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Eat at Patio Bellavista in Santiago

Updated November 20, 2021 by Thiago Khoury

There are people who think it’s over, and it probably is, but I’m a fan and a regular customer of Patio Bellavista in Santiago. Tell you huh, what a nice place!

I really like the location, I think it’s a fantastic, creative undertaking with a beautiful architectural project, I hardly notice the excesses (yes, there are excesses, and the two that irritate me the most are this epidemic of live music and the extremely eclectic menus, because those who are willing to do everything usually do nothing really well).

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Eat at Patio Bellavista in Santiago

Patio Bellavista It opened in January 2006 and took very little time to become one of the most significant landmarks in Santiago’s tourism: more than 600,000 customers per month, almost 40% of which are foreigners.

There is nothing in Chile that has worked as well as a shopping mall with restaurants: the fear of disputing customers with themselves made them decide to open other units far away, starting first with Bogotá and Lima.

Today it is the main gateway to the Bellavista neighborhood, a very easy place to eat, drink and enjoy the night. We are still going to talk about it there, mainly about this little brain where Pio Nono and Constitucion streets pass, but today we’re just going to Patio Bellavista:


The restaurants are on different floors

There are just over twenty bars, cafes and restaurants. Many are very traditional among tourists and Chileans, while others change from time to time, according to the business, even if the owners are the same, I believe.

I’ve selected four that are sure to be open no matter when you go, but, morals?, you can perfectly well pass by any of them: I don’t know them all, I’m sure there are better than these, and nothing better than chance. !

zocca It has entrance both through the mall and through the street. It is huge, there are three floors and live music on the first two. Well, get used to it: almost everyone has live music, it’s unbearable.

I remember I had a mushroom risotto, but a friend ordered pizza, which is what they are most famous for. I prefer to eat the thin pizzas Backstage Experiencewhich faces the zoccabut on the other side of the Bellavista.

Backstage Experience it’s also huge, it has more than one floor, but the music is concentrated on a stage right in the middle of the restaurant. Almost discreet with its colored leather armchairs, it is dark most of the time. Their pizzas are long and divided into musical notes: the one shown in the photo was divided into three notes and fed three friends well who also ordered a portion of fried empanadas.



Terribly tired faces on the last day of travel!

This potato with ribeye and these other two horrible photos are from some of the dishes at Montanaan American-style steakhouse that has also been there since 2006. The older restaurants are all very large and to test the patience of the most boring they usually put a singer on each floor.

Anyway, I ordered the baked potato that comes with a ribeye and a skewer with grilled shrimp, but my friends went for the ribeye covered with potato straw and fillet with Madeira sauce and mashed potatoes. All very good, but very expensive, I don’t know if it’s worth it.

to finish the openbox which is the ideal place for groups of friends who don’t know what to order: at the same table we eat a very crazy ceviche and very different from all the others until then, a hamburger and a round of sushi and sashimi.

I had never eaten in a place that goes from Peru to Japan on the same menu.


Fukai, Japanese food

There are several other bars and restaurants there, some smaller and more discreet (generally those are the most expensive), but I advise you not to make a reservation at any of them: go for a walk, read the menus, enter the one that seems to be the most interesting. .

And then we talk about where to stretch the night.

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