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Delícias do Mar Restaurant in Florianópolis: Restaurant at Sambaqui

A few minutes from the famous gastronomic district of Santo Antônio de Lisboa is the Delícias do Mar restaurant in Florianopolisa no-frills restaurant by the sea in the Sambaqui neighborhood.

Sambaqui is a traditional region of Florianópolis, but much quieter than Santo Antônio de Lisboa.

Ideal for families looking for peace, Sambaqui stands out for having quality seafood restaurants, but with more affordable prices for Florianópolis standards.

Restaurant Delícias do Mar in Florianópolis was our choice at Sambaqui and in this post we will show you how our lunch was there!

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Delícias do Mar restaurant in Florianopolis

Source: TripAdvisor

O attendance It is a very important aspect of the experience in a restaurant. In the case of Delícias do Mar, it was easy to book a table and, indeed, the place provided was suitable for those with children.

The waiters were friendly and answered our questions about the dishes and other details. I found the attention of the waiters very good, mainly because they don’t stay on top too much, or disappear.

It is worth mentioning that the Restaurante Delícias do Mar is not a sophisticated place, but it is well decorated with pieces related to the restaurant’s focus, which are seafood and fish, as well as the folklore of the coast of Santa Catarina.

There is a external area between the sea and the road, which is usually the customer’s favorite, but has smaller tables. Undoubtedly, the natural beauty and the view of the Sambaqui beach add many positive points to the restaurant.

The interior has larger tables and large glass windows to observe the region, but the air conditioning is not the best. Although the restaurant was not crowded, the atmosphere was warm, even with air conditioning.

Delícias do Mar Restaurant in Florianópolis: Restaurant at Sambaqui
Source: TripAdvisor

As the name suggests, the Restaurant Delícias do Mar has as its flagship the seafood and fish. Appetizers with seafood, such as crab cakes, cockle cake and oysters, are well made, well seasoned and worth what they cost.

Particularly, the crab cake had a lot of crab meat and was not soggy, and the cockle pastel was well stuffed and crispy.

As for the main dishes, we like the grilled fish, with good seasoning, as well as the mush that comes with it (rice is also an accompaniment in many dishes).

The shrimp dish also had good seasoning and flavor, but the shrimp are not big. I just thought there was too much cheese in the shrimp stroganoff, but a lot of customers tend to like that fact.

When we think of a restaurant with good value for moneyit is important that there is a balance between flavor, yield and price of the dishes.

The performance of the dishes is good, because each main course serves two people very well and the appetizers are also suitable for two people.

Thus, a crab cake starter plus a main course of grilled fish, grilled fish or shrimp dish can perfectly satisfy two people who eat well. Customers who eat little can order just the main course, without starters, and will be satisfied.

Florianópolis is an expensive city to eat out, so we consider the Delights of the Sea prices good for the location and quality of the food.

A couple spends less than R$150 on a dinner or lunch, including non-alcoholic drinks, starter, main course of fish and service charge. Shrimp dishes are more expensive, but you rarely spend more than R$200 per couple.

We hope that your review of Restaurante Delícias do Mar in Florianopolis has been helpful! Also check out other posts about tourism in florianopolis!

Have a nice trip, Traveler!

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