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Cloud Forest, one of Singapore’s most spectacular attractionsVou na Janela

Singapore is a land of superlatives. The biggest Ferris wheel in the world, the highest suspended swimming pool in the world… And that’s it! The city has plans to be a kind of “garden city”, with many parks and green areas. And some very unusual ones, like Cloud Forest. An immense rainforest inside a glass dome. One of the most extraordinary things you will see in Singapore.


Located inside the Gardens by the Bay, which is home to Singapore’s supertrees and close by the Singapore Flyer are two huge glass structures, like greenhouses: the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest.

Within these structures that seem to have come from another world, complete environments and ecosystems are recreated. The Flower Dome reproduces the dry climate, ideal for the plant species grown inside. The Cloud Forest reproduces an authentic tropical forest. Including a mountain from which an immense waterfall plummets that already draws attention at the entrance.

Cloud Forest and Flower Dome seen from the Singapore Flyer
Cloud Forest
Waterfall that falls from the top of the 35-meter high hill

People’s reaction is almost always the same: disbelief! How can there be a mountain with this immense waterfall inside a glass dome? It is even the largest indoor waterfall in the world. Remember I said above that Singapore is a land of superlatives?

Cloud Forest
Walkways across the mountain
Cloud Forest
More than 220 thousand species of plants
Cloud Forest
More than 220 thousand species of plants

The Cloud Forest tour starts from top to bottom. We take an elevator behind the waterfall that takes us to the top of this 35 meter high mountain. The top of the mountain is called “Lost World”, that’s where the tour begins.

A sequence of walkways were built around the mountain, entering its hollows and passing close to the waterfall. A truly extraordinary experience.

Cloud Forest
Walkway beside the waterfall
Cloud Forest
The view from the catwalks is amazing.

Within the Cloud Forest there are more than 220,000 species of plants and, like the supertrees, they are sustainable, capturing energy from the sun and rainwater to help maintain themselves.

The glass structure also helps to control the light that enters through them to create the perfect environment for the conservation of the plants that live there. At certain times of the day, jets of steam are released creating a mist that helps keep the environment controlled.

Cloud Forest
More than 220 thousand species of plants
Cloud Forest
Cloud Forest and Flower Dome

Singapore is one of the hottest and stuffiest places in Southeast Asia, however, the temperature inside the greenhouse is always around 23 degrees, which is a true oasis in the heat of the city state.

Visiting Cloud Forest is truly a fascinating tour and worth including in your Singapore itinerary.

Cloud Forest
Cloud Forest and the Supertrees

How to visit Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest is located inside Gardens by the Bay and you can combine the visit with the supertrees. Getting there is very simple, the nearest metro station is Bayfront on the Singapore Metro Blue Line (see how to use the Singapore Metro).

Cloud Forest
One of the dome entrances

Near one of the subway exits there is a small station where electric carts transport visitors free of charge through Gardens by the Bay and on to Cloud Forest. But you can also walk, just follow the signs indicating Cloud Forest or Flower Dome.
Entrance costs 20 Singapore Dollars (about R$80) and can be purchased on site or online, which always has discounts for online purchases.


Check out our full post with tips on where to stay in Singapore by clicking here or follow the tips below.

When we talk about places to stay in Singapore, the first image that comes to mind is the spectacular Marina Bay Sands, one of the most famous and desirable hotels in the world. And its fame is due to its luxury and its swimming pool, which is nothing less than the largest infinity pool on top of a building in the world.

In this same region is The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, an incredible five-star hotel that has one of the best locations in Singapore.

Across Marina Bay is The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore and in addition to all the luxury of a Hilton, it has one of the best views in Singapore.

If you don’t want to spend so much at the Hilton, right next to it is the Marina Mandarin Singapore, which has an equally good view.

Chinatown, as the name implies, is Singapore’s Chinatown. It is right next to Marina Bay and has hotels that are equally excellent and cheaper. In this region is the excellent Orchid Hotel, a super comfortable four-star hotel with a delightful pool.

Close by is the Amara Singapore, I’ve stayed at the Amara in Bangkok and it’s wonderful. A five star with a 3 star price.

For those who want to stay in a hostel, capsules are the best option as they guarantee more comfort and privacy than hostels. The most famous of these is MET A Space Pod, which has branches in Boat Quay, Chinatown and Arab Street. It is worth mentioning that all of them have a great location, although I think Boat Quay is better located.

In Chinatown there is a very famous capsule hotel, the Galaxy Pod and the cool thing is that it has capsules for couples from R$190.00. Not bad, huh?

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