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Company helps passengers with compensation for flight problems

You don’t even have to travel far to be a victim of problems like delayed or canceled flights and lost luggage. We’ve found ourselves in this situation a few times. A flight was delayed so much that we missed the connection with the same company and had to spend a whole day at the airport. Fortunately, our problem was not the most seriousbut there are people who miss important meetings, hotel accommodations, tours or even the entire trip. That’s not counting the overbookingwhen they sell more tickets than the number of seats and you are denied boarding.

If you have been involved in one of these situations in recent years, may be entitled to some compensation. But the big question is that we often get lost without knowing where to go or who to count on. the startup I didn’t can help in these situations.


The process is very simple. IT IS just enter the site and tell what happened to you. Within 24 hours, a consultant will contact you. The passenger does not need to pay anything at this stage and the analysis is 100% free. Payment will only be made if the case is won. In this way, 30% of the compensation amount will go to the company.

Problems with delayed flights (Photo: Pixabay)

Such as I didn’t specializes in actions involving flight problems, it is easier to file a claim for compensation, as the company has a lot of experience in this sector and has experts who know exactly what the next step should be.


Not to mention that in the first moment, when the passenger tells what happened to him, the consultant will already contact you informing whether or not he advises him to take the action. If in the end, the case is not won, the passenger will not have to pay anything to I didn’t

Problems with delayed flights (Photo: Pixabay)


Average, cases take up to 4 months to be resolved and compensation amounts range from 3,000 to 8,000 reais.

+ Tell what happened to you and wait for the consultant’s analysis

Did you have any doubts? The website of Nã has all the information.

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