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Cota 200: lunch with a view

A friend invited me to meet the Quota 200. It was a different program for a carioca who has been to the Urca Hill at the Rio de Janeiro.

After all, it was the combination lunch + view of Rio on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

Fun fact: the Cota 200 was inaugurated in May 2015 and the name comes from the fact that it is located 200m above sea level.

For the carioca it is an excuse to go to the tourist spot. For the tourist, a way to get to know one of the city’s postcards in a different way.

How to get to Cota 200

A very good thing is that to go to Cota 200 you don’t have to pay the cable car ticket. Isn’t it great? Just call or access the restaurant’s website and make a reservation.

The entrance to the cable car is separate from other visitors, your name will be checked on the reservation list and you will wait for the next cable car in a waiting room. Upon ascending you will receive a ticket for the return. All without queues (how wonderful!).

Waiting room to board the cable car.

Attention: it is not possible to go up to the Sugar Loaf Mountain in this scheme. If you want to go there, you have to pay the cable car ticket and go up like a normal visitor. Tickets cost R$ 76.00 (full price) and can be purchased online.

Another detail: you have to validate the ticket to return the cable car to the restaurant in order to get off. To avoid trickery, right?

quota 200 morro da urca cable car - Cota 200: lunch with a view
As we go up another cable car goes down.

How was the lunch?

quota 200 restaurant entrance - Cota 200: lunch with a view
Restaurant entrance.

the restaurant is fine clean and illuminated, all glazed and with double height ceilings to, of course, use and abuse the scenery of Rio at your feet.

The mirrored bar, right in front of the restaurant’s entrance, immediately draws attention.

quota 200 restaurant detail - Cota 200: lunch with a view
The atmosphere is impersonal and minimalist.

quota 200 bar - Quota 200: lunch with a view
If you want, you can stay at the bar and have a few drinks.

The service was a bit impersonal and indifferent for my taste. There was a lack of sympathy for those who deal with an audience formed mainly by tourists.

There are two ways to eat at lunch: all-you-can-eat buffet for a fixed price or à la carte.

The buffet seemed like a simple meal, nothing special for the price charged.

A la carte options were more elaborate dishes.

As the prices of the buffet and an à la carte dish were similar, I opted for the menu. The cuisine is Brazilian food (obviously). Various regional dishes such as heart of palm gratin, pirarucu and moqueca. Or more classic dishes with Brazilian touches like the one I ate.

I had a crusted medallion for lunch accompanied by potato gratin with coalho cheese. It was tasty, but nothing exceptional.

quota 200 lunch dish - Quota 200: lunch with a view
my plate.

I didn’t have dessert, but my friend tried the chocolate mousse which looked great, all made but… Half frozen. Ball out!

Important information: the menu is different in the happy hour and not dinner, as well as Saturday is feijoada buffet day. I think I already know what day I’m going back there! haha

See too:

For me, the best of all was the tour. Being able to have lunch and then admire that passionate view of Morro da Urca.

quota 200 cristo redeemer baia guanabara - 200 quota: lunch with a view
Corcovado and Guanabara Bay.

quota 200 sugar bread - Quota 200: lunch with a view
Sugarloaf Mountain.

quota 200 urca - Quota 200: lunch with a view
The neighborhood of Urca and in the distance Niterói.

It is in these moments that I forget about all the problems of Rio and I find myself so fascinated by my city.


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  • address: Avenida Pasteur 520, Morro da Urca, Rio de Janeiro, RJ.
  • time: Monday and Tuesday from 12:00 to 19:00, from Wednesday to Sunday from 12:00 to 24:00.
  • how to get: there is parking but limited spaces. The best option is to go by bus (lines that pass through the Urca neighborhood such as 551, 553 and 554) or by taxi.
  • address:

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