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Device gives shock and ends with motion sickness

Post updated on 12/22/2021

Device gives shock and ends with motion sickness
Shock the scalp to prevent the motion sickness? Like this! Well, British experts from Imperial College London created a device that gives shocks (light, according to scholars) on the scalp of those who are sick and (miraculously, is it?) symptoms disappear.

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The invention could be very good for those who feel seasickness on ships, boats or even in cars/buses and others.

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According to data from the research, which was published in the journal Neurology in September 2015, the device will emit an electrical current. She goes dampen brain activity that identifies the movements (responsible for confusing the brain and causing nausea) and eliminates the discomfort.

The forecast is that the device will be sold in pharmacies in up to ten years.

Device gives shock: Why do we get motion sickness? Device ends with nausea

Motion sickness has to do with our balance system (the labyrinth). Our inner ear has sensory structures that allow us to maintain balance when we are still and in motion.

When we are in a car or boat, for example, the brain can be “confused”, as it does not understand that we are stationary (sitting or reading), but at the same time, in motion (with the displacement of the vehicle or ship, for example). ).

That is, the vision cannot coordinate with the stimuli of the rest of the body, which do not remain still.

For most people, this confusion does not cause any problems. However, in some, the inner ear cannot orient itself properly, causing nausea and dizziness.

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