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D&D Mundo Afora turns 1 year old

Post updated on 12/21/2021

D&D Mundo Afora turns 1 year old
We are partying!!! Today, August 5, 2015, the D&D Worldwide it is completing 1 year. Yay! And, to celebrate this very important date for us, we want to share with you, the reader, all our achievements in these 365 days.

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For those who still don’t know our history, the D&D Mundo Afora appeared in 2012 under another name (Diário de Uma Vida) and without great pretensions.

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In fact, we didn’t pay much attention to it. only in August 5, 2014we decided to reorganize the blog. We gave it another name (D&D Mundo Afora) and structured it in posts the reports of our travels.

With a lot of work and dedication, today the blog is walking towards your professionalization. We still cannot “afford” to live on it alone. We have other occupations.

But it has increasingly consumed our time and attention.


– New D&D Worldwide layout

To celebrate this date, we are debuting the new layout from the home page of blog. Now he is more organized, valuing the subjects more.

We’re still tweaking the static menus, but pretty soon it’ll be just the way we expect it to be: much nicer and more functional.

– Partnerships

In this first year, we adopted a series of actions to tread the path of professionalization of D&D. One of them was the search for partners, to increase our credibility and visibility, and our inclusion in the Brazilian Network of Travel Bloggers.

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The latter provided us with extremely important contacts with people who are “beasts” in the travel and tourism segment and who, of course, only add to our work.

Also, through partnerships, we started to sell products related to travel and tourism that can be acquired through the blogat no additional cost, such as air and bus tickets, accommodation, travel insurance, chip and internet, car rental, tickets, transferbetween others.

Each time you purchase any of these items, we receive a small commission and this helps blog to keep. It’s not much, but, as the popular saying goes: from grain to grain, the chicken fills the crop. Haha.

Ah, we also implemented some columns in blog. In addition to destinations around the world, with tips, itineraries, photos and videos, we also launched Gastronomy (where we put a typical dish from each place we visit) and Books (with tips and reading suggestions for you to be distracted on trips or even at home).

With all these improvements, our intention is to make D&D Mundo Afora a reference for travelers looking for information about various destinations, as well as many blogs still serve as an inspiration and a source of consultation.

– Numbers

And that growth can be measured by the numbers.

In 1 year were:

A – 365 days
B – 76 posts published
C – more than 104 thousand pages viewed
D – more than 19 thousand visits
E – over 15,000 unique visitors

This first year, we also celebrate our rise in the search results of Google, one of the top search engines on the internet.

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After so much effort and work, we managed to get to the first page, when you search for the word Worldwide.

– D&D Worldwide Virtual Store

Ah, soon, D&D Mundo Afora will still have a Virtual store, where you can purchase various personalized products. Wait!!!

– Future

We are still tiny in the midst of so many giants!

We are arriving slowly, conquering our space, and we are also taking small steps to build our history in a solid way.

The future? The future belongs to God. But we are doing our part: working. And travel, because nobody is made of iron, right!

Congratulations to us and congratulations to you who are a reader of D&D Mundo Afora and are part of all these achievements.

And let’s continue, now, towards 2 years!

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