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Ecologic Ville Resort in Caldas Novas: A Great Option

looking for tips accommodation in Caldas Novas? O Ecologic Ville Resort It’s an excellent option! The hotel has great value for money and has a differential: it offers recreation for children all day.

Caldas Novas

Caldas Novas is located in the State of Goiás and is considered the largest hydrothermal resort in the world. It has waters that spring from the ground at very high temperatures. In its hotels it has hundreds of pools with thermal waters that attract tourists from various places. The city receives more than two million tourists annually.

Because it is located on the banks of the Corumbá Reservoir lake and next to the Serra de Caldas with many trails and waterfalls, Ecotourism also stands out in the region.

We have stayed in numerous hotels and apart hotels in Caldas Novas in recent years and without a doubt, this was the one we liked the most.

We spent a weekend at this resort with a group of friends and we loved it! The place is beautiful, big, full of trees, plants, flowers, ecological trail and many swimming pools. It is an ideal place to rest from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in the midst of a lot of nature!

Accommodation Tip in Caldas Novas: Ecologic Ville Resort

We spent a weekend at this resort with a group of friends and we loved it! The place is beautiful, big, full of trees, plants, flowers, ecological trail and many swimming pools. It is an ideal place to rest from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, in the midst of a lot of nature!

Check-in started at 2 pm, but due to our friends waiting for us there, we arrived earlier. They let us into the leisure area, but they only gave us the keys at the appointed time.

Accommodation Tip in Caldas Novas


Luckily we got a room overlooking the recreation area! The room is spacious, comfortable, with a king double bed and a single bed, a table and an armchair, a huge bench that could fit all our luggage. The room has air conditioning, fridge and television. Accommodates 3 people well.

Ecologic Ville Room

The best part of our room was the view, see photo below.

Ecologic Ville Resort Caldas Novas

Hotel structure

The hotel has several swimming pools, some of them heated, others cold, sauna, courts, wet bar and children’s area. There is also a pool towel service. You receive a card that entitles you to pick up towels every day at the pool and at the end of your stay you have to return the card or pay for the towel.

A tip for those traveling with large groups: be careful not to mix towels. When we went, this happened, one of the children lost her towel and it generated a little stress until we managed to locate her.

Accommodation Tip in Caldas Novas

I found it super interesting to have monitors throughout the day doing activities with the children. Inside the elevators there was a poster informing the activities available for that day.

I was not told at the reception how the activities for children worked. I didn’t ask either, because no other hotel I stayed in Caldas had this service available. I thought receptionists should inform people with children about this service. If I knew exactly how it worked I would have instructed my son to participate in all activities.

Children’s activities start at 9:30 with games in the children’s area together with the monitors. Then at 10:30 the activities are in the pool and my son enjoyed it a lot. He loved a marble hunt in the pool. See in the photo below the children’s party in the pool. I congratulate the monitors for their energy and disposition!

Ecologic Ville - Recreation

At noon, the monitors invited the children to have lunch at the restaurant. At 2:30 pm, there was a movie showing at the cinema with popcorn. I found the time to be very appropriate to take the children out of the sun, which is still very strong at this time. Then there were more games: water balloon fight, paint fight…

Ecologic Ville Children's Area

I found the monitors to be very friendly and attentive. It is worth mentioning that the activities are aimed at younger children.

Another very interesting point is that the monitors go to the pool to call the children to participate in the games. At the end of the afternoon, when the activities are over, they go to the pools with the children to return them to their parents. I thought this was pretty cool! See in the photo below a little of the children’s area:

Playground - Ecologic Ville

Boys who normally love dinosaurs are in love with this one, which is huge.

The photo below was taken from the fourth floor and gives you a better idea of ​​the children’s space. It has a labyrinth of stones, which is pretty cool, because the kids run around trying to find the exit. It also has a huge dinosaur, a tree house and a slide and swing. All very well maintained.

Leisure Area - Ecologic Ville

The only activity I participated in with the adults was the water aerobics on Saturday morning. On Sunday, I thought I would have it again, but I didn’t. During the night there was a show with live music in front of the pool. It was super nice. Liked it!

At the time of our reservation, we opted for half board, with breakfast and dinner. Breakfast had a huge variety of items. It seems that every other day they make tapioca on the spot. Of course I tried it and it was great.

Saturday’s dinner wasn’t that good, I don’t know if it was because I went to dinner later or because the hotel was crowded. Sunday was great. I only missed the fries and a steak for the kids.

The price charged at the hotel is normal. Neither expensive nor cheap. It’s fair. Portions are well served. We ate a picanha with cassava, which was excellent and very large and cost R$42.00. The chicken portion cost R$ 20.00. Beer was R$6.00.

In Caldas Novas, I’ve stayed in many hotels that were crowded, with groups, who made a lot of noise and just wanted to mess up. Because the public at Ecologic Ville is predominantly family-oriented, I consider this a very important item that should be taken into account when choosing where to stay. Another plus point for the hotel.

We liked the hotel so much that we left with the desire to return. We will certainly be there again soon. Hope you enjoyed our accommodation tip in Caldas Novas! If you’ve stayed at this hotel, let us know what you think!


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Address: Rua Juscelino Kubitschek, 15 – Bandeirantes

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