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Eataly: the gastronomic paradise in São Paulo

I had been wanting to get to know the Eataly in Sao Paulo. Since its opening, in May 2015, I have read and seen a lot about it – the place has become like a fever on social media, there was only talk about it!!! But my trips to the capital of São Paulo were always rushed and there was no time. Until, on the most recent trip, I went to take a look at what was next to the hotel and saw that I would be staying practically next door. That is, even if the time was short, it would be possible to stop by.

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What is Eataly

Eataly’s proposal is to bring together all quality Italian food in the same space, where people can meet, eat, buy and learn. As if it were a “food mall”. The name is a combination of two words: eat (eat, in English) and Italy (Ilalia, also in English). And one of his mottos is “life is too short not to eat and drink well”. I agree!

There are 29 Eataly stores worldwide, most of them in Italy. The one in São Paulo is the first in Latin America and I’ve heard that there are plans to open one in Rio de Janeiro as well.

restaurants and products

The space of approx. 4,500 m² is divided into three floors, where you can find several restaurants, such as pizzerias, pasta, fish, meat, coffee makers, bread, among others; bars; fresh markets, huge varieties of cheeses, dairy products, sausages, grocery stores and beverages; and stores with items for the home, books… There are options for those who want a more upscale dinner, for those who prefer just a snack or for those looking for products to buy. Everything is beautiful, you know when you want to go out taking everything? So it is.

There are also spaces for workshops and events. You Eataly courses are aimed at those who want to discover the secrets of traditional Italian cuisine. There are even some aimed at children, who learn the value of each food and try new flavors.


Another thing I thought was really cool was the fact that they had a guided tour, called Tour de Eataly – I didn’t do it, because it didn’t coincide with the time I had availability. But I found the proposal interesting and the price very fair.


One of the places I most wanted to go was the Nutella kiosk. On the menu, rustic bread, crepes, among other recipes, in addition to the traditional Nutella pot named after the city. Proof that, yes, there is love in SP. But I have to confess: I didn’t eat there! The day I went had been full of chocolates and I was more in the mood for something salty.



And speaking of snacks… lol Eataly prices they are high, yes, but not exorbitant. There are varied options for all budgets. And it must be taken into account that everything is of the best quality, both in terms of products, preparation and service.

I had a bun (I don’t remember the name of the things hahah), but it’s like pizza, it has different flavors – four cheeses, pepperoni, etc – and it costs about 10 reais a slice. I had a juice that also cost about 10 reais – price that varies according to the amount of fruit that the customer can choose.

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With more time and being able to research better, I believe it is possible to find items with good value for money. In the short period I spent there, I remember seeing a wine for 50 reais.


Address and opening hours

O Eataly SP located at Avenida Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek, 1489. Open from Sunday to Thursday from 8 am to 11 pm and Fridays and Saturdays until midnight. I think I was lucky to get an empty time (I went during the week, I think it was on a Tuesday or Wednesday, around 7 pm), but they say it usually gets very crowded. As the environment itself is beautiful and super pleasant, I think it’s worth going even if it’s just for take a picture and post it on Instagram to meet.

More information by calling (11) 3279-3300 or on the official website.

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