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Credit Card Travel Insurance: is it worth it?

Post updated on 01/05/2022

Credit Card Travel Insurance: is it worth it?
Did you know that your Can a credit card include free travel insurance? Do you know how to use it? Do you know where it is valid?

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We also had no idea how it worked and decided to check if ours (a Visa International/Caixa Econômica credit card) had this option.

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We also take the opportunity to learn about the procedure and services offered by other operators to help you when hiring.

Credit Card Travel Insurance: is it worth it?  Photo: Pixabay
All About Credit Card Travel Insurance: Is It Worth It? Photo: Pixabay


So the first thing you should do, and that’s what we did, is call your carrier card or read the contract signed at the time of purchase.

Only then will you know if your card includes travel insurance among the options available according to the category of your plan.

Ours, for example, only offers travel assistance, with information about the desired destination, visa or passport. In other words, it has no coverage.

However, some have broader protections, such as in the event of death or disability while on authorized public transport; baggage delay; trip cancellation; international medical and dental emergencies; connection loss; and other situations.

Master, Black, Platinum or Infinite categories offer the most comprehensive service. I could see that the better, the broader the coverage. In this case, however, the expenses with the card (say, annuity fee, for example) will be higher.

Travel Insurance with 10% discount

Are you going to travel? It doesn’t matter if you stay in Brazil or go abroad. O Travel insuranceis a very important and even mandatory item, in case the trip is to Europe.

Make your quote and choose the insurance company that best suits your profile.

At Promo insuranceD&D player has 10% off: 5% when hiring with the coupon DEDWORLDAWAY 5 + 5% by paying on the ticket. If you prefer, you can still pay up to 12 installments on your credit card.

Generally, the flags offer Travel insurance free only for those buy and pay for tickets entirely through the card. and it can be air, sea or land tickets and even vehicle rental. But it’s not worth taxi, Uber, transfer and no clandestine bus. Only authorized transport.

What to ask the operator about credit card travel insurance

The first thing to do is call and ask if your category has any travel insurance services. If the answer is yes, question:

Credit Card Travel Insurance: is it worth it?  Photo: Pixabay
Credit Card Travel Insurance: is it worth it? Photo: Pixabay

1 – The insurance is valid from which minimum distance from my city? Does destination X enter this coverage?

2 – if I pay the ticket with milesis the insurance valid?

3 – insurance is valid only for the cardholder or for spouses and children?

4 – what is included in insurance (accidents, deaths, medical and dental assistance, hospitalizations, pharmaceutical assistance, delay and/or loss of luggage, trip cancellation, etc.);

5 – what is the minimum and maximum period of coverage?

6 – which ones procedures for receiving coverage amounts? Do you have to pay in advance and ask for a refund later or does the insurance cover the amount at the time of service?

7 – the insurance has specific coverage for a particular sport activity like skiing or swimming?

8 – the insurance have any restrictions or adequate coverage for people over 60for children or for pregnant women?

Unlimited Internet in 210 countries

travel to 210 countries with unlimited data plan gives EasySim4u. With the chip, you arrive at the destination connected, keep your Whatsapp and you can access the internet and your social networks with peace of mind during the period of your trip.

And you can still choose: free shipping using the coupon RBBVGRATIS or get 10% off with the coupon DDWORLDAWAY 10.

9 – the insurance is in line with the Schengen Treaty, which is mandatory for anyone traveling to Europe? In this case, it must cover up to 30 thousand Euros in medical and hospital expenses.

Full coverage – how to choose the best travel insurance

To have a more complete security, depending on the type of trip, we advise buy extra travel insurance. Especially for those who are going to Europe or traveling for very long periods, such as backpacking.

On our trip to Europe, for example, we need to use the insurance in paris because of a bad flu and we managed to save about R$ 1 thousand with consultations and medication.

Read more about our trip to Paris.

A good way to find the best operator is through the Promo insurance. O site brings together the best insurance brokers in Brazil and you can compare the services offered and the values ​​of each one.

To learn more, read some posts that we have already published about the Travel insurance:

Now that you know the differences between the travel insurance offered by the card and by travel insurers, make your quote and choose the insurance that best meets your needs.

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