. I will mature the idea and try to resist as long as possible. (Image: Fujifilm Store website)

Happy for…

Last year I went with my cousin and our godson to a Christmas party that inspired us. As soon as it was over, still in the car, returning home, we decided that this year we would like to do a similar one in our city, Araújos (Minas Gerais). We started to have a thousand ideas. I wrote it all down and saved it. Then time passed and the universe began to conspire in favor. Because it was never my project, or at least not mine alone. I always wanted people who could add, who understood the “spirit of the thing” and who made the work really collective. The girls from the Fala Aí Araújos group – Thalita, Sofia, Luana, Camila and Rosanne – had a similar idea, they talked to me, then we joined in this mission, which consisted not only of providing a beautiful party for all the children, but also of mobilizing more people to make it happen. It worked out. Other amazing people came our way and we became many. We were getting help with donations, with money, with time, with ideas, with presence, with positive thinking, with the best that each one had to offer. As that song by Beto Guedes says, “one plus one is always more than two”. The result was a magical Sunday afternoon, with games, fun, snacks, goodies and, of course, the presence of Santa Claus, who closed this happy day with a flourish and already sent word that next year there will be more! I get emotional just looking at the photos, because they were really beautiful and unforgettable moments for the children and for us too. A demonstration, in practice, of solidarity and love for others. (Photos: Ricardo Bueno/Fala Aí Araújos)


I spoke there at the beginning of how difficult this year was. But, in my final balance, what prevails is gratitude. I love this comic strip by Monica and I’ve been sharing it for a few years now, because that’s exactly what it is…

Of course, from time to time we complain, get stressed, feel angry, rant (I love/am) and that’s ok, this has nothing to do with not being grateful and it’s part of life. I even suspect those who like to say they only have good feelings. But that’s talk for another post… for another year. Now it’s time to look forward to 2017 full of positive thoughts and the best energies! May you come happy, light and enlightened. So that when it comes to an end we can share again this inspiring Monica comic strip and thank you once again.

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