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Different food in a restaurant in Liberdade

One of my favorite places to eat in Sao Paulo and on Freedom. I always try to find a restaurant in Liberdade when I’m in town. First, because I love Japanese food (although I don’t eat shrimp and seafood in general). Second, because it is a place with several good and cheap options.

I recently met the washoia relatively new restaurant in the neighborhood compared to older and more traditional ones.

I discovered Washoi in an article on the Destempered blog. I was there walking around the neighborhood in a hurry, between one work appointment and another, thinking about where I was going to eat… Internet and boom! Several restaurant tips in Liberdade!

I think these little owls are so cute!

Why did I choose to go to Washoi? because there it does okonomiyakithe Japanese pancake.

A dear friend is a daughter of Japanese and always talks about okonomiyaki. I was curious to eat. Here in Rio I don’t know a restaurant that does it. In São Paulo it is also very difficult to find. So off I went to Washoi.

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The okonomiyaki is an open pancake, the size of a flat plate, made of a dough based on cabbage, egg and a “mystery cream” (according to the attendant) to bind. On top is placed the sauce that makes the role of stuffing. I chose the pork one, super traditional. The filling can be of several flavors, because the word okonomiyaki means okonomi = what you like + yaki = grilled.

washoi dish okonomyake - Different food in a restaurant in Liberdade
Voila! The okonomiyaki.

washoi close okonomiyaki - Different food in a restaurant in Liberdade
A closeup.

I know, I know… The face of the food isn’t pretty. It’s just delicious. Too good! Same!

If the dish is light or caloric I don’t know. I was a little in doubt. All I know is that it’s a full meal. The price: R$ 20.00. Super value for money.

If you don’t want to risk eating this pancake, Washoi has a well-served bento and several other options. The menu is very varied and authentic.

The restaurant has two floors, at lunchtime only the ground floor was working, which is very simple and functional. The second floor is tidier and has an apparent kitchen.

washoi table first floor - Different food in a restaurant in Liberdade
The decor on the first floor is very casual.

Washoi’s service is fast and the service is super attentive and friendly. A typical restaurant in Liberdade.

If you’re looking for a restaurant in Liberdade, it’s worth visiting Washoi.


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washoi restaurant freedom 1 200x300 - Different food in a restaurant in Liberdade

[mapsmarker marker=”150″]

  • address: Rua da Glória 224, Liberdade, SP.
  • time: daily from 11:30 am to 4 pm and from 6 pm to 10 pm.
  • how to get: subway – Liberdade station.

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